In this article we will cover the best dirt bike helmets for this year.


Before you start dirt biking you need to make sure you take the proper steps to protect yourself while dirt biking in case of a wreck. Having a Helmet is a MUST have and not optional.

Protecting your head while dirt biking is a requirement in my book and finding the right helmet should be a top priority.

Do you have to wear a dirt bike helmet?

Minors do have to wear a helmet. Make sure that you check your local state laws.

However, don’t be dumb and make sure to wear a helmet even if it’s not a requirement.

Not all dirt bike helmets are created equal.

When choosing the right or best dirt bike helmet you need to be aware that not all dirt bike helmets are the same. There are some baseline protection requirements when it comes to helmet safety that you need to pay attention to.

  • DOT (Department of Transportation Standard)
  • SNELL (Snell Memorial Foundation)
  • ECE (European Standard)

Now I want to be clear…

Just because a helmet will meet the basic DOT or SNELL baseline requirements does not mean that It’s quality or the best helmet for protecting your head from damage.

Generally speaking, better helmets come with higher research and development. The technology will provide you with better protection.

This comes at a price.

Why running out and buying the most expensive helmet on the market doesn’t mean you have the safest helmet out there. I will say that it will be much better than the cheaper ones.

My rule of thumb is to buy the best dirt bike helmet you can afford. 

However, this article is about the VERY best dirt bike helmets on the market and there are a few brands that really have spent some time and money into providing us with better protection than the other dirt bike helmets.

These are the very best dirt bike helmets currently available on the market:

Klim F3 Helmet

The Klim F3 Carbon Helmet is perfect for those looking for a high-quality, lightweight helmet. It is made from carbon fiber and has been designed with performance in mind. This makes it ideal for use on multi-day rides or when out riding in colder weather conditions.

This helmet also features a number of features that make it stand out from the competition. For example, it includes an EPS liner that provides excellent protection against shocks and impacts resulting from road debris and overhead branches. This additionally allows the helmet to be easily broken-in over time, as well as allow for easy replacement in case of damage. The liner also includes a built-in anti-sweat system that prevents sweat buildup under heavily used conditions at the same time making it easier to clean off dirt or mud.

Check out my thorough review of the Klim F3 Carbon Helmet


KLIM F3 Carbon Helmet features:

  • Ideal for use in cold weather conditions
  • Made from lightweight carbon fiber
  • EPS liner provides excellent shock and impact protection
  • Built in anti sweat system
  • Can be cleaned easily

KLIM F5 Koroyd Helmet

Klim F5 Koroyd MIPS Helmet

Klim built the F5 Helmet to be a do it all lightweight but safe helmet. Klim has completely designed the F5 from the ground up with the best products and designs on the market. Klim also employs test riders and implements that years of feedback into building quality helmets. Klim uses cutting edge tech and materials in their KLIM F5 Koroyd MX Helmet.

Low weight, great venting, and the next level of safety.

KLIM F5 Koroyd Helmet features:

  • Klim Carbon Fiber Shell
  • Koroyd Impact-absorbing tech (outperforms standard EPS materials)
  • One of the very lightest Helmets on the market
  • MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System)
  • Dual Density EPS
  • Large eye port for best in class visibility.
  • 18 intakes and 8 exhaust vents
  • MIPS
    MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) is a specialized helmet safety technology that is now being used in the top tier of off-road helmets in order to greatly lessen the chances of traumatic brain injury. By integrating an engineered low-friction layer into the liner of the helmet, MIPS enables a relative sliding motion between the head and the helmet so angular and rotational impact forces are absorbed and deflected. Since most head impacts occur at oblique and unpredictable angles, helmets with MIPS Technology are able to offer better protection than helmets without.
  • Koroyd
    Koroyd technology uses a series of hollow, dual-polymer, thermally welded tubes to attenuate and absorb the force of traumatic impacts. The Koroyd tubes compress and effectively create a crumple zone inside the helmet during a crash. This technology outperforms EPS in terms of energy absorption, and drastically reduces the occurrence of brain injury compared to other current materials. The hollow design of Koroyd tubes also dramatically improves air circulation and promotes a lighter-weight helmet overall.


6D ATR-2 Missle Helmet

6d ATR-2 Missle LE Helmet

6D Helmets really changed the dirt bike helmet world. They were the first to put in some serious new R&D tech into developing better and safer helmets. This is great for the consumer as dirt biking can be a dangerous sport and the better and safer dirt bike gear the more we can worry about riding instead of getting an injury.

