This is an article about the Proshot helmet action camera mount.

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Filming your riding trips are always fun to go back and see if you caught anything good or any captured any fail videos.

There are lots of different options when it comes to mounting your GoPro or action camera to yourself.

Action Camera Mounting placement For dirt biking

  • Top of the Helmet
  • Side of the Helmet
  • Under the Visor of the Helmet
  • In Front of the Helmet
  • Chest Mount

I have tried all the ways above when it comes to mounting your GoPro or action camera.

The VERY best location in my opinion in on the nose of the Helmet.

This provides you the best POV footage and also allows you to talk or speak into the microphone of the camera.

Your head generally speaking is the most stable part of your body. The camera to be able to be pointed in the direction you are looking for makes for interesting footage.

Being able to speak in the camera adds a nice dynamic to your riding footage.

If you are looking for a quick but affordable way to mount your camera on the nose/chin of your helmet…

The ProShot helmet is just that.

This allows you to quickly add a camera to your helmet and get back to riding.

The ProShot helmet mount attaches to your helmet via a certain type of velcro.

You attach the velcro tape to your helmet and then get the ProShot Mount and velcro it to the tape you just applied.

It’s super simple and actually works pretty well.

ProShot Helmet Camera Mount Pros

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to attach an action camera
  • Affordable
  • Chin/Nose helmet mount

ProShot Helmet Camera Mount Cons

  • Velcro tape stays on your helmet
  • When removing Proshot the velcro tape can peel off
  • It’s bulky and kinda ugly
  • More permanent they other mounts

Overall I have used the ProShot camera mount for years and I really like it and its held up to the abuse.

If you are interested in getting on you can check them out with the link below.


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