Ever been stranded at night while dirt biking without a light?

I have.

Ever wanted to go on a night time dirt bike ride but your dirt bike doesn’t have a light?


If you are like me getting out and riding dirt bikes can be tricky. Family, work, and all other “busy” things get in the way of scheduling time to go dirt biking.

Having a helmet light for my dirt bike really became a game-changer. You see I ride a KTM250XC which for those who do not know does not come with a headlight.

No headlight meant no riding at night….well sometimes riding trips got pushed into the night.

Night riding without a dirt bike light is NOT SAFE.

Also, being able to ride during the night time really opened up a whole new world of dirt biking. Here in Utah, it gets really hot during the summers so riding dirt bikes at night up the mountains is a great way to cool off.

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Why you need a helmet light for dirt biking

I feel like having a dirt bike helmet light in your pack isn’t just an option. It should be a staple along with everything else you carry while riding single track. Even if you do not use it all that much, having a flashlight, when an emergency or dirt bike breaks down, could be a lifesaver.

Having a flashlight is good but why not get a light that will also attach to your helmet or dirt bike so you can ride your dirt bike without trying to jimmy rig the flashlight to say while you are riding.


So, why do you want a dirt bike helmet light?

  • Safety / Emergencies 
  • Riding at Night is FUN
  • More light than your headlight

Where to mount your dirt bike helmet light?

All the mounts within this article mount up to the popular GoPro mounting system. Lots of dirt bike riders already have these mounts plastered all over their helmets in order to get that precious riding footage.

These helmet light kits all come with the mounting hardware you need so don’t worry if you don’t have any GoPro mounts already on your helmet.

Having the right helmet light angle is important and you have a couple of choices to pick from. I like to put a light on the top of the helmet right next to the back of the visor. This is a good location that allows the light to shoot its beam out in front of you instead of up in the air. You can also mount them to the side of your helmet which works great if you plan on mounting more than one helmet light.

Oxbow helmet light kit

Why a helmet light is better than a standard dirt bike light

What if your dirt bike already comes with a headlight?

That’s great but it’s not good enough.

So, will the stock OEM headlight on your dirt bike get you home after dark?


But, the OEM lights I have used are well not all that bright. Also, not being able to have the light go where I am looking also sucks.

You cannot see around corners or if you have an emergency having your hands free and a light that is attached to you and is mobile is a major advantage.

Trying to position your dirt bike to “shine” its weak OEM light on your buddies rear tire while trying to fix at flat doesn’t work all that well.

Reasons to get a dirt bike Helmet light even if you have an OEM light on your bike

  • Way brighter than OEM LIGHT
  • A great addition to your OEM LIGHT
  • Mobile light
  • A light that shines where you look
  • A must-have for racing at nights
  • Always good to have a back up if you have walkout 

All dirt bike helmet lights on the market.

Best dirt bike helmet light for night time single track riding

If you are wanting to ride your dirt bike at night on all the local single track but not really interested in going as fast you can. Here are the top 3 helmet lights that are recommended for nighttime single track riding

Top 3 Trail riding helmet lights

  • Oxbow Maverick Helmet Light
  • Tusk Helmet Light
  • Thumper Jockey Helmet Light

The Oxbow Maverick is the most versatile and compact of this group. In fact its a flashlight so it has the ability to be taken off the helmet light mount and used as a flashlight.

However, the Tusk Helmet light and the Thumper Jockey Helmet light are brighter and offer more battery run time but are also much bulkier and do not fit in your pack as well.

Best dirt bike helmet light for racing at night

Riding dirt bike at nights can be tricky but add racing into the mix and it can flat out be unsafe. As a dirt bike racer, you want to make sure you can light up as much of the trail as possible. Being able to see what’s ahead of you is just as important. When racing dirt bikes at night you need to have more light than what your stock OEM dirt bike produces. You could go with a much larger and brighter headlight system but they are more expensive and require a bigger stator.

Having a helmet mountable racing light kit is a more affordable way to go. Another benefit of mounting a light to your helmet is that where ever you look the light goes. That’s not true when the headlight is mounted to the dirt bike or handlebars. Being able to see around corners better with a helmet light really helps while racing dirt bikes at night.


Top 2 Dirt Bike Racing Helmet Lights

  • Oxbow Voyager Helmet Light
  • Task Racing Moto Adventure  Helmet

The Oxbow Voyager Helmet light is more compact than the Task Racing Moto Adventure Light. The Oxbox Voyager Helmet light also comes with a hardwiring kit to hook into your electrical system on a battery-powered dirt bike. The Oxbox Voyager is also not as expensive as the Task Racing Moto Helmet light.

The Task Racing Moto Adventure Helmet light has the highest-powered light at 4800 lumens. The low profile mounting system can be adjusted in 4 different ways. Task Racing also built in a quick-release mount. They claim its the toughest mount and light system you can by.

Dirt Bike Helmet Light Brands:

Here is a list of the dirt bike helmet light kits on the market today:

  • Tusk 
  • Task Racing
  • Oxbow
  • Thumper Jockey 
Oxbow lights

Best Dirt bike Helmet light Editor’s choice

To be honest all of the lights mentioned in the article are a solid pick. You will like any of the lights you choose. My choice would have to be the Oxbow Lights.

  • Oxbow Voyager
  • Oxbow Maverick



The Oxbow Maverick is really versatile and the perfect do it all helmet light kit. In fact, I use Oxbow Maverick for all sorts of outdoor activities. It is always loaded up in my bag or truck no matter if I am hunting, hiking, snowmobiling, snowboarding, or dirt biking.

But if I had to only pick one for dirt biking it would be the Oxbow Voyager, good enough to race with which means you can trail ride with it. It’s small and compact and a pretty tough light.

With the 2100 lumens, it’s really bright. Oxbow has created a dust filter cap that helps eliminate dust distortion while riding. Also, you can switch between a lithium-ion battery and a hardwire.

The Oxbow Voyager is my favorite dirt bike helmet light kit to date.

There is no real reason why a dirt bike helmet light kit should be part of what you carry while dirt biking. 

Just for the fact of emergencies alone should encourage you to put a light in your backpack. I have even had buddies bust out their front OEM light on their KTM 300XCW bike.

If this happens to you at night you could be in for a long and dark walk or night in the woods.

Just like carrying matches, I feel light is a must-have. I used to carry a small flashlight but not anymore as a GoPro mounted helmet light doubles as a flashlight for me and my bike. 

Ride hard and stay safe