As a seasoned dirt bike enthusiast, I have explored a wide range of jerseys from various brands, each designed for different riding conditions. Among these, the MSR NXT Air Jersey emerges as my top choice for summer riding. The vast world of dirt bike gear, crucial for any rider’s arsenal, offers protection, comfort, and performance enhancements.

MSR distinguishes itself in this competitive landscape through its innovation and the quality inspired by Malcolm Smith. The NXT Air Jersey, in particular, has established itself as the ideal option for warm-weather rides, thanks to its superior ventilation and durable materials. These features ensure comfort and coolness, even in the most challenging environments.

This MSR NXT Air Jersey Review delves into its advantages over competitors, emphasizing its blend of performance, comfort, and durability, a testament to MSR’s commitment to rider needs. I will discuss why it has become my go-to option for summer rides. Its blend of performance, comfort, and durability, along with MSR’s dedication to fulfilling rider needs, renders it a standout piece in my collection. It adeptly meets the varied demands of dirt biking.

MSR NXT Air Dirt Bike Gear

Why is must have to wear proper Dirt Bike Gears 

Through years of navigating trails, I’ve learned that the right gear is crucial for thriving in the challenging environment of dirt biking. This insight isn’t just advice; it’s wisdom born from experience.

Summer jerseys, in my experience, are indispensable for anyone braving the heat on their bike. The dangers we face on the dirt—such as sudden spills on complex terrain or unexpected obstacles—are not to be underestimated. While protective gear like helmets, gloves, boots, and body armor are essential for safety, summer jerseys hold a unique place in my gear lineup for their exceptional blend of protection, comfort, and heat management.

These jerseys, crafted from advanced, breathable materials, are game-changers for summer riding. Designed to facilitate air circulation, they cool down the body, preventing the discomfort and distraction caused by excessive heat and sweat. This cooling effect has been crucial for me, maintaining my composure and comfort through even the most challenging rides and competitions, where staying cool is as much about safety as it is about comfort.

In addition to their cooling benefits, a high-quality summer jersey also protects from the sun’s harmful rays, reducing the risk of sunburn during prolonged outdoor exposure. They are built to withstand the rigors of dirt biking, with reinforced sections to protect against scrapes, all while ensuring you have the mobility and flexibility needed to maneuver your bike effectively.

From my adventures in dirt biking, I’ve seen firsthand how the right gear, especially a carefully selected summer jersey, can boost a rider’s endurance and comfort, enabling longer, more intense rides. Such jerseys are essential for anyone aiming to overcome the varied challenges of dirt biking in hot weather.

They’re more than just gear; they’re an indispensable tool for combating the elements, ensuring that you remain cool, dry, and protected, no matter the intensity of the ride. Remember, a suitable summer jersey is not just an accessory for those venturing into dirt biking; it’s a critical part of your gear collection.

Personal Review of the MSR NXT Air Jersey

MSR NXT Air Jersey

After rigorously testing the MSR NXT Air Jersey in the summer’s peak heat, this MSR NXT Air Jersey Review confidently ranks it as a prime pick for riders desiring improved airflow and sustained coolness. Its defining characteristic, the comprehensive mesh design, ensures exceptional ventilation, felt distinctly on every journey, guaranteeing maximum coolness even in the most intense heat.

From my hands-on experience, the meticulous engineering behind this jersey is apparent. Constructed from durable, heavy-duty mesh fabric, it achieves an ideal blend of longevity and breathable comfort. Its athletic fit is perfectly suited for the dynamic movements of riding, complemented by a minimalistic cuff design at the wrists for added comfort. The design’s primary focus on rider coolness is particularly impressive.

The NXT Air Jersey excels not only in cooling efficiency but also in features tailored for the serious motocross and off-road racer. It features a comfortable technical design with stretchable comfort collars and cuffs, ensuring a snug fit that doesn’t restrict motion. The vibrant, sublimated graphics make the jersey visually striking on the track, showcasing both style and functionality. Furthermore, the simplified raglan sleeves, enhanced with micro-rib cuff inserts, promote increased comfort and mobility.

A notable feature is the jersey’s lightweight, full-mesh fabric, which includes an extended tail to keep it securely tucked into pants. This design is essential for maintaining a polished, professional appearance while improving functionality by preventing the jersey from riding up during vigorous activity. The full mesh construction is designed not only for optimal airflow but also for durability, capable of enduring the demands of the sport without compromising cooling performance.

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Review from other Dirt Bike Experts

Pretty nice and breathable
Rode in NXT Air kit for two weeks now, and really enjoyed the experience. This jersey is nice and breathable but seems to be durable as well. I’ll try to update this review in a couple of months if I can. Went one size up from the gear that I usually wear (TLD).

