I’ve personally encountered the exhilarating thrill and the inherent risks associated with this adventurous sport. My journey into the realm of off-road biking commenced when I introduced my son to the joys of riding his very own dirt bike. Through countless hours spent exploring rugged trails and conquering challenging terrains, I’ve come to recognize the pivotal role that the right set of tires plays in ensuring both optimal performance and safety, particularly the best dirt bike tires for kid bikes.

Picture this: the crisp morning air, the faint scent of gasoline, and the eager anticipation on my son’s face as he gears up for another exciting ride. Each time we hit the trails, I’m reminded of the responsibility that comes with providing him with the best possible equipment, which unequivocally includes selecting the most suitable dirt bike tires for his bike.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to test various tire brands and models on my son’s bike, meticulously observing their performance in different conditions. From navigating through muddy tracks to tackling rocky terrain, each ride has provided valuable insights into the nuances of tire selection, emphasizing the importance of choosing the best dirt bike tires for kid bikes to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Importance of choosing the right dirt bike tires for kids

Importance of choosing the right dirt bike tires for kids

Selecting the right dirt bike tires for kids is of paramount importance, as it directly impacts their safety, performance, and overall riding experience. 

The right tires provide optimal traction, stability, and control, allowing young riders to navigate diverse terrain with confidence and ease. Whether they’re tackling soft, loamy trails or navigating hard-packed surfaces, the right tires can make all the difference in how well a child can handle their bike and respond to varying riding conditions.

The right tires can enhance a child’s enjoyment and confidence while riding, fostering a positive experience that encourages them to continue exploring the exhilarating world of dirt biking. Conversely, ill-fitting or inadequate tires can lead to compromised performance, increased risk of accidents, and diminished enthusiasm for riding. 

Therefore, taking the time to research and select tires that are specifically designed for a child’s bike, skill level, and riding preferences is essential for ensuring their safety and enjoyment on the trails. Additionally, choosing the right dirt bike tires for kids involves considering factors such as terrain type, tire size, tread pattern, and durability.

Top 5 tires for dirt bikes for kids

Tusk EMEX T-35® Soft/Intermediate Terrain Tire

Tusk EMEX T-35® Soft/Intermediate Terrain Tire

My review:

Prepare to embark on an unparalleled thrill ride with the Tusk EMEX T-35® tire, an essential choice for every dedicated dirt bike aficionado seeking ultimate off-road adventures. I’ve personally tested these tires on my child’s dirt bike, and let me assure you, they’re a game-changer. Engineered for soft to intermediate terrain, these tires offer unmatched traction on loose surfaces, courtesy of their aggressive deep and wide center lugs. But here’s the twist – they excel on harder surfaces too, making them the ultimate all-purpose solution for any riding condition.

Let’s delve into the rear tire – it’s truly remarkable. Featuring dual rubber compounds and reinforced side knobs, it’s crafted to endure whatever challenges you encounter. The slightly firmer compound on the outer knobs, along with the reinforced bridges connecting the side knobs, is sheer brilliance. Not only do they enhance durability and minimize tears, but they also deliver exceptional control and flexibility, especially during precise maneuvers and cornering.

Tusk EMEX T-35® Soft/Intermediate Terrain Tire Review

Reviews from other parents:

Really increased my kids confidence

Put a set of these on my kids pw50, and wow what a difference. The bike still had the original mini tires on it, and if he was on wet grass or something, he would loose the front, or the back end would come around, and as he was just starting out, that really spooked him. With these he has a much easier time maintaining traction, and is getting a lot more confident because of it.

Nathan S
Tusk EMEX T-35® Soft/Intermediate Terrain Tire User Review

Perfect for 110 pit bikes.

Perfect tire for 110 pit bikes, saves money per set and easier to put on than Dunlop’s. Those who know that little tires are difficult to change and I have changed hundreds in my life, these are easier to put on the last set of Dunlops I put on. I will be buying this tire for kids trail bikes going forward. I’m not sure I would put on my Enduro bikes though.

