This article is a product overview of the SIDI crossfire 3 SRS dirt bike boot!

Quality dirt bike boots are a must have…

Busting up your foot or ankle can be painful and expensive. I always recommend buying the best pair of dirt bike boots you can afford.

SIDI is one of the major dirt bike boot manufacturers that builds the highest quality of boots when it comes to dirt bike protection.

So, I made this article for SIDI CROSSFIRE 3 SRS BOOTS Review to get closer to the specifications/features of these great dirt bike boots. 

If you scroll to the very bottom, I give you my opinion on the SIDI Crossfire 3 SRS boots that I have.

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Dirtbike Sam

Why choose the SIDI Crossfire 3 Dirt Bike Boot?

If you are searching for the best dirt bike boots on the market today, consider the SIDI Crossfire 3 SRS dirt bike boots. These 3rd generation boots from SIDI have just about everything thought out, from unmatched safety to a perfect fitting and durability (serviceable/replaceable parts).

Whether you have beefy calves and want an adjustable boot or you want a dirt bike boot with replaceable parts (bound to last decades without the need to buy new boots), the SIDI Crossfire 3 boots offer all that and more. Continue reading this review to understand why the Crossfire 3 SRS boots are the best/high-quality dirt bike boots on sale today.


SIDI Crossfire 3 SRS Product Highlights

As mentioned, these are 3rd generation boots that are an obvious improvement from previous generations. The SIDI Crossfire 3 boots have been completely redesigned.

When compared to the previous generation (the Crossfire 2 SRS), they have a raised kick shift panel better for boot and bike contact. The boot also has a redesigned dual flex ankle that stops motion past anatomical limits reducing ankle injury risks without compromising on normal braking and shifting.

The Crossfire 3 SRS is also wider with calf adjustability and self-adjusting buckles. The sole screws are also fewer (four only) vs. 17 for the previous generation. However, the reduction in screws doesn’t compromise anything! The interior has also been redesigned to offer suede heat protection that provides maximum grip and foot comfort at the same time.

These improvements from the previous generation (the Crossfire 2 SRS) and the latest dirt bike boots are evident. The Crossfire 3 SRS is undoubtedly the most serviceable, safe, comfortable, functional, high-quality, modern, and futuristic dirt bike boot on the market currently.

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SIDI Crossfire 3 SRS Main Specifications/Features

The Crossfire 3 SRS has many features that stand out. The main ones include;

  • Material: Upper part is made of full grain leather & Lorica. The boot is lined with anti-abrasion Cambrielle & air Teflon mesh that absorbs sweat. The boot has a Nylon inner sole and laminated technomicro base material present in all areas. The ergonomic closed cell padding in the boot protects small tender foot bones.

  • Safety/security features: Metatarsus protection. The boot also has a dual flex system that allows the foot and ankle to flex but within safe limits to reduce ankle injury risks. Toa area features protective plastic. The boots are rigid and shock-resistant, resisting twisting and other risky movements when riding. The boots also have lower buckle guards to stop the boots from opening during impact.

  • Serviceable features: Replaceable shin plate, and removable arch support. Every bolt-on part is replaceable.

  • Comfort features: Has micro-adjustable buckles and calf adjustability (adjustable calf system). The heel is also anatomically shaped.

  • Sole features: The sole features also add comfort levels i.e., the sole is more cupped & thicker. The dovetail SR antiskid rubber that makes up the sole offers protection and comfort.

SIDI Crossfire 3 SRS Boot colors

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Screen Shot 2022 06 16 at 9.31.33 AM
Screen Shot 2022 06 16 at 9.31.04 AM


Orange Flo/Black/White


Screen Shot 2022 06 16 at 9.31.23 AM
Screen Shot 2022 06 16 at 9.31.43 AM
Screen Shot 2022 06 16 at 9.31.50 AM




Summary: SIDI Crossfire 3 SRS Dirt Bike Boots Review

The above information shows why the SIDI Crossfire 3 stands out from it’s predecessor and competition. SIDI thought of everything when making this dirt bike boot. They thought about the perfect fit regardless of a rider’s calf size. They also thought of safety with the hyperextension limit for the ankle joint. The boot also has impressive comfort features that keep the rider’s foot perfectly in place and eliminate heat and grip problems. What’s more, every bolt-on part can be replaced, and the boot comes in several color options.

While the boot’s toe & heel areas are permanent, every other part is serviceable. The average $600 selling price may be a con, according to some reviews. However, if you consider the fact that you never have to buy a new dirt bike boot again and you can rest assured of unmatched safety, comfort, and other pros like futuristic aesthetics, the SIDI Crossfire 3 dirt bike boots undoubtedly offer value for money!

Dirtbike Sam

My first impressions of the SIDI Crossfire 3 SRS dirt bike boots

Typically my boot of choice is the Alpinestars Tech 7 boot.


For the money, the Alpinestars Tech 7 boot provides good protection at a lower cost. The Alpinestars also are narrow, comfortable, and have an easy break in.


They do not provide as much protection as the more expensive top-of-the-line dirt bike boots.

I wanted to try out something different to see what I was missing out. The SIDI Crossfire boots have the same narrow and compact feel that I like on the Alpinestars. The SIDI and the Alpinestars have a more narrow footbed than my Gaerne SG 12 boots.

SIDI First impressions and Ride:

When I first put on the SIDI boots, I noticed they felt a bit tight. I wear a size 10 US in most shoe sizes, and the SIDI’s are 10.5 US. So, I thought I would have plenty of room but they are tight so I am guessing they run a little small.

I like the buckle system, but the velcro straps take me a bit longer to sort out than the other boots when putting them on. Not a huge deal just something I noticed.

The first ride!

They felt ok just a bit tight but after a while, my feet started to fall asleep which means I am getting low blood circulation. After a 2 hour ride and adjusting the buckles a few times.

My feet hurt, which was disappointing.

My thoughts were well maybe they are not broken in yet. Fast forward to 3 rides later.

After a while, they still hurt my feet but are but it’s way less. I really like the overall fit and finish and narrow footbed.

I will keep updating this article as I get more seat time with them.

See you out on the trails.