The Tusk Crossbite Multi-Terrain Tire is a high-performance, all-purpose tire that offers off-road enthusiasts a fantastic driving experience on various terrains. Equipped with innovative tread technology and a durable rubber compound, the Crossbite tire ensures optimal grip, stability, and longevity for off-road excursions.

This tire caters to the needs of off-road vehicle owners who seek a reliable, adaptable, and durable tire capable of handling diverse terrain types without compromising performance. The Tusk Crossbite Multi-Terrain Tire is designed to tackle a variety of terrains, including muddy tracks, rocky outcrops, sand dunes, and snowy conditions.

The Tusk Crossbite has gained popularity among off-roading fans, professional racers, and recreational drivers due to its rugged design and exceptional craftsmanship. In this article, we’ll delve into the tire’s features, characteristics, and performance to help you understand why the Tusk Crossbite Multi-Terrain Tire should be your go-to option for off-road adventures.

Tusk Crossbite Multi Terrain Tire

Tires for all terrains

The Tusk Crossbite Multi-Terrain Tire is designed to perform excellently on various terrains. Its adaptability and grip on diverse surfaces are enhanced by its innovative tread pattern and premium rubber composition. The Tusk Crossbite excels on the following terrains, for example:

  • Mud: The tire’s aggressive tread pattern and widely spaced lugs enable it to negotiate muddy terrain and offer superior traction. The self-cleaning design helps prevent mud from clogging the tire and affecting performance and grip.
  • Rocks: The Tusk Crossbite is an excellent choice for rocky conditions due to its robust rubber composition and puncture-resistant design. When navigating over sharp rocks and uneven terrain, the tire’s reinforced sidewalls and strong tread blocks offer improved stability and grip.
  • Sand: The Tusk Crossbite has a tread pattern that provides optimal flotation and agility on sandy surfaces. A tire is an excellent option for dune riding and beach outings because its wide footprint allows it to maintain grip in slippery situations.
  • Snow: The aggressive tread design and rubber composition of the Tusk Crossbite provide outstanding traction in snow-covered areas. The tire is a dependable option for winter off-roading due to its large grooves and sipes, which help maintain traction on slippery terrain.
Tusk Crossbite Multi-Terrain Tire

Review of Tusk Crossbite Tire

We were particularly impressed with the versatility of the Tusk Crossbite. Its ability to adapt and maintain optimal performance across different terrains gave us the confidence to push our bikes to the limit, regardless of the challenges we encountered. The self-cleaning design proved invaluable in muddy and snowy conditions, ensuring that the tire’s grip and control were not compromised. The wide footprint and flexible carcass also contributed to the tire’s adaptability, enabling superior flotation and maneuverability on loose surfaces like sand.

In terms of durability, the Tusk Crossbite surpassed our expectations. It showed minimal wear even after subjecting the tire to rigorous rides and harsh conditions. The high-quality rubber compound and puncture-resistant construction ensured the tire’s longevity and provided protection from damage caused by sharp rocks and other debris. Also, check out our video:

Our comparison of the Tusk Crossbite with other off-road tires we have used in the past demonstrated its superiority in terms of overall performance and adaptability. While some tires may excel on specific surfaces, they often struggle to keep up when faced with diverse terrains. This makes the Tusk Crossbite a clear winner for riders seeking a tire capable of handling any off-road challenge.

Testing of the Tusk Crossbite Multi-Terrain Tire has left us thoroughly impressed. Its remarkable performance across various terrains and its durability and versatility make it an unbeatable choice for off-road riders who demand the best from their equipment. If you are in the market for a new set of off-road tires, the Tusk Crossbite should undoubtedly be at the top of your list, as it has significantly enhanced our off-road riding experience and exceeded all our expectations.


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Tusk Crossbite Multi Terrain Review

Safety Tips 

The excellent grip and adaptability on various surfaces have elevated our off-road experiences. However, as much as we enjoy testing our limits, safety should always come first. So, let me give you some critical safety advice so you can have a blast while keeping both yourself and your bike in good shape when riding with these tires.

Ensure your Tusk Crossbite tires are inflated to the proper pressure before heading out onto the trails. This is necessary to maintain optimal grip and guard against tire damage or punctures. For the recommended PSI, check your bike’s tire sidewall or handbook and make the necessary adjustments.

Regular inspection is necessary for any wear, damage, or punctures in your Tusk Crossbite tires. Even though the tires are made to be strong and resilient, they can still sustain damage on those rugged off-road trails. Keep an eye out for problems and take action right away to prevent any unfortunate events.

The Tusk Crossbite tires are renowned for their adaptability to different terrains and versatility. But it’s essential to adjust your riding style and speed according to the circumstances if you want to be a responsible rider. Though these tires give you the assurance to ride on any surface, it is your responsibility to ride smartly.