Ryan R
Tusk EMEX T-35® Soft/Intermediate Terrain Tire Other User Review

Smart tire choice

This tire is a great deal for price compared to any competitors. We race and ride sandy, rocky desert in New Mexico. They seam to be holding up pretty well. With myself and two kids racing and riding at least once a week I cant go wrong. Several of my riding buddies have tried these tires are very happy with them. Remember tires are wear items and the will not last forever, Having and new set with sharp corners may make the difference in handling and control, They may save you one less git off.


Michelin Starcross 5 Mini Hard Terrain Tire

Michelin Starcross 5 Mini Hard Terrain Tire

Introducing the Michelin StarCross 5 Mini Hard Terrain Tire – the epitome of high-performance motocross tires meticulously engineered for minibikes. As a dedicated enthusiast deeply entrenched in the realm of off-road riding, I rely solely on the StarCross 5 Mini when conquering mixed-to-hard terrain.

Crafted to excel in both motocross and off-road exploration, these tires redefine versatility and performance. Whether navigating rocky trails or dominating hard-packed surfaces, the StarCross 5 Mini delivers unmatched performance across a wide range of conditions. Its adaptability speaks volumes about its design, catering to riders who encounter diverse terrain throughout their journey.

A standout feature is the tire’s exceptional traction at all lean angles. Thanks to the strategic placement of intermediate tread blocks in staggered rows, the StarCross 5 Mini maximizes traction and provides consistent feedback, no matter the challenges presented by the terrain.


Good Pit Bike Tire

Great pitbike tire for my crf110 holds up on pavement good I order two of these a year ride almost everyday so they hold up well

Townsend S
Michelin Starcross 5 Mini Hard Terrain Tire Review

Awesome tire definitely worth buying you will not be disappointed

Tire wears incredibly well best tire I’ve found my son has 4 hare scramble races on it and it still has 3/4 tread

Jonathan F

So much better than stock.

Way better than the stock tire!

Would be awesome in a softer rubber compound though.

Clinton B

Great mini tire.

These are the best mini tires I have come across, at least the hard terrain tires I have used in the past. They wear like iron. And have great grip on hard pack eastern PA territory.

Matthew D

Kenda K774 Ibex Hybrid Tire

Kenda K774 Ibex Hybrid Tire

The Kenda Ibex tire stands out as a true game-changer in our family’s off-road adventures. As avid dirt biking enthusiasts, my son and I have explored countless trails together, with him evolving into a skilled rider over time. Together, we’ve rigorously tested the Kenda Ibex tires across a variety of challenging terrains.

From navigating rocky landscapes to conquering daunting obstacles like log crossings, the Ibex has consistently proven its reliability as a steadfast companion on our off-road journeys. Its hybrid design, tailored for Endurocross and extreme enduro conditions, strikes a perfect balance between agility and durability, enabling us to navigate low-speed, technical riding scenarios effortlessly. With a recommended speed of under 25mph, the Ibex ensures the control and stability necessary to maneuver through tight, technical trails, empowering us to overcome even the most formidable challenges.

What truly distinguishes the Ibex is its super-soft and flexible rubber compound, which adeptly absorbs bumps and conforms to the terrain with remarkable ease. Engineered by top pro-Endurocross riders, the high wet-traction compound guarantees maximum grip in all conditions, instilling us with the confidence to tackle any obstacle that lies in our path.

Reviews from other users:

Awesome rear tire

The rear ibex out performs everything Ive tried, including the 525 cheater. Its no contest. The ibex hooks up on wet rocks, roots, soft pack, hard pack like nothing else. Its not great in deep mud. If your riding style involves a lot of wheel spin, you wont get much life out of the tire. If you ride with throttle and clutch control to get traction to the ground, this tire will find it. Highly recommend.

