When it comes to riding or racing dirt bikes – control, reliability and durability is crucial. That’s where ASV Unbreakable Levers come into play. Produced with top notch technology and designed to perfection, these levers offer riders a level of confidence and performance that is simply impossible to get with stock or aftermarket OEM style levers. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the features and benefits of ASV Unbreakable levers, demonstrating why they are a must-have for any rider that doesn’t like swapping levers every other race, or getting stranded in the middle of the woods after a fall.

Unmatched Durability:

After putting the ASV Unbreakable Levers through rigorous testing, we found their performance to be impressive. They resisted virtually all the stresses we subjected them to, effectively shrugging off mishaps like bike tipping during cleaning or skidding on hard-packed corners. From a reviewer’s standpoint, this makes for a hassle-free and worryless riding experience.

Our hands-on experience revealed the levers’ excellent construction from 6061 aluminum alloy. This high-quality material provided a unique mix of strength and lightness, a combination often hard to find. As observed during our testing, a standout feature was the pivot design. It allowed the lever to fold backward fully, safeguarding against breakage when met with impacts or falls.

Our detailed analysis highlighted the ingenious use of a patented Rotator Clamp by ASV. This innovation permits the perch and lever to rotate together on the handlebar during a vertical impact. It protects the entire perch and lever assembly, and the pivot system also provides additional defense for the lever itself.

Throughout our testing phase, these lever assemblies showed notable longevity. The secret behind this seemed to be the inclusion of sealed bearings throughout their construction. This feature and the innovative folding mechanism contributed to a robustness that outshone any standard clutch or brake lever we’ve previously tested.

Regarding upgrades, we tried multiple options, such as Multi-Terrain Tires and Handguards. Yet, the ASV Unbreakable Levers stood out as a superior investment. They provided an undeniable advantage in performance and durability, making them a worthy addition for any serious rider. From our experience, this isn’t just a purchase – it’s a long-term investment in quality and peace of mind.


Adjustable Reach:

After conducting a hands-on test with the ASV Unbreakable Levers, we’ve found that they cater astoundingly well to the unique needs of every rider in terms of lever adjustment and positioning.

The hallmark of these levers, as noticed in our testing, is the proprietary “dial adjust” feature. This design not only provides on-the-fly reach adjustment, but does so in an intuitive way. The process involves turning a star dial at the barrel of the perch assembly, a system we found both efficient and easy to use. Additionally, the integrated tensioners enable you to modify the effort required to spin the dial adjuster, which gave us an extra degree of control.

Our in-depth analysis revealed that the ASV Unbreakable Levers offered a broad range of adjustability. This was a great advantage for our diverse team of testers, including those with small hands, large hands, or particular reach preferences. The levers’ adjustability considerably amplified comfort and control, enabling riders of all sizes and styles to tailor their setup easily.

When we tried these levers, we were genuinely impressed by their thoughtful design. It offered an effortless customization experience that truly stood out among other products we’ve tested. The individualized adaptability is a clear reflection of ASV’s commitment to understanding and meeting the specific needs of each rider. From a reviewer’s perspective, the ASV Unbreakable Levers get a definite thumbs up for their user-centric design and versatility.

Precision Control:

Following comprehensive product testing, we can confidently say that ASV Unbreakable Levers offer precision control that stands unparalleled. They allow riders to swiftly and accurately adjust both the cable and lever reach even during the most demanding off-road conditions.

In the heat of our testing, the levers’ unique design emerged as a winner, enabling prompt lever action that resulted in fluid braking and quick clutch operation. We particularly valued the adjustable reach on both the clutch and brake levers, allowing us to fine-tune lever positioning and significantly enhancing our riding comfort and control.

It’s evident that the ergonomic lever design is highly effective, providing a comfortable grip even if you, like us, usually keep one finger on your levers.

Interestingly, our team found the ASV brake levers worked seamlessly with the stock perch, improving control and responsiveness without requiring any major investment. This was a pleasant surprise during our testing phase and one that many riders will appreciate.

When we tried the levers, we noted they were available in both standard and “shorty” lengths. The “shorty” option was ideal for those of us who tend to operate the clutch lever with just the pointer and middle fingers.

Our experience riding with ASV levers on challenging trails and demanding tracks proved to be exhilarating. They unquestionably eased the ride and provided the advantage we needed to stay ahead, eliminating any feeling of the bike restricting our performance. As reviewers, we can honestly say that the ASV Unbreakable Levers are a game-changer in off-road biking.