Viktor S

Great gear. Probably the best I’ve bought in years. Keeps you as cool as possible and are made well. I have an athletic build, usually wear 32/33 pants and order 34 in all my MSR gear. They fit perfect. Will buy again.

Dane B

Favorite shirt- how weather! Breathes!

Favorite shirt for hot weather even better price now!! wow.

I should just buy another one!

Kim G

Pros and Cons

Great Ventilation: Ensures cooling in hot weather with full mesh design.Wear Risk: Mesh may wear out faster than traditional fabrics.
Athletic Fit: Offers mobility and comfort with a stretchy collar and cuffs.Higher Cost: Premium features may lead to a higher price.
Vibrant Graphics: Bold graphics stay bright wash after wash.Not for Cold: Best for warm weather, less so for cooler days.
Comfort Sleeves: Raglan sleeves with micro-rib cuffs for added comfort.Snagging Potential: Mesh can catch on branches or rough spots.
Extended Tail: Keeps jersey tucked in during rides.Fit Variability: May not fit all body types perfectly.
Light and Breathable: Ideal for long, hot rides.
Durable Mesh: Balances airflow with robust construction.
MSR NXT Air Jersey

Comparison with Competitors

The MSR NXT Air Jersey, with its unparalleled fitment and durability, quickly became the armor of choice for my aggressive riding style. Its design, which marries an athletic fit with the freedom of movement, meant that each twist, turn, and leap was executed with the grace of a seasoned rider.

The jersey’s mesh construction was like a breath of fresh air, weaving through the fabric of my rides, keeping me cool as I tackled the relentless challenges of the off-road.

In contrast, my days with the Alpinestars Fluid Narin were marked by a different kind of journey. While it offered great value and was a steadfast companion for a budget-conscious rider like myself, it was in the crucible of endurance and fit that it began to show its limits.

Lighter and cooler, it was a beacon during the early days, but as time wore on, its fibers bore the brunt of adventure, wearing thin and loosening its embrace, diminishing the comfort and performance that is so crucial during extended rides.

The price of excellence, as embodied by the MSR NXT Air, is indeed steeper than that of its Alpinestars counterpart. Yet, in this world of dust, sweat, and gears, you come to realize that what you invest in your gear is a reflection of what you demand from it.

For those who, like me, seek the pinnacle of fit, durability, and airflow, and are willing to invest in their passion, the MSR NXT Air Jersey stands unchallenged. However, for the rider watching the pennies, weighing the balance between cost and performance, the Alpinestars Fluid Narin offers a worthy alternative.


Dirt biking transcends mere sport; it’s an adventure, with each trail presenting unique thrills and challenges. In this realm, gear signifies more than safety—it mirrors your identity and ethos. This summer, my encounter with the MSR NXT Air Jersey transformed my perception of riding attire, setting a new standard for protection against the heat.

Drawing on personal experiences and insights from fellow dirt biking enthusiasts, I’ve delved into every aspect of the MSR NXT Air Jersey. Its remarkable ventilation system stands out, offering a reprieve in the sweltering summer climate, complemented by an athletic fit that ensures mobility without compromising on comfort. This jersey, emblematic of MSR’s innovative spirit, is lauded for its breathability, resilience, and capability to keep riders cool under the most arduous conditions.

Transitioning from the Alpinestars Fluid Narin to the MSR NXT Air Jersey marked not merely a change in brands but a significant leap in acquiring gear that meets the rigorous demands of avid riders. The choice between them hinges on what you value most: fit, durability, and your investment in your riding gear. While Alpinestars provides an economical option with respectable performance, the MSR NXT Air is unparalleled, offering an elite riding experience for those who demand the best.

In essence, the MSR NXT Air Jersey is not just attire; it’s a pledge to surpass limits and excel on the dirt track. It embodies the spirit of adventure and an unyielding pursuit of superior performance and durability. Whether facing wild trails or competing on the motocross circuit, the MSR NXT Air Jersey emerges as a symbol of innovation, inspiring riders to venture into unknown territories and redefine their limits.

FAQ About MSR NXT Air Jersey

What makes a good dirt bike jersey?

A quality dirt bike jersey combines ventilation, durability, and comfort, featuring moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics for coolness, a flexible fit for movement, and robustness for off-road challenges.

How does the MSR NXT Air Jersey stand out from its competitors?

MSR NXT Air Jersey excels with superior airflow, athletic fit, lasting vibrant graphics, and durability for tough rides.

Is the MSR NXT Air Jersey suitable for all weather conditions?

While the MSR NXT Air Jersey is optimized for warm weather, providing excellent ventilation and cooling, it may not be the best choice for cooler conditions without additional layers for warmth.

Is it worth investing in a premium dirt bike jersey like the MSR NXT Air?

For serious riders, the MSR NXT Air offers top performance, comfort, and durability with its advanced cooling and fit.