David B
Kenda K774 Ibex Hybrid Tire User Review

Money well spent

Incredible tire for New England’s rocky, rooty woods trails. It does have a directional arrow but works well in both directions. I got around 40 hours out of the tire and didn’t have the knobs ripping off like others in the reviews. It did wear down quicker than harder compound tires, but still gripped rocks and roots well. The only fault I can come up with is that it wasn’t the best in firm corners. I’m getting another one.

Clifton C
Kenda K774 Ibex Hybrid Tire User Review

Good for technical terrain

This tire is quite gummy and soft, the traction is pretty ridiculous though. My rear wheel stayed connected climbing a damp, dark, mossy, rooty, rocky hollow in the PA mountains. I was expecting some drama but the traction was off the hook. It’s a little pricey for how fast it wears but performance in the technical terrain is spot on. Don’t expect more than 15 hours with a flip of the tire. I think any high speed riding will smoke this tire quickly. For low speeds only.

Francis C

Review of Shinko 525 Tire

Shinko 525 Tires

As a dedicated dirt biking enthusiast with a son who shares my passion, we’ve thoroughly tested Shinko 525 Tire, seeking traction in the most extreme off-road conditions.

Shinko’s Hybrid Soft/Intermediate Terrain Enduro/Extreme single-track trail tire is a revelation for those who relish the challenge of conquering diverse terrains. Its wide self-cleaning tread design ensures effortless shedding of mud, dirt, and debris, maintaining optimal traction even in the muddiest conditions. The Cheater doesn’t just tread lightly; it dominates.

What sets the Cheater apart is its ingenious blend of the best features from different worlds – integrating soft, sticky rubber compounds reminiscent of the Trail Pro trials tire within a knobby tread pattern. This fusion allows the tire to seamlessly adapt to a wide variety of soil conditions, delivering the grip and control that every dirt biker dreams of.

What other people think about Shinko 525 Tire

Love this tire!

Put these on my KTM 150SX enduro bike and love it! Ended up putting these on my son’s bike as well. Great for greasy to hard conditions. Never tried it in sand.

Brian A
Shinko 525 Tire Review

Fantastic mud tire, that performs admirably on slick rocks and roots!

This was my first hybrid tire and it’s inaugural run was in cold muddy conditions in old stripper pits, so there are plenty of wet rocks and roots.. This thing performed incredibly well. I could put the bike wherever i wanted and it hooked up. I was also very impressed with its off camber grip. I’ve run many dunlops over the years, kenda, Michelin, and perelli.. Shinko’s 525 has become my go to rear after yesterday’s ride ! We’ll see how long it holds up, but I’m definitely a fan.

Ross R

Gumby would ride these if he could.

Yummy yummy, so gummy! (Tubeless 4-6 PSI alert) I used to think I sucked until I tried this tire in the PNW. I ride technical rocky, loggy, rooty, wet, dry and nasty. Not stellar in sand and mud but they are plenty fine. I would rather have excellent traction on nasty hill climbs and sacrifice a little in a flat wet section of trail. They are sooo good and very reasonably priced. If you ride anything with slick hard surfaces you owe it to yourself to try these.

Disclaimer: run tubeless with 4-6 psi or they don’t work nearly as well. Also, DO NOT spin your tire like a jack wagon which ruins the trails and you’ll be very surprised how long they last. I average 600-700 miles on them with half tread left and only swap them cause they are cheap and I love new tires.

Chris F
Shinko 525 Tires User Review

Grip is incredible

Best tire I have ever ran !

No slip on rock face climb or popping over down trees.

Even on dirt n baby head rocks where I would get some tire spin there was very little .

