For all women who’re into motocross, it’s hard to look past dirt bike helmets when it comes to safety. Riders who do not put on a helmet are at great risk of sustaining head and neck injuries in a motorcycle accident. Consequently, it can lead to death. Not wearing a helmet remains the number one factor in dirt bike riding fatalities, with over 60% of accidents. To burst your bubble, it has been proven that wearing the helmet reduces the death risk by 29%. That’s cool, right? So you can be sure a helmet is one important accessory a rider needs.


Meanwhile, it’s important to know that a regular dirt bike helmet is not for women, instead, it’s for men. Besides, they might be too heavy for you. So, you need to get the best women’s motocross helmet. However, picking out the right one can spin your head into confusion. That’s because there are a plethora of them with desirable performance features on the track today.

Nevertheless, don’t dwell on it! We’ve made this easy for you. Read on to see our pick of the 6 best women’s motocross helmets for 2023.

1.    Fox Racing V1 Prix Helmet

Fox Racing V1 Prix Helmet
Fox Racing V1 Prix Helmet

Fox Racing is one of the most competitive motocross manufacturers in the automobile world. Besides, all products from them are a must-have for all. That’s because of the material construction and quality. So, it’s not by mistake this product takes first place on the list. Fox racing heavily reinforced this V1 Prix helmet with attractive features and designs you cannot but fall in love with.

To start with, it has a sturdy construction. Fox Racing V1 Prix Helmet is made of high-quality polycarbonate and 4 ABS shell construction that will last you for a long time. Also, this construction aids safety and protection in the course of riding.

One feature you will love about this model is the innovative and exclusive Magnetic Visor Release System. This visor detaches easily in case you fall. Consequently, safeguard you from getting injured.

Be aware that Fox Racing offers precision in fitness. So, you will have no challenges putting this helmet on your head. Moreover, this product comes in 4 different EPS sizes, pick the one that fits your needs.

As a bonus, it has a ventilation system that makes it breathable. Likewise, the liner fabricated from expanded polystyrene material makes riding easy and cozy.  Meanwhile, this liner is detachable and easy to wash. But we don’t like the fact that it is a bit heavy.


·         Comfortable

·         Long-lasting

·         Removable liner

·         Reasonably priced

·         Fit great


·         Weighty

2.    Bell MX-9 Adventure Helmet

Bell MX-9 Adventure Helmet
Bell MX-9 Adventure Helmet

Why many opt-in for this model is unknown until we check various positive reviews of users. This product is a perfect off-road helmet for women. It is reinforced with an astonishing design you will love at first glance.  Also, available in multiple sizes and colors so you have the choice to make.

Bell MX-9 Adventure Helmet comes with 5 years warranty so you can be sure you’re getting a durable motocross helmet. Likewise, the helmet’s comfort level is the best, you should try it for sure. Moreover, it is made of a velocity flow ventilation system. Better yet, no matter how long you ride, you will remain cool and warm all through. 

Considering safety features, this model is a perfect piece. Bell equipped this helmet with a MISP management system to ensure riders don’t sustain any head injuries at any point of crash.  You don’t have to worry about their weight as they are lightweight.

Unlike the previous product, it has a 3 ABS shell construction that disperses energy in any course of an accident. Its liner is removable so you will have no issue with cleaning. Unfortunately, we discovered that the visor is not well constructed. Also, it’s a little bit expensive.


·         Lightweight

·         Good sizing

·         Exceptional design

·         Durable

·         Decent ventilation


·         Pricey

·         Broken Visor

3.    GLX GX23 Dirt Bike Helmet

GLX GX23 Dirt Bike Helmet
GLX GX23 Dirt Bike Helmet

Considering the price of this model, you will think it will perform below the belt. Fortunately, it exceeds one’s expectations even more than all other helmets with a flagship price. It’s by far the most affordable of all women’s dirt bike helmets for the season.

This model is a blend of style and functionality. For your safety, GLX GX23 Dirt Bike Helmet has got your back, neck and head. It is equipped with all the safety features you can ever think of.  This helmet has an advanced mouth guard and protective screens made of aluminum. Without any debate, aluminum materials are durable. So, wearing a long-lasting helmet is sure.

It contains an adjustable visor for secure positioning. GLX designs this model with superiors, flimsy, and multi-density ESP liners that can withstand any impacts even in worst situations. These liners are detachable, replaceable, and ideal for machine wash.

Its super cooling system is also worthy of discussion. GLX women helmets have 14 intake and exhaust vents to maximize ventilation. You will also love the fact that the dirt bike helmets come in various sizes but it might not be a great deal for you.


·         Affordable

·         Very light

·         Comfortable

·         Hard-wearing

·         Easy to clean


·         Poor sizing

4.    Typhoon Adult Women’s Dirt Bike Helmet

Typhoon Adult Women’s Dirt Bike Helmet
Typhoon Adult Women’s Dirt Bike Helmet

Is there anything more exciting than having a safe helmet with a contemporary design? I doubt it. That’s why we have made this model from Typhoon Helmets the fourth. Most users are happy to settle for this model because of its classy and sophisticated design.  Also, check out its vast array of colors and you will want to add it to your collection.

We’ve been a long-time fan of this off-road helmet because of its better ventilation. It provides space for excellent airflow to all riders. Still unsure if the product is for you? Check its weight. The Typhoon Adult Women’s Dirt Bike Helmet weighs under 3 lbs, which sounds great.

In contrast to other products. It has a double D-ring chin strap. To amaze you, the helmet comes with a strap keeper. That’s not all! It has safety features not only for you but the helmets. Typhoon packed up the helmets with a clothes bag to hold your helmet while not in use.  

