This is an article about the 6D ATR-2 ELEMENT HELMET

No matter how good you are at dirt biking I always tell ANYONE that cares to listen that you should buy the best dirt bike or motocross gear you can afford. 

Your head….

Is one of the most important parts of your body. Protect it.

If you are not familiar with 6D helmets, they make some of the safest crash-tested motocross and dirtbike helmets on the market. 

With the 6D ATR-2 ELEMENT HELMET, you are getting a serious contender to be the best dirtbike helmet out there. It is so safe that it can protect your head from over 200 miles per hour and still keep you cool with its super breathable design. You can also appreciate the sleek design and practicality of this helmet as well.

6D ATR-2 Element Helmet Introduction

The 6D ATR-2 ELEMENT HELMET is a helmet designed to protect against impact. It has an outer shell that deflects impacts and transfers energy away from the head, while an inner layer absorbs that energy and helps reduce the acceleration of your brain.

The purpose of this helmet is to protect you from injuries sustained during sports or work activities in which you have a high probability of falling on your head. As such, it’s important to wear one when participating in these types of activities – but even if you don’t, wearing a helmet can provide additional protection should you fall off your bike (or motorcycle).

There are many benefits to wearing a helmet when cycling:

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6D ATR-2 ELEMENT HELMET Specifications 

The 6D ATR-2 ELEMENT HELMET is a helmet that offers full protection in the event of a crash. The helmet is extremely safe and is worth the price.

This helmet comes with two pads, one for the comfort of your head and another to add some extra protection when you are riding at higher speeds. This product also comes with a visor that can be adjusted depending on where you are going to ride your bike or scooter at any given time or day.

6-D Helmet Safety Specs:

  • Rebuildable ODS System
  • Replaceable EPS Liner
  • Multi Impact EEP outer liner
  • EPP Damping Towers
  • Low friction disks
  • ODS Displacement 
  • Linear and Angular acceleration mitigation

6D ATR-2 Element Helmet General Specs:

  • Weighs +/- 1480 grams Size M (3.26 lbs)
  • Comes in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large
  • 9 air intake ports
  • Titanium D-Rings


This is a super lightweight helmet packed with new safety features, coming in around 3-4 lbs you would expect a helmet like this with all the new safety and impact features to be heavier kinda like the first 6D helmets.

The 6D ATR-2 ELEMENT HELMET is made of carbon fiber, which is a very strong and durable material. The helmet also has a 3 year warranty, so if you have any issues with it, you can send it back to the manufacturer for repair or replacement parts.

The 6D ATR-2 ELEMENT HELMET is DOT approved and ECE certified (the European equivalent of DOT).


When it comes to the practicality of this helmet, for me it’s a simple yes. I’ve been using the 6D ATR-2 Element for about two weeks now and have no complaints. It looks great, fits well and is comfortable enough that I forget I’m wearing a helmet while I’m riding my motorcycle.

As with all modular helmets these days, the visor can be raised up or down quickly with one hand. The rotating chin bar is easy to operate as well; simply pull slightly forward on either side to release it from its locked position and then pull upwards to lift off the face shield. Once you have your vision cleared in front of you, just lower down onto your face shield again and secure it into place by pushing firmly until you hear/feel an audible click letting you know that everything is secured correctly.


Comfort and Sizing

So, you’re looking to buy a new helmet, but you want to make sure it fits your head well and is comfortable. With the 6D ATR-2 Element Helmet, you don’t have to worry about that. The 6D helmets have designed this helmet with comfort in mind. It is not too heavy, not too bulky and can be adjusted so that it has the right fit on your head.

The first thing I noticed when I held the helmet in my hands was how light it felt; I could easily imagine wearing this all day long without getting tired of holding something so heavy on my head all day long! The shell of the helmet is divided into five different sections (top and back of head), which allows for good ventilation throughout the entire area covered by this protective gear device; all those little holes on top provide excellent airflow for keeping cool during hot summer days when riding a dirtbike on the motocross track or riding single track during hot summer days where temperatures rise above 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 Celsius).

The Final Verdict

This helmet is a good option for those looking for something that provides a lot of protection and stays comfortable. The carbon fiber shell is strong, which means it can handle a lot of impacts. The air vents allow the rider to stay cool while riding in hot weather or going up steep hills. The quick-release visor also makes it easy to get out of the way when it’s not needed, so you can keep your eyes on the road instead of fumbling around with straps and plastic covers.

The combination of these features makes this helmet an excellent buy at its price point (starting around $769.95). Not only will you be protected from falls or collisions, keeping your head safe. This ATR-2 helmet comes with two types of visors (clear/smoke) so you can pick whatever works best for your needs; plus there are other accessories like Bluetooth speakers built into some models! It may not be as stylish as some other helmets but if all else fails then just go with what works best!

This helmet is a serious contender to be the best dirtbike helmet out there. It is extremely safe and offers full protection in the event of a crash. The price is a bit steep, but it’s worth it.

The 6D ATR-2 ELEMENT HELMET is a full-face helmet that has been specially designed by top riders and designers, who know what it takes to make an excellent dirt bike helmet. This helmet offers superior protection and comfort, making it one of the best helmets on the market.

The helmet features six shell sizes, as well as two cheek pads sizes and four liner sizes. This allows you to easily find a fit that works best for your head shape and size. The cheek pads are removable, so if they wear out over time or get too dirty from use in dusty conditions then they can be replaced with new ones without having to buy another whole set of liners (which could be costly). The visor on this particular model has been designed so that it does not fog up even when riding your dirtbike through humid environments like rainforest trails or swampland areas where there isn’t much oxygen available due to how dense tree growths tend to be around there.”

Conclusion + Editors Opinion

*** Before buying ANY dirtbike or motocross helmet I recommend trying them on first.

Everyone’s head is different so while a 6D helmet might fit your buddies well it might not fit your well. You need to buy a helmet that you will wear.

The 6D ATR-2 ELEMENT HELMET is one of the most expensive helmets out there. However, it’s also one of the safest and most comfortable ones. Our recommendation would be to try one on before purchasing so that you can make sure it fits properly, but if you have a smaller head than most then this could be an excellent choice for you.

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