In this article, we talk about the best waterproof boots for dirt bike riders.

Alright, you ended up here because you want to keep your toes dry while you are dirt biking…

I am going, to be honest, typically out here in the west we don’t get all that much rain so really we just need to keep our feet out of the stream and river crossings.

I struggle with this and wimp out, sit down and plunge my feet into that ice-cold mountain stream water….this results in the water coming up over the top of the boot…

A waterproof dirt bike boot won’t help me there (See above picture).

However, those that need the best waterproof dirt bike boots need to rely heavily on our dual sport cousins when it comes to waterproof boots. (Not sure what a dual sport dirt bike is? Click here for more info)

Oh if you want to see the top safest non-waterproof dirt bike boots click here!


Riding a dirt bike while wearing a good pair of dirt bike boots will protect you and keep you safe from accidents. On the other hand, waterproof dirt bike boots will submerge completely without allowing any water to enter, as they are typically constructed of waterproof materials. 

This is great for water crossing and also riding when you get caught in wet weather. If you have ridden lots in the west you know that no matter what time of year it is you seem to always get caught in a downpour or snowstorm!

Here are some recommended dirt bike boots that are waterproof.

SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-tex Boots

SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-tex Boots

There is no denying that the SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boots are an ADV powerhouse because of their advancements merged with the essential qualities of the SIDI Adventure Gore-Tex Boots. For the Adventure 2 Gore-tex, SIDI added a three-inch-higher 14-inch gaiter to the shaft, which improves waterproofing when walking through water.

Hey have greater room on the calf and are more flexible on the shaft of Adventure 2 Gore-tex Boots. The instep will help you keep your footing on the pegs when you’re riding off-road on the split-grain leather paneling. Achilles and other TPUs have been improved to better protect and eliminate clumsiness that could interfere with the bike. Comfort, walkability, and short break-in period are all the result of deliberately positioned flex zones.

SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-tex Boots are the best boots to wear wherever you go, no matter the weather!

Key features:

  • The membrane is both very permeable and waterproof.
  • A system with a single flex in the upper portion
  • Tongue-in-groove ear calf panels
  • A non-slip bunded type sole
  • Microfiber materials with a full-grain structure
  • Anatomically shaped rigid heel with hyper enhanced version block for maximum safety

Forma Terra Evo X Boots

Forma Terra Evo X Boots

The Forma Terra Evo X Boots are a cross between a dirt boot and a traveling boot in terms of features. The upper is made of oiled full-grain leather, and the welted sole is stitched to the shoe from the inside out. A Drytex waterproofing barrier keeps socks dry no matter how large the puddle is. It is durable, comfortable, and affordable to buy.

Key features:

  • It has full-grain oiled leather.
  • The construction is lightweight and has a CE protection level
  • Ankle Malleolus TPU & Molded Shin Plate
  • Velcro 3Strap
  • Heel and Toe reinforcement & technical insole

O’Neal Racing Sierra Pro Boots

The O’Neal Sierra Pro is 14-inches tall with a nine-inch waterproof liner that will keep your feet dry. It’s mostly made of leather with suede fiber added with TPU. The Sierra Pro Boots were made to wear everywhere, on dirt or the street.

Key features:

  • Made for adventure and tour ride
  • Anatomically shaped heel & molded shin plate made with TPUs
  • Anti-slip high grip sole
  • Robust metal buckles
  • Removable footbed with anti-sweat

Gaerne Balance Classic Boots

Gaerne Balance Classic Boots

The Gaerne Balance Classic Boot is a lightweight and comfortable boot that is highly durable and made of microfiber for added comfort. Thanks to the Gaerne Drytech membrane, it is also waterproof and breathable. A gum rubber sole completes the package, providing a great feel and allowing maximum control on the bike.


  • 3 replaceable alloy buckles
  • Gum rubber sole that helps control the bike and come

Forma Adventure HDry Boots

Forma Adventure HDry Boots

The Forma Adventure HDry Boots are designed specifically for ADV riders, and they combine the comfort and flexibility of a road boot with the protective features and total height of off-road boots. It is made of vintage leather and HDry waterproof technology, which will keep your feet dry while not restricting your range of motion or movement. In addition to providing a grippy surface to walk on when getting off the bike, the double density sole also offers excellent grip on the road. Its integrated TPU inserts will protect you from impact injuries, and the alloy buckles will keep you from being sidelined if you happen to tip over while riding.

Key features:

  • It has a vintage leather
  • Anti-slip rubber sole with double-density
  • Plastic injected molded front plate & gear pad protection
  • Adjustable Velcro closures
  • TPU molded plastic protection for the shin and ankle
  • GH plastic buckles, adjustable & unbreakable
  • Special rigid nylon with steel shank for mid-sole
  • Extra soft polymer padding memory foam
  • A replaceable footbed with anti-bacterial and APS

Alpinestars Corozal Adventure Drystar Oiled Leather Boots

An advanced polymer shin-plate and revolutionary lateral ankle protection make the Corozal Adventure a great boot for long trips on the trail. Because of this biomechanical connection, both on and off-road safety is enhanced. Everything about this shoe, from the DRYSTAR® breathable membrane to the sophisticated oiled leather, microfiber, and suede chassis, is developed for weight savings and performance regardless of the weather or the terrain.