6D ATR-2 Missle LE Helmet Specs:

  • OMNI-Directional Suspension
  • Rebuildable Advanced ODS System
  • Progressive Damping Towers
  • Multi-Impact outer liner
  • Low friction disks
  • isolation dampers
  • Increased ODS displacement travel
  • Linear and Angular acceleration mitigation improvement




Fly Racing Formula Carbon Helmet

Fly Racing Formula Carbon Helmet

Fly Racing has been making dirt bike helmets for quite some time. Last year they made some pretty big waves with the introduction of the FLY Racing Formula dirt bike helmet. FLY Racing created a new system called the Adaptive Impact System (AIS) that provides really a high-performance platform for ultimate safety and energy migration. Made from extremely lightweight carbon fiber the Fly Formula helmets are not only one of the safest helmets on the market, but they are also very light.

Impact energy cells built by  RHEON maximize low speed and rotation impacted. This really reduces forces transmitted to the brain. FLY Racing did not stop with RHEON, they also have Conehead EPS technology that gives a much softer liner and helps absorb and impact forces efficiently.

FLY Racing Formula Dirt Bike Helmet Specs:

  • Adaptive Impact System
  • Carbon Fiber Shell
  • Impact Energy Cells
  • Conehead EPS technology
  • True Functional Ventilation


Below are the top 3 best dirt bike helmets for under $300 bucks. These helmets offer great protection and fit and finish. While they do not provide as much protection and technology as the more expensive $600 dollar dirt bike helmets they are still a really great choice when it comes to choosing a dirt bike helmet.

Fly Racing F2 Carbon MIPS Helmet

best Fly Racing helmet under $300

The Fly Racing F2 Carbon is a fan favorite in the dirt bike world. For the money, its one of the best value and protection and comes with lots of safety features like the MIPS brain protection system. The one-piece tri composite carbon fiber shell its a lightweight tough helmet. EPS dual-density liner. 

Fly Racing F2 Carbon MIPS Helmet Specs

  • MIPS Brain Protection System
  • Dual Density EPS liner
  • Carbon Matrix Shell
  • Removable and washable liner
  • DOT/ECE approved
  • Quad Vented

Fox Racing V1 Matte Helmet

Best Fox Racing Helmet for under $300

The Fox Racing V1 – V3 helmets are some of the most popular helmets on the market. The fit and finish makes the Fox Racing V1 helmet one of the best looking helmets on the market. The lightweight ABS injection molded Fox Racing V1 helmet exceeds all the DOT and ECE certification. This is a great dirt bike helmet for the money.


  • Great Fit and Finish
  • Injection Molded ABS shell construction
  • Magnetic Visor Release system
  • Removable and washable liner
  • Tons of intake and exhaust air vents

THOR Sector Split MIPS Helmet

Best Thor Helmets for under $300

The THOR Sector Split helmet is an affordable helmet that comes with high-quality protection without a large price tag. The Thor Sector Helmet is a good looking helmet to boot. This DOT/ECE Multi-directional impact protection system will make sure you have a safe quality helmet for dirt biking. The liner is a removable liner that can be washed.

THOR Sector Split MIPS Helmet Specs

  • MIPS – Multi-directional impact protection System
  • Injection-molded ABS shell
  • Removable washable liner
  • Hi-Flow air vents and air exhausts
  • Adjustable Visor

What Brands Make the Best Dirt Bike Helmets

As I mentioned earlier in the article, we talk about the BEST dirt bike helmets, not the most expensive. What I mean by BEST DIRT BIKE helmet I mean safety, because not wearing a helmet is the number 1 factor in dirt biking fatalities.

Fit and finish on a dirt bike helmet are really subjective to your head shape. While I recommend trying on many different helmets to find one that fits your head well… I also want to talk about the companies that are providing us with the safest and best technology in helmets for protecting our heads.

This is what I considered to be the best dirt bike helmet brands this year:

  • 6D Helmets – because they revolutionized helmet design with Omni-Directional Suspension 
  • Klim Helmets –  because has the Lightest Helmets with proper venting, and next-gen safety feature
  • Alpinestars Helmets – for its Lightweight, Customizable Helmets with  class-leading Supertech M10 protection
  • Fly Racing Helmets – for its Impact Energy Cells technology
  • Fox Racing Helmets – because it is one of the global leaders in motocross and mountain biking gear
  • Shoei Helmets – for its SHOEI-exclusive Motion Energy Distribution System

These are the dirt bike brands that are trying to really update the technology in dirt bike helmets. This is the reason that it made the list. I would love to see all the other brands join the fight when it comes to protecting our heads against dirt bike head injuries.


When it comes to choosing the best dirt bike helmet for you and your head, make sure that you try lots of different helmets on. Just because they are expensive and the safest on the market, it does matter if it isn’t comfortable. 

I like the saying that the best helmet is the one that you are wearing. 

While not all the dirt bike helmets are created equal when it comes to fit, finish, design, and safety feature any helmet is better than no helmet.

Personally I have worn a 6D helmet and a Fly Racing and my head prefer the fit and finish of a Fly Racing helmet. 

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