In this article are instructions on how to wheelie a dirt bike. Make sure you are safe and start small.

There is no doubt in saying that doing a wheelie on your dirt bike is one of the most popular dirt bike tricks. When done properly the dirt bike wheelie is fun and looks really cool. It also looks very amazing and if done properly, then it can easily impress anyone. However, popping a wheelie looks very simple but it does require some good skills and balance. The good thing is that if you use the right method, then you can learn how to wheelie your dirt bike a little faster. So if you are curious to learn how to do a wheelie on a dirt bike, then this step by step will provide you all the important information. After completing this article, you will know the right way to perform a wheelie of your dirt bike, so make sure to read it till the end.

The first thing you have to do is find an open ground where you can practice your dirt bike wheelie safely. You should never practice it on a public road and any other place that is crowded with people. You should try to find a long straight ground, so you can do wheelies without worrying about hitting an obstacle or a person. If you are a complete dirt bike beginner, then you should aim for the soft, grassy ground. It won’t only protect your back if you fall but it will also save your bike from damages.

2- Check Throttle And Brakes

Before starting wheelie practice, you should check the throttle and make sure it is moving freely and doesn’t stick. You don’t want to get whiskey throttle and loop your dirt bike out. After that, you should also inspect your brakes and check whether they working. Brakes are important as they stop you from falling and going over the back. 

3- Grip The Bike And lean Back

Now you have to hold the bike handles and grip the bike smoothly with your legs. Slightly scoot back on your dirt bike but make sure to do it very firmly to avoid falling back. The basic rule is that you should make your butt hit the back of the pad of the seat. Though you will take some time in maintaining this position but it’s important to learn move to further steps.

4- Place You Finger On The Clutch

To keep yourself safe while performing a wheelie of a dirt bike, you should keep a finger on the clutch and a foot on the rear brake. This way you will able to control the bike properly. And in case, if you feel that the bike is flipping, then you can slightly press the rear brake to bring it down. Make sure you have solid clutch control and braking technique down before attempting a wheelie on your dirt bike. 

5- Shift To The First Gear

This is a very important step in order to maintain riding a wheelie on your dirt bike. However, some people recommend starting from third gear to maintain the RPM, which is completely is more of an advance wheelie technique. But if you are a beginner dirt bike rider, start in first gear and practice in first or second gear while you are learning. Now you have to start the engine with the throttle and pull the clutch back, so you can standstill. Then you have to maintain the throttle and release the clutch at the same time. If you do this properly, then the wheels will pop up and if needed, then you can also pull the handlebars back slightly to pop the wheels. Being in a higher gear will allow you to maintain forward momentum better and better control of the power which helps when trying to maintain a wheelie.


6- Maintain The Right Body Position

Find the proper balance point of your dirt bike. Once the front wheel is up, it’s all about maintaining the correct body position and throttle control. Now one thing you have to keep in mind is that you should not lean back too much or jerk on the bars to pop the wheels too hard. You just have to drop your hips and slightly lean back to balance the bike during the whole process. To keep the front tire up, you don’t need to use the accelerator, you just have to get the balancing point, so you can easily balance the speed. This takes time so be patient and practice.

7- Keep Practicing

At last, the only suggestion is that you should not rush anything. However, a wheelie on your dirt bike is not the most difficult to dirt bike trick to learn, but it requires time and practice. You will have to give time to learn to balance properly. You should start by lifting the wheel for a few seconds at a time to get a better idea of the proper body positioning. You should also learn how to balance the correct amount of throttle control. These things take time but you will find that as you practice doing a wheelie with your dirt bike the easier and better you will be at it.

These were the main steps that you have to follow to practice and learn how to do a wheelie on a dirt bike. Apart from this, you should also take precautions to keep yourself safe. So here are some tips that may prevent you from crashing:

·  You should never be too aggressive with the throttle unless you want to get whiskey throttle and loop your dirt bike

·  You should always put your foot on the rear brake because if the bike starts falling out, then you can press the brake easily to balance it and it will drop the rear tire back down to the ground.

·  You should always practice how to wheelie a dirt bike on a flat area. Never try wheelies on places you do not feel comfortable riding.

·  If you are a complete dirt bike beginner, then you should consider a lower CC bike. These bikes are easier to control, which will reduce the chances of crashes. Once you get the wheelie down you can move to a bigger dirt bike.

·  You should always wear all the safety gear before starting the wheelie practice. Always wear a helmet, boots, goggles, gloves and any protective gear you need when riding dirt bikes. 

A dirt bike wheelie is one of the coolest tricks you can learn on your dirt bike. Also a proper wheelie also helps you get up and over obstacles when you are riding enduro or gnarly single track trails. 

Remember…..BE SAFE

Make sure to have enough open flat space to learn how to wheelie your dirt bike. You can get hurt and damage your dirt bike if you are not careful. 

Stay safe and always continue to practice your dirt bike skills. While practicing make sure to wear all the proper dirt bike safety gear.