Wear the proper equipment: When riding your dirt bike, wear full protective gear, such as a helmet, goggles, gloves, boots, and body armor. Accidents can happen regardless of how excellent your tires are, and having the correct equipment can mean the difference between a minor incident and a significant injury.


Installation Process and Compatibility of Tusk Crossbite Multi Terrain Tire

You can’t wait to mount your dirt bike with the Tusk Crossbite Multi-Terrain Tires and hit the trails if you’re as excited about them as I am. First, let’s discuss installation and compatibility to ensure you’re ready for a fantastic journey.

Installation Step-by-step:

Step 1: Tools and preparation: Ensure you have the required tools before installing. You’ll need tire levers, an air compressor or pump, a tire stand or a stable place to work on, a bead breaker (if available), soapy water or tire lubricant, and tire levers.

Step 2: Remove your old tires and remove the valve core to begin removing them. Use your tire levers and bead breaker to remove the bead from the rim. Carefully pull the tire off the rim by working your way around it. During this process, be careful to avoid scratching or damaging your rim.

Step 3: Inspect the rims: After removing the old tires, carefully examine the rims for any dents, cracks, or twisted edges. Thoroughly clean the rims, removing dust, debris, or leftover rim tape or lock adhesive.

Step 4: Apply soapy water or tire lubricant to the beads of your new Tusk Crossbite tires before mounting them. This will simplify installation and reduce the chance of tire or rim damage. Install the first bead carefully onto the rim, if necessary using tire levers. Be sure to match the wheel’s direction with the tire’s rotation.

Step 5: Install the tube (if necessary): For bikes equipped with inner tubes, partially inflate the tube before inserting it into the tire. Pay attention to how the valve stem sits in relation to the rim’s hole. Avoid squeezing the tube between the tire and rim while you carefully attach the second bead onto the rim.

Step 6: Seating the bead and inflating the tire: Start inflating the tire after mounting both beads to the rim. Ensure the bead seats evenly around the rim by keeping an eye on it. Reinstall the valve core once the tire has been inflated to the necessary pressure and the bead has been properly seated.


A wide variety of off-road dirt bikes are compatible with the Tusk Crossbite Multi-Terrain Tires. Although they come in 21-inch front and 18-inch rear sizes, ensuring these measurements are appropriate for your particular dirt bike model is crucial. Refer to your bike’s handbook or get advice from a qualified mechanic to ensure proper installation.

Additionally, riders who frequently ride on terrains like muddy trails, rocky paths, sandy dunes, and hardpack surfaces will find the Tusk Crossbite tires a great option. These adaptable tires deliver excellent performance under various circumstances, making them a terrific choice for riders exploring different terrains.

FAQ About Tusk Crossbite Multi-Terrain Tires

  • Q: How do I choose the right size Tusk Crossbite tire for my bike?

    A: To select the size Tusk Crossbite tire for your motorcycle, consult your bike's owner's manual for the manufacturer's recommended tire sizes. Then, visit the product page on the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC website to review the available Tusk Crossbite tire sizes.

  • Q: What is the tread life of the Tusk Crossbite Multi-Terrain Tire?

    A: While it is challenging to provide a specific lifespan, the Tusk Crossbite is designed with durability and long-lasting performance in mind. This tire's robust construction ensures that it can withstand the demands of various off-road environments, providing riders with reliable performance over time.

  • Q: Are Tusk Crossbite tires DOT approved?

    A: Tusk Crossbite tires are not DOT approved, as they are specifically designed for off-road use. These high-performance multi-terrain tires focus on providing excellent traction, durability, and handling for off-road riders. Still, they are not intended for use on public roads or highways where DOT approval would be required.

  • Q: What's the recommended psi for these tires?

    A: The recommended PSI for the Tusk Crossbite Multi-Terrain Tires can vary depending on your specific motorcycle, the terrain you're riding on, and your riding style. These can also be run extremely low with tubliss. With the Tusk 4mm extremely heavy-duty tube, I have run as low as 8 psi without experiencing any problems.


The Tusk Crossbite Multi-Terrain Tires have received high marks for performance, adaptability, and durability in our in-depth evaluation. These tires have excelled in various environments, including snowy weather, rough routes, sand dunes, hardpack surfaces, and muddy trails. The tire’s outstanding traction, stability, and lifespan are made possible by its innovative design, aggressive tread pattern, long-lasting rubber compound, and puncture-resistant structure.

Thanks to the Tusk Crossbite’s versatility across various terrains, riders can push their dirt bikes to the limit regardless of the challenges they face. Furthermore, these tires are an excellent option for off-road enthusiasts looking for dependable, high-performance gear due to features like the self-cleaning design, wide footprint, and flexible carcass.

Compared to other off-road tires available on the market, the Tusk Crossbite is a better choice for riders tackling a variety of terrains due to its well-rounded performance and adaptability. As a result, the Tusk Crossbite Multi-Terrain Tire is the top option for off-road riders seeking maximum performance from their gear, vastly improving their riding experience and exceeding all expectations.