This article is a review of the KLIM F3 Carbon Helmet. 


If you’re looking for one of the latest dirtbike helmets on the market you are in the right place. If you’re not familiar with Klim, Klim is actually owned by the company Polaris and they were originally founded by some off-road and snowmobile enthusiasts. They set out to build some of the strongest and best dirtbike gear on the market.

Years ago when I went and visited the Klim headquarters in Idaho they gave me a tour of the entire operation and even showed me how they test a lot of their gear and met a lot of the people that were involved.

One of the most common threads of conversation was that everyone working there pretty much was passionate about offloading and snowmobiling and wanted to build better gear for riding.

And I have owned a few sets a year of Klim gear and they have been fantastic. While I don’t always like the color schemes and the fit of the Klim gear overall it has been the longest lasting dirtbike gear that I’ve ever owned.




Dirtbike Sam

However, I did not like their older helmets.

I also was not alone in this dislike of their first crop of helmets they produced. Lots of other people in the industry complained about the fit and finish of the climb helmets. But Klim listened and went to work and completely redesigned their whole entire lineup of helmets

Klim also set out to build one that you have the lightest snowmobile and off-road dirtbike helmet on the market. They had to make sure that they met or exceeded certain helmet standards like the ECE Standard.


Klim F3 Carbon helmet
Klim F3 Carbon helmet
Klim F3 Carbon helmet

Klim F3 Carbon Helmet Price:

Built from ultralight hand-laid carbon fiber the F3 carbon helmet is one of the latest helmets on the market made from thick resin and carbon fiber the F3 carbon is the lightest helmet Klim is willing to make without sacrificing any of the safety features.

Klim F3 Carbon Fiber Helmet Specs:

  • Weights in at 1110 Grams or 2.44 LBs
  • Hand laid carbon fiber
  • Exceeds ECE Approved certifications
  • EPS with Triple Density
  • Quick Release strap (Klim)
  • Maximum Vision for google opening
  • Ventilation
  • Extra Comfort
  • Antimicrobial liner
  • 13 intake vents
  • 6 exhaust vents

New Klim F3 Carbon Helmet Colors


Why do you want a lightweight dirt bike helmet?

I can only draw from my own personal experience.

A typical ride usually consists of me riding for more than four hours at a time. This means having a helmet on for that long can result in lots of pressure on my neck and also on my head.

I also have scar tissue in my neck around one of my nerves which when I have a helmet on the pressure slowly causes that nerve to feel like someone sticking a needle in my neck.

Unfortunately, the scar tissue is from landing on my head probably too many times.

So when I heard about other dirtbike riders wearing downhill mountain bike helmets for similar reasons I started looking into this so I could alleviate that pain during longer rides.

Does anyone else get headaches or have issues with pinched nerves in their neck?

And having a lightweight helmet I have a told helps alleviate some of that issues with all the pressure on your neck.


Why you should pick the Klim F3 Helmet

All right let’s talk about the real reason why you are looking into buying the Klim F3 Carbon helmet.

It’s lightweight!

I have heard of other riders in the industry that spent a lot of time just riding single track where the speeds are a lot lower they have invested in helmets made for downhill mountain biking.

These downhill mountain biking helmets are full-face helmets but are also much lighter than a standard DOT-approved dirtbike helmet.

So if you’re looking to buy a helmet that is as light as a downhill mountain bike helmet but also has the safety features of a normal dirtbike helmet and is ECE certified the carbon F3 helmet is exactly what you’re after.


Screen Shot 2021 10 20 at 2.01.09 PM

Does the Klim F3 Carbon Fiber Helmet Feel Light?

Yes, it does.

Comparative all the other different helmets that I have in the past the claim F3 Carbon helmet is by far the latest feeling helmet I have ever worn.

Here is a list of the dirt bikehelmets I own or have owned:

  • Fly Racing helmets
  • Fox Racing helmets
  • Answer Racing helmets
  • 6D helmets
  • MSR helmets
  • Thor Racing helmet

Does the Klim F3 Carbon Helmet Breath well?

I would say it’s not noticeably different than the other helmets that I’ve been wearing like the 6D and the fly racing helmets.

Is the Klim F3 Carbon Helmet Comfortable?

Yes, it is.

Now, obviously, the fit is unique to me in my head but I feel like the Klim F-3 carbon is a comfortable helmet to wear. I recommend no matter which helmet you choose to try it on first before you buy it. I like the fit more than my 6D helmet that cost WAY more. 



Overall fit and finish of the Klim F3 Carbon Helmet

Even though the Klim F3 carbon helmet as far as price is concerned falls in the middle of the high-quality dirtbike helmet price range to me it feels like a higher quality more expensive helmet.

I have been really happy with the fit and finish and quality of this helmet.

Not only does the carbon fiber look really awesome it’s incredibly light. Everyone that picks up my helmet is surprised by how light it is.

Klim F3 carbon Helmet

Did the Klim F3 Carbon Helmet solve my neck pain?

Yes for the most part.

The pain in my neck does not show up until much much later in my rides and typically it’s just starting to feel painful.

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Should you buy the Klim F3 Carbon Helmet?

Personally, I would say yes.

But to give a disclaimer helmets are so sore subject if you need to make sure it fits well before you buy it. Here are some other best helmets that you can look into.

Overall I actually do not really have any complaints about this Klim F3 carbon helmet and so far it’s been my favorite helmet by far.