I had tire grip that was making the bike jump and very little tire spin

Amazing tire ! Can’t say enough

Nice n soft n gummy Run the 120 instead of the 110

Bigger knobbys and beefier tire

You can run at 9-10 lbs w extra heavy tube,

I ride lots of rocks n roots so I need a rear tire n tube that can take the hits

Freetown Clowns


Ps love the sidewall grip !!!!!!

mark c
Shinko 525 Tires User Review

Impressed w/ the 525
Ride Northern CA, often hard pack, w/ variety of rocks, roots, and sometimes sand. I like what some people call black & double black diamond trails (technical).. I’ve been using the Shinko 505, which was okay, but wanted to try the 525. I heard that they wear out quickly in the size 110/100-18, but that is my usual size for 17 KTM 300, so I went w/ the standard.

Wow, this tire really hooks up in everything. I run 8-10psi w/ tubliss. For the $, I haven’t had a better performing rear tire. I had tried the Shinko 505, the Tusk Rincon, the Sedona 907, the MotoZ mountain hybrid & some other low to mid priced tires. I’m on my 2nd one now & will buy again.

Yes, it wears out faster then hard tires, Unfortunately I don’t have a mile count for you, but I have found that even when worn, it still hooks up in the hard pack, rocks & roots; less so in sand & mud. I’m going to try the 120/100-18 next as I’ve read the blocks are more substantial. Maybe it will wear longer. Either way, for the $ spent, I can’t do better (yet). I also don’t mind changing tires. If you do, that could be a reason to go w/ a longer wearing tire.

Steve B

My review of Maxxis Maxxcross Desert Intermediate Terrain Tire

Maxxis Maxxcross Desert Intermediate Terrain Tire

With my son sharing the same fervor for dirt biking, our experiences have provided invaluable insights into the performance and reliability of various tires, making the Maxxcross Desert a standout choice for riders seeking uncompromising performance in intermediate terrain.

The Maxxis Maxxcross Desert tire embodies the perfect fusion of innovation and durability, meticulously engineered to excel in the demanding conditions of desert and intermediate terrain riding. Its robust construction and advanced tread design make it a formidable companion for riders of all skill levels, offering unparalleled traction, stability, and control across a variety of terrains.

One of the most striking features of the Maxxcross Desert tire is its aggressive tread pattern, specifically designed to tackle the challenges of intermediate terrain with confidence and ease. The strategically placed knobs and reinforced sidewalls provide exceptional grip and stability, allowing riders to navigate through loose dirt, gravel, and rocky surfaces with precision and control.

Reviews from other dirt bikes fans

Maxxis Desert IT
We recently purchased a Honda CRF 250r for my son. It came with soft compound track tires on it , but we mostly ride the desert. I was excited to put on a fresh se tof Maxis Desert IT’s on the front and rear. He raced a District 37 Grad Prix on them (45 minute moto) and they don’t even look hardly worn. Great tire for desert abuse.

Keith M
Maxxis Maxxcross Desert Intermediate Terrain Tire Review

Best offroad tire ever!

Guys riding mx tracks might disagree, but for anyone that rides deserts, mountains or anywhere that’s not groomed for you this is the tire. Hooks up good on hard pack and rocks, but doesn’t suck in sand either. If you don’t like riding on flats this tire is the bomb, almost indestructible.

And it lasts forever. My son had one on his 250 2 stroke and went 2 seasons of hard riding.

Maxxis Maxxcross Desert Intermediate Terrain Tire User Review

Very Very Happy

These are a replacement for the exact same tire. When I got the bike, they were already on it so I rode them for another two seasons. The rear was about 40% and the front was starting to rip side lugs. Four or five year old tires get hard and a little brittle if I have been told correctly.
I mounted the new Maxxis IT Desert tires with the Tubliss system and yes, the rear was a little difficult. I am also using a tire sealant and made sure the bead was well coated before mounting and this made the job much easier.

I am a big guy(6’2″ 270) and with a bit of testing ran pressures as follows. Rear-8psi. Front-13psi. These Maxxis were run 150+/- miles over three days in high altitude Nevada in terrain from high speed gravel and hard pan to single track and a little rock crawling.
Never had an issue, tread shows minimal wear, and I never had any kind of traction loss unless intentional in the fast corners. Very happy with these tires so far.

matthew b

Factors to Consider When Choosing Tires for Kid Bikes

Factors to Consider When Choosing Tires for Kid Bikes

Selecting the right tires for your child’s dirt bike is a crucial decision that can significantly impact their riding experience and safety. As a parent and a passionate dirt biking enthusiast, I understand the importance of considering several key factors to ensure optimal performance and enjoyment for young riders.