Moving on, this unit has 3 stylish sun visors that add up to its strength. So, it will last you for long use. You don’t need to be concerned about the maintenance. Since the soft liners are removable, cleaning is hassle-free. Likewise, your comfort is assured with its flexible padding. This helmet fits well, pick your choice from the available sizes.


·         Stylish construction

·         Heavy-duty

·         Flexible

·         Easy to wash

·         Great value


·         The size might be too big or small

5.    YEMA Helmet Motocross

YEMA Helmet Motocross
YEMA Helmet Motocross

Do you think we will complete the list without this model? Think again! YEMA Helmet has been known for its high end-products. So, with this product’s unique qualities, there’s no denying that it is worth buying. The model has some outstanding features that meet and exceed DOT standards.

Like most units from other manufacturers, this motocross helmet is effortless to wash.  We recommend this helmet because of its flexibility. Its lightweight liners also guarantee comfort. Keep cool with this helmet as they support an advanced ventilation system.

Another special feature of the unit is the strong ABS shell that aids protection at any point of accidents. This model features multi-density EPS which is also a plus. 

The best part of this model is how versatile it is. YEMA Helmet specifically made this model for racing, street bike, dirt bike, ATV, mountain bike, adventure, and many more. What else! It has extra space for glass. Even with its unlimited features, it’s available at a reasonable price.


·         Great price

·         Comfortable

·         Highly effective

·         Versatile


·         Break easily


Buying Considerations

Since you have read through this post, you will testify that there are unlimited motocross helmets on the market. Though we’ve taken you through our list of the best women’s motocross helmets, you still need to know how to select the right one for you. However, you need this ultimate buyer’s guide to make this a breeze. It reveals the essential factor to consider before deciding on your best dirt bike motocross helmet.


Beyond all doubt, price is one of the important factors to consider. The products you pick solely depend on what you have in hand.  Meanwhile, you don’t have to break your bank balance before you can get quality products.  

Come to think of it! It‘s believed that the higher the price, the higher the quality. But, it does not necessarily matter in some cases. There are still affordable ones that are still right up there. So, it’s better to search for the product’s prices and invest in the one that best fits your budget.


If there’s anything else you should put in mind before selecting the best fit for you, it’s the safety features. Moreover, the core reason many put on a helmet is for protection. If you ever like a helmet that fits well but doesn’t guarantee your safety, trust us! That’s not a great pick for you.

You need a kit that can safeguard you from head injuries in case of accidents. So, any quality products with adjustable visor, face shield, and strong ABS construction are of great advantages.


The last thing you want to do is ride with a helmet with low visibility. That’s why you need to always check for products that provide enough visibility. More importantly, visibility during day and night.

The mistake many users made is not considering night riding. Of course, unforeseen situations might warrant you riding at night. Imagine you neglecting this factor, how will you cope? To make things easy, consider a product with reflective strips, light, and fluorescent colors.


Never overlook this factor when it comes to motocross helmets. While riding, you need constant airflow. Without ventilation in place, you have no control of airflow. That’s why most dirt bike helmets are supported by a ventilation system.

This ventilation makes the helmet breathable and helps keep you fresh and warm while driving. Also, you’re likely to sweat with helmets on. This ventilation keeps moisture away and makes you dry and cool while racing.

Head size and shape

To get a fitted, safe and comfortable helmet, you need to know your head size and shape. Moreover, helmets are not designed the same. There are three different head shapes one can fit in including long oval, intermediate oval, and round over. Just take a picture of your head and detect your category by looking at the picture.

Next is the head size. Sounds confusing? Not really. Just measure your head sizes with a tape rule. Then compare the result with the helmets sizes charts. Once it feels right, you are good to go. 


Why are Motocross helmets expensive?

The main reason why dirt bike helmets are costly is the technology used for construction. Most kits are made from advanced technology to ensure users’ comfort and safety.
Also, the material designs add to the cost. Be sure, all manufacturers ensure they fabricated this product from premium material to guarantee longevity. Check out the liners made of excellent leather interior materials and you will understand better.  

Can dirt bike helmets expire?

Yes! Motocross helmets expire. Many manufacturers recommend using dirt bike helmets for nothing more than five years. All you need to do is to check the manufacture date on the sticker placed under the helmet line.
Even though helmets are strongly built, users’ needs to change them if they break as a result of a fall.

Are motocross helmets legal for street riding?

Yes but not all! Generally, dirt bike helmets are not ideal for street riding. But, for it to be street legal, it must meet the standards of DOT and has its certification.  Because that’s the only certification recognized in the state. Without this, wearing it in the street is illegal.
How do you get DOT certified helmets? Ensure you’re buying from a renowned and reputable brand. Aside from this, always check for the emblem at the back of the helmet to be on a safer side.

Should a good dirt bike helmet be tight?

Yes! A good motocross helmet should feel snug when putting on and removing it. Sometimes it might be too tight. Place it correctly and ensure it stays comfortably on your head.
To be sure, thoroughly check the cheek pads before fastening the straps. Make sure it fits well and gives you more comfort. Moreover, wearing a tight helmet also adds to one’s safety.

How much does a motocross helmet weigh?

The best dirt bike helmets should be durable yet lightweight products. That’s why a quality helmet should not weigh more than 4lbs. Though some high-quality products weigh more than that.
Irrespective of your top choice, ensure the helmet isn’t heavy on you to aid smooth riding and convenient racing.


With this post, you will agree that a helmet is one of the racing accessories riders can’t do without. It aids safety, comfort, and enjoying the off-road experience. All women’s motocross helmets selected in this post are super easy and convenient to use. Just pick the one that fits your needs and use the buying guide section to make a healthy choice.