Key features:

  • TPU shift pad with technical texture for grip with foam padding underneath for comfort.
  • It has a lightweight, microfiber front and rear below for durability and resistance to abrasion.
  • TPU shift pad and shin plate to support and resist impacts.
  • TPU double density ankle protections
  • Layered under the upper are the toe box and heel counter
  • A replaceable anatomical EVA footbed Lycra

Gaerne G-Adventure Boots

With its sporty design, the Gaerne G-Adventure is a boot that will keep your feet dry even when the riding gets wet. Full-grain leather construction ensures a comfortable fit and long-lasting wear thanks to its lightweight design. The boot was created for off-road adventures such as adventure touring, dual-sport, and ATV riding.

Key features:

  • Constructed full-grain leather with Lug sole
  • It’s made to be breathable and comfortable, and high-quality waterproofing
  • With three buckles closure system
  • Its interior is padded
  • Originally made in Italy

Alpinestars Toucan Gore-tex Motorcycle Boots

Alpinestars Toucan Gore-tex Motorcycle Boots

A technically advanced and long-lasting touring boot that is packed with innovative features and technology. Long days in the saddle are made much easier with this boot on your feet. Featuring a GORE-TEX® liner that is 100 percent weatherproof, this integrated protection, comfort, and flexible system is a must-have for driving on the most difficult of roads.

Advanced instep and Achilles’ accordion flex zones provide additional comfort and support for the wearer. In addition to a calf suede panel on the medial surface, the bag is constructed with a wide entry aperture combined with hard polymer and a Velcro closure to provide a secure fit. Aluminum buckles are used in the closure system, and they are easily replaceable. The upper boot collar and inner lining of the boot are both made of breathable material.

Key features:

  • A fully CE-certified boot with full leather
  • A suede with one hundred percent waterproof GORE-TEX membrane.
  • Innovative lateral ankle protection with a flexible link between upper boot and lower foot to offer support and comfort.
  • The medial side structure is contoured for flexible fit reinforced with polymer sculpturing grip and protection against impact and heat of the bike
  • Advanced TPU protection layer enhancing support and rigidity.
  • Coated leather panel outer surface toe box that provides effective abrasion and weather resistance.
  • The heel housed a molded external protector for impact dissipation and absorption.
  • The contoured polymer shin guard incorporates a vertical blade system.

Alpinestars Corozal Adventure Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

A premium, multi-material adventure waterproof boot packed with class-leading protective features with a supporting biomechanical link between the upper boot and the lower foot structure similar to built Corozal Adventure Drystar Oiled Leather Boots.

Key features:

  • A combination of Polyester composite fabric, microfiber, and suede leather provides comfort, durability, and resistance to abrasion.
  • Large flex zones in the front and lower back are made of lightweight, durable microfibre.
  • Improved grip thanks to a TPU shifter pad.
  • Advanced polymer shin-plates and lateral ankle protection are lightweight and durable.
  • Internal toe box and heel counter protection layered for durability, improved feel, and performance.
  • Ankle protector disk with a medial and lateral dual density that is integrated with the boot chassis and provides strategic ankle protection.
  • With a new buckle system, it now allows an easy and rapid in or out, secure, and highly personalized closure. Its8 TPU is durable and the fiberglass helps for greater performance and weight-saving.
  • The upper TPR and Velcro fastening mechanism provides for a wide range of calf fit modifications and includes a wide-entry aperture opening for simple in and out.
  • Soft foam is integrated into the design for convenience, fit, and impact resistance.
  • The DRYSTAR membrane is breathable in all-weather performance to keep the feet dry during bad seasons.
  • Built with breathable textile interior lining.
  • Internal high modulus polyamide insole for structure and support.
  • Midsole PU foam to make the boot bottom lighter without compromising performance.

In conclusion

I hope this article clarified why you want waterproof dirt bike boots and which to choose from the list. With comfortable, durable, flexible, and perfect fit dirt bike boots with the addition of its high-quality waterproofing, riding a bike will be smooth, safe, secured, and will protect you from accidents.

It is essential to research what kind of riding boots is perfect for you. It depends on what kind of ride you are mostly doing. It’s also recommended to have a lot of pairs to make it more flexible on your rides.

With many choices, you will definitely enjoy riding your bike all the time. All the dirt bike boots mentioned above are waterproof and have excellent reviews from people who use them. You don’t need to worry about which dirt bike boots to wear because all of them have their own uniqueness depending on their specific features.

See you out on the trails!