When shipping your dirt bike, you must ensure you don’t hand off your precious bike to any old shipping company.

You should choose a shipping company that understands dirt bike/motorcycle shipping because it is quite unlike automobile transportation.

You can choose from multiple shipping options, like open and enclosed shipping, but it’s always best to go with the Dirt Bike Transportation Companies.

Below we’ll break down the 5 best dirt bike transport companies and what to expect.

Let’s delve into it.

Dirt Bike Transportation Companies.

5 Best Dirt Bike Transportation Companies

1. A1 Auto Transport

A1 Auto Transport has been in the business for over 20 years. They service dirt bike shipping, luxury vehicles, electric and even RVs, ATVs, and planes. Considering they can accommodate any size vehicle, they’re your go-to for any vehicle shipping.

What’s great about A1 Auto is that they offer quotes from different providers, allowing you to choose the best deal from all of them. They can ship to over 190 vehicles worldwide and over 2 million deliveries.

You can find A1 Auto on many review websites and check out their DOT/FMCSA licensing. Many brokers on the web don’t have the proper accreditation, but A1 Auto understands the importance of being on the up and up and continues to dominate the transportation game.

Check out the A-1 Auto Transport cost calculator to find the best deal for shipping your dirt bike.

2. Motorcycle Shippers

What’s great about motorcycle shippers is that they are well aware of what it takes to ship motorcycles (as well as dirt bikes) properly. They’re been in business since 1994 as a subsidiary of JC Motors. They’ve shipped over 90,000 motorcycles/dirtbikes and are well-prepared for any task.

They offer free tracking with their dirt bike shipments and classic, economy, local, dealer/manufacturer, and VIP shipping. If you have a fairly expensive bike, you can opt for an enclosed trailer so it doesn’t have any wear and tear during the journey.

You can opt to get a free quote or call them to get a quote. Motorcycle Shippers also offer a $7000 valuation coverage with no deductible. If your bike is more expensive than $7000, you can always opt for more insurance for an additional fee.

3. Haulbikes

Haulbikes is another Dirt Bike Transportation Company. It’s the only thing they ship, and they do it well. You can get a free quote on their site or call their number, 888-Haulbikes. Haulbikes has been in business since 1994 and ships over 50,000 bikes annually.

They’re also well known in the industry, and their big rig is often seen at many big motorcycle rallies. It’s also a good sign that they hire their drivers, which means they aren’t a broker and deal with all the logistics.

They offer $15,000 worth of insurance with a $500 deductible and can offer more if needed. They take nothing other than motorcycles/dirt bikes and ensure their trucks are well-prepped for only cycle shipping.

Securing Dirt Bike

4. Uship

Uship ships dirtbikes and practically anything that can fit on a truck/container. They can help you with heavy equipment, freight, and household items. The benefit of this knowledge is that they are well versed in all types of shipping and are a professional service.

Uship has plenty of skin in the game and is well-reviewed across all platforms. You can get a free quote for them and even compare quotes against their differing providers. They are a broker, however, so do be aware of that.

Uship has live customer support and works with over 41,000 service providers. No matter where you are, you can get your dirtbike to any corner of the world. If you’re a business, they can even help you ship multiple dirt bikes at once for a lesser fee.

5. CitizenShipper

Citzenshipper is great at not only pet and precious item shipping but motorcycles, cars, and dirtbike shipping. They also cater to boats, furniture, and RVs should you need a special vehicle delivered anywhere in the world.

All of their booking assurance guarantees protect you from fraudulent transactions and last-minute driver cancellations. You also get a refund if your vehicle’s delivery does not go as planned.

If you want to ship your dirtbike, you can go directly to their website and get a free shipping quote. You only need to pay when you book, and Citizenshipper also has a 4.9 average rating on Google reviews and a 4.7 on Trustpilot with nearly 4700 reviews.


Shipping your dirt bike is a task that requires a great deal of care and attention, which only specialized shipping companies can adequately provide. It is of utmost importance that you select a company that understands the unique requirements of motorcycle shipping.

A1 Auto Transport, Motorcycle Shippers, Haulbikes, and Uship are among the top five Best Dirt Bike Transportation Companies that excel in this field. It’s important that you speak with each company before you decide to ship your dirtbike with any of them. Details can change drastically depending on the time of year.

Each of these companies brings its unique set of advantages to the table. Whether it’s the vast range of services and impressive track record of A1 Auto Transport, the motorcycle-centric expertise of Motorcycle Shippers and Haulbikes, or the versatility and global reach of Uship, these companies stand out as the best options for dirt bike transport.

While the choice ultimately depends on specific needs, budget, and location, these companies have demonstrated exceptional commitment to providing the best service.

It is strongly recommended to scrutinize your options and choose a company that best aligns with your requirements. After all, your dirt bike is not just a vehicle but a valuable asset that deserves the best possible care during transit.