This is a review of the MSR Mav4 with MIPS Helmet. Editor’s opinion at the bottom.


MSR or Malcom Smith Racing has been building motocross and dirt bike gear and helmets for a very long time. Regardless if you trail ride, ride motocross, supercross, or hard enduro. MSR has a helmet for you.

For this Year MSR has built a new lineup of helmets that include the Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) technology which for years has been around only in the expensive helmets (Think $600+)

Enter in the 2022 MSR Mav4 Motocross Helmet with MIPS

The MSR Mav4 is a great helmet for the price. It has aggressive styling, a deep eye-port, and a great fit.

Look good ride good.

Best dirt helmet for the price?

The MSR Mav4 is one of the best-performing dirt bike helmets for the money. The MSR Mav4 has aggressive styling, deep eye port and a great fit.

The MSR Mav4 is a high-value off-road helmet that offers good protection at an affordable price. It’s also well-ventilated, which means you don’t have to worry about overheating while riding in hot weather conditions.

You get some of the safety features of the higher-end motocross and dirtbike helmets which out having to pay for it.

Here are some things I like about this helmet:

One of the best performing dirt bike helmets for the money, is the MSR Mav4

The MSR Mav4 is one of the best performing dirt bike helmets for the money. It has a great fit and good ventilation, with a deep eye port and aggressive styling that gives you the field of vision you need to ride at speed. It’s also got MIPS technology for extra protection in case of an impact.

The MSR Mav4 is available in three different colorways: white with red accents, black with yellow accents, or grey with orange accents. All three are super cool-looking, but we personally prefer the grey helmet because it has all-black graphics on it which I think looks super clean and minimalistic while still being totally badass at the same time!

MRS Helmet
MSR Helmet





  • MIPS Tech
  • EPS Liner
  • SilverCool moisture wicking liner
  • 9 Intake vents
  • Wire Mesh Chin bar
  • Meets or Exceeds the DOT and ECE
  • Weights around 4lbs
  • Colors – Blackout, Blue, Neon, Orange, Red, Blue Red, Whiteout

This helmet has great features for this price. It has aggressive styling, deep eye port and a great fit.

This helmet has great features for this price. It has aggressive styling, deep eye port and a great fit. The Mav4 also has an integrated camera mount that is compatible with GoPro cameras as well as other action cameras. This helmet is one of the most comfortable helmets I have ever worn. It is lightweight and very breathable but still provides excellent coverage at higher speeds down the trail or racing around your favorite MX track!

You’ll be amazed at how much air flows through this helmet. Even on days when temperatures reach the mid 90’s you still feel cool inside the Mav4 which makes wearing it even more comfortable than other full face helmets I own!

MSR Helmet
MSR motocross helmet

Excellent Helmet for the MONEY!

The MSR Mav4 w/MIPS Helmet is a great option for those looking for a dirt bike helmet with a high level of protection and comfort at an affordable price. The styling on this helmet is very aggressive, with a large visor that offers plenty of coverage from the sun as well as other debris that could fly through the air during off-road riding activities.

It also has excellent ventilation features that help keep you cool when temperatures get hot outside no matter where you are riding (off-road or street).

The fit system in place allows users to adjust sizing up or down depending on what they need while wearing their gear comfortably thanks to padding around each ear area which helps absorb shock impact during falls when crashing hard surfaces like concrete floors if ever unfortunate enough happens during some type accident scenario accident.”

Its great to see some of the safety features of the high-end helmets trickling down.

With that being said it is missing some of the higher end safety features that the more expensive dirtbike and motocross helmets have. 

My number 1 rule is to buy the best helmet you can afford!

See you guys out on the trails

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