Style and Customization:

ASV Levers Design

Beyond their functional benefits, ASV Unbreakable levers also allow you to add your own personal touch to your dirt bike or ATV. Available in a variety of vibrant colors such as orange, blue, red, and black. The dials for reach adjustment and cable adjustment also come in different colors, however they must be bought separately. 

  • Black levers come with red dials
  • Blue levers come with silver dials
  • Red levers come with black dials
  • Orange levers come with black dials

This customizability gives you the option to choose a lever set that matches your bike or reflects your personal taste. This customization option has been favorite among me, my team and fellow riders such as Ryan Dragunas. Out of any dirt bike items he reviewed, the ASV Unbreakable Levers were always one of his favorite upgrades to add to a new bike of his.

I think we can all agree that customizing your bike with ASV levers not only enhances its visual appeal but also showcases your attention to detail and commitment to quality!

Proven Performance:

ASV Unbreakable Levers, we came to understand why these levers have gained such respect and popularity among both professional riders and hobbyists.

In our test group, almost every rider who upgraded to these levers expressed high praise for their ease of use, adjustability, and durability. As a reviewing team, these qualities resonated with us, making the price tag seem reasonable given the product’s performance.

Our analysis of ASV’s years of experience and continuous refinement led us to appreciate the brand’s strong position in the moto community. A significant majority of riders we interacted with trusted the ASV levers to provide matchless performance. This elevated them to the status of a go-to choice for individuals seeking enhanced control or aiming to boost the reliability and durability of their dirt bikes or ATVs.

When we tried the ASV Unbreakable Levers ourselves, we were able to firsthand experience why the brand holds such a prominent place in the market. The blend of functionality and durability that these levers offered was remarkable and affirmed ASV’s dedication to quality. As reviewers, we can confidently attest that ASV Unbreakable Levers deliver on their promise, providing an unparalleled biking experience.

ASV F4 Series Brake Lever

Different ASV Unbreakable Levers Available:

  • ASV F3 Series Brake Lever: Great for someone looking for a simple upgrade from the stock lever. This lever bolts directly to the stock perch and features an unbreakable pivot mechanism as well as an adjustable reach dial.
  • ASV F4 Series Levers: For a slightly higher price, these levers have all of the features of the F3 Series plus the pivot system, which protects the lever AND the perch.
  • ASV F4 Series Pro Model Levers: With a price increase of roughly 10% higher than the F4, the Pro Models also feature a quick cable adjuster, sealed bearings on the main pivot, and an included dust cover.
  • ASV C5 Levers: The C5 levers are designed for street bikes/motorcycles and offer an unbreakable pivot design, adjustable reach dial, and sealed bearings with a standard cable adjuster.
  • ASV C6 Levers: The C6 is an updated design of the C5 with a better-designed, more ergonomic lever. The C6 levers also come in hydraulic clutch versions.
  • ASV C6 Pro Levers: The C6 Pro Levers offer all of the features of the C5 plus the “On The Fly” Cable Adjustment System featured on the F4 Series Pro Model levers. The C6 and C6 Pro Levers also feature a 6-year guarantee where ASV will personally replace the lever if it breaks within that period of time.

    If you are in for purchasing any of the ASV Levers above, I would suggest checking Rocky Mountain ATV&MC on the link below as they might be cheaper than retail.

Pros And Cons:


  • Made with high-quality materials such as 6061 aluminum alloy
  • The unique pivot design prevents breakage during impacts or falls
  • Patented Rotator Clamp that protects the entire perch and lever assembly
  • Sealed bearings to prevent water intrusion and increase longevity
  • Dial adjust design that allows for on-the-fly reach adjustment
  • F4 brake levers are the only levers that allow use with the stock perch
  • The levers come in standard or “shorty” lengths
  • Variety of color options


  • The price point is a bit high for some riders
  • Different color dials must be bought separately


We found that ASV Unbreakable Levers could indeed revolutionize how one rides a dirt bike or an ATV. The levers brought together durability, adjustability, precision control, and aesthetic appeal in a unique blend. Their solid build and innovative design encouraged us to push the boundaries of off-road riding and racing, fostering a newfound confidence.

When we were testing, we quickly realized that opting for other dirt bike levers could mean compromising not only on performance but also safety. Our experience was vastly improved when we tried the ASV Unbreakable Levers. Their significant enhancement to control and reliability became quickly apparent, affirming the worthwhile nature of this upgrade for any serious rider.

Our in-depth analysis led us to appreciate that these levers are not merely about robustness and practicality. They have the potential to transform your entire riding experience fundamentally. For riders keen on extending their limits, based on our hands-on testing, the ASV Unbreakable Levers emerge as a decidedly worthy investment, providing a remarkable blend of control, durability, and style.