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The freedom associated with off-road riding is second to none.
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Dirt Bikes and Reviews

Best Dirt Bikes and Reviews

Here you can learn about the best dirt bikes on the market. What makes them great, our unbiased review by testing them in the backcountry.

Dirt Bike Gear

Dirt Bike Gear

Having the proper dirt bike gear is important. Find out what is the best gear to keep you safe while you are riding a dirt bike.

Riding Tips

Riding Tips

Interested in improving your riding skills? Find out how we overcome our dirt bike obstacles and learn how to be better dirt bike rider with our guides.

Dirtbike Sam – Sam oldham garage

Curious to find out what bikes are in the Sam’s garage? See the video below from our Backcountry Life channel.

About dirt bike sam

My name is Sam Oldham

Growing up I tried to ride anything with 2 wheels that I could.

I have spent the last 15 years riding dirt bikes and motorcycles.

I still feel the same excitement I felt when I first rode a dirt bike as a kid.

Born to ride

It never fails to bring that warm, satisfying feeling to know that no matter how crappy your working life might be, once you get home, you can walk into the garage and see your dirt bike. Just knowing that if you want, you can load up the truck, hit the trails and throw some roost in the backcountry.

Sam Oldham from Dirtbike Sam on his dirt bike
Dirt Bike Sam Sam Oldham dirt bikes
Sam Oldham stunt jumping with his dirt bike

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How fast does a dirt bike go?

How fast does a dirt bike go?

The average speed that a dirt bike can attain is between 50 and 60 miles per hour, while the average maximum speed they can develop is around 100 miles per hour, but all these numbers depend on the type of engine, the horsepower strength that the engine provides, and...

Best 250cc Dirt Bikes For 2021

Best 250cc Dirt Bikes For 2021

Whether you are a beginner or a race-experienced rider, there are several considerations that you have to make when looking for a dirt bike. First, you want a budget-friendly machine that is both lightweight and easy to handle on terrain. But the bike's engine size is...

5 Best Motocross Knee Braces

5 Best Motocross Knee Braces

If you're a fan of motocross, then you know that it's a dangerous affair. Riders who have been in the riding space for long will tell you that getting a knee injury takes only a fall. If you happen to crash, what you need is motocross knee braces to protect your...