Dirt biking is really fun and actually can be safe. A dirt biker needs to make sure that they invest in proper dirt bike riding gear in order to keep them safe.


One of the MOST IMPORTANT dirt bike safety gear is your quality dirt bike boots! When you are riding dirt biking, there are many scenarios where you will be grateful for having proper dirt bike riding boots.


  • Toe support and Safety
  • Ankle support and Safety
  • Exhaust burns
  • Stick and rock protection
  • Support when planting your foot
  • BONUS they look good!


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Why do you need to buy a quality pair of dirt bike riding boots?

Dirt bike riding boot manufacturers have spent millions of dollars and countless hours in research and development in building quality dirt bike boots.

This is important to note as they are the expert in building high-quality safe dirt bike boots. Not your uncle Ronnie sporting work boots.

The highest quality dirt bike boot manufacturers have a few different boots on offer. Typically their safest and the best boot is the one that costs the most.


It’s the dirt bike boot they have but their latest and greatest technology and materials in.



Who makes the best dirt bike boots for safety?

While there are quite a few dirt bike riding boot manufacturers below is a list of the TOP SAFEST dirt bike boot manufacturers.

  • Gaerne Boots
  • SIDI Boots
  • Alpinestar Boots

Below is a list of good dirt bike boot manufactures worth mentioning:

  • Fox Racing Boots
  • Leatt Boots
  • Fly Racing Boots
  • Answer Racing Boots
  • Moose Racing Boots
  • O’Neal Racing Boots
  • Thor Boots

But we are here to talk about the best dirt bike riding boots!

My personal formula when it comes to choosing the very best dirt bike boots is completely focused on 1 thing



Safest dirt bike boots equal the best dirt bike boots

Like I mentioned above buying a quality dirt bike riding boot is really important for keeping you safe while dirt bike riding. There are other reasons to buy one boot over another but that really comes down to rider preference and opinions.

For example, I prefer dirt bike boots that do not have a super large footprint. I feel like I have better shifting and braking control with a narrower boot. 

The other thing to consider when buying a dirt bike boot is how good the company is when it comes to service. Will the dirt bike boot last a long time, and if something breaks will they replace it or fix it?

The wear and tear you get on dirt bike boots is crazy…..the bottoms of the boots are subject to constant abuse from your foot pegs. 

Just because a dirt bike boot is expensive doesn’t mean that it’s one of the safest dirt bike boots. 

2022 Gaerne SG-12 Dirt Bike Boot

Gaerne is VERY well known for making some of the highest quality and safest dirt bike boots available for 2021. The Gaerne SG dirt bike boots are built with the highest grade and best material on the market. (First impression and review of the SG-12 CLICK HERE)

Some of the features for the 2022 Gaerne SG-12 riding boots:

  • Fabric Gaiter that is stretchable for comfort
  • A shock-absorbing heel cup
  • Alloy buckles
  • Anti-shock sole
  • Memory foam liner
  • Razorback strut for ultimate support
  • Heat resistant grip
  • Pivoting hinge system
  • The reinforced protected toe box
  • Stainless steel toe cap
  • Supercross Shank

2022 SIDI Crossfire 3 SRS Dirt Bike Boot

SIDI is also very well know when it comes to the fit and finish of their dirt bike boots. The Crossfire dirt bike boot is no exception and does not cut corners when it comes to safety. SIDI for 2021 has revised their dirt biking boots and focused on protection.

  • Pivoting system for the ankle hard limit on ankle hyperextension
  • Shock-resistant rigid heel
  • TUP protective plastic
  • Dual flex system
  • Heat Shield
  • Malleolus external plastic guard
  • SIDI patented shin plate

2022 Alpinestars Tech 10

Alpinestars is a very well-known dirt bike boot manufacture. Known to be innovative when it comes to dirt bike safety the latest 2022 Tech 10 dirt bike boot is full of the latest and greatest dirt bike technology. Alpinestars owns multiple patents when it comes to dirt bike boots.

  • Front Flex Frame that is unique to Alpinestars
  • Flexion Control System
  • double motion control to help prevent hyper-extension
  • Shin protector
  • Dual pivot boot frame
  • Ankle control system that is unique to Alpinestars
  • Unique Heel Protection Innovation
  • Inner Ankle Brase for the very best ankle support

The above dirt bike boots are the VERY best for 2022 when it comes to safety performance. That’s what matters the most….safety.

You can pick and choose which brand you would like based on how the specific dirt bike boot fits on your foot. I HIGHLY recommend trying on different types of boots and making sure that they are the right fit for your foot.

Some of these high-end dirt bike riding boots do have a breaking period so if they are comfortable but stiff that’s probably not an issue.

You are also wondering why I did not include the Fox Racing Instinct Boot in the Best of 2022 dirt bike boots list?

The 2022 Fox Racing Instinct riding boot is a quality dirt bike boot but I feel like it does not provide the same level of safety that the Gaerne, SIDI, and Alpinestars Tech 10 dirt bike boots provide.

Dirt bike boots are an important investment and can save your toes, ankles, and shins.

I personally have had MANY times that saved a trip to the hospital with a broken toe or something similar because a quality pair of dirt bike boots saved me.

A general rule of thumb is to buy the best dirt bike boots you can afford. You do not want to go cheap on quality dirt bike boots and a quality dirt bike helmet.

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