  • Terrain Type: One of the primary considerations is the type of terrain your child will be riding on. Different tires are designed for specific terrains, such as soft, intermediate, or hard-packed surfaces. Assessing the predominant terrain in your riding area will help you choose tires that offer the best traction and control.
  • Tire Size: Matching the tire size to your child’s bike is essential for proper fitment and performance. Ensuring that the tire diameter and width are compatible with the bike’s specifications will optimize handling and stability, allowing your child to ride comfortably and confidently.
  • Tread Pattern: The tread pattern plays a crucial role in determining a tire’s performance on various surfaces. Knobby tires with deep, aggressive tread patterns excel in providing traction on loose terrain like dirt, mud, and sand, while more closely spaced tread patterns offer better grip on hard-packed surfaces.
  • Durability and Construction: Considering the durability and construction of the tires is vital, especially for young riders who may encounter rough terrain and obstacles. Opting for tires with robust construction and quality materials will ensure longevity and reliability, minimizing the risk of punctures and damage during rides.
  • Rider Skill Level: It’s essential to consider your child’s skill level and riding experience when selecting tires. Beginner riders may benefit from tires with a more forgiving tread pattern and softer compounds, providing stability and confidence as they develop their skills. Advanced riders may prefer tires with aggressive tread patterns and specialized compounds tailored to their riding style and preferences.


As a parent and an enthusiastic dirt biking fan, the quest for the best dirt bike tires for kids has been an adventure brimming with excitement, discovery, and an unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety and enjoyment of our young riders. This journey is not just about finding the right gear but ensuring that we equip our young enthusiasts with the best dirt bike tires for kid bikes, enhancing their riding experience while prioritizing their safety.

With my son fully immersed in the exhilarating world of dirt biking, this pursuit has taken on profound personal importance. It propels me to seek out the most dependable and high-performing tires, ones that will not only elevate his riding experience but also nurture within him a lifelong love for adventure and exploration.

Our meticulous selection process considers various factors such as terrain type, tire size, tread pattern, durability, rider skill level, and budget. We’ve traversed the intricate landscape of tire options to develop a comprehensive understanding of what constitutes the optimal choice for young riders, ensuring they are equipped with the best dirt bike tires for kid bikes.

From soft to intermediate terrains, from novice to advanced skill levels, and from budget-friendly selections to premium performance tires, our exploration has embraced a diverse array of considerations. This ensures that every young rider discovers the perfect match, tailored to their individual needs and riding preferences, reinforcing our commitment to their safety and enjoyment in the sport.

FAQs About Best Dirt Bike Tires for Kid Bikes

What are the best dirt bike tires for kids?

The best dirt bike tires for kids depend on factors such as terrain, rider skill level, and budget. Popular options include the Kenda K760 Trakmaster II, Michelin StarCross MH3, and Dunlop MX33 Geomax Junior.

How do I choose the right tires for my child’s dirt bike?

Consider factors like terrain type, tire size, tread pattern, durability, rider skill level, and budget. Assessing these factors will help you find tires that provide optimal traction, stability, and control for your child’s riding experience.

Are there specific tires for different terrains?

Yes, there are tires designed for soft, intermediate, and hard-packed terrains. It’s essential to match the tire’s tread pattern and compound to the type of terrain your child will be riding on to ensure optimal performance.

Can I use adult dirt bike tires on my child’s bike?

While it’s possible to use adult dirt bike tires on a child’s bike, it’s not recommended. Adult tires may not fit properly or provide the ideal performance for a child’s bike, which could affect handling and safety.