Having a dirt bike stand is actually more important than you think. When you are at the dealership you typically find the dirt bikes being propped up with a triangle stand (more on that).

If you plan on storing your dirt bike and you really want to lift your dirt bike up off the ground. 

So, why put a dirt bike on a stand?

Your dirt bike has front forks and a rear shock and when there is constant pressure it puts wear and tear on your springs and seals within your suspension. When your dirt bike is placed on a stand, it’s suspension is fully extended and fresh as possible and really is a cost saver over time.

In my opinion, the Tusk Scissor Lift dirt bike stand is the best dirt bike stand for the money. You get a dirt bike stand that attaches to the deck of the stand securing your dirt bike in place. You can also lower and higher the stand depending on whether you need to wrench on it. Also, it comes with locking wheels to allow you to move your dirt bike around the garage or shop. For the money, the Tusk Scissor dirt bike lift is the #1 dirt bike stand. It really can do it all. Read the full review of the best dirt bike stands here.

I put on the list for Best Dirt Bike Stands for 2023 because:

  • Hydraulic lift 
  • Safety pin to keep the stand in place
  • Adjusts up to 34″ high
  • Will lift up to 300 lbs
  • Locking castor wheels


Motorsport Products MX Scissor Dirt Bike Lift Stand 

The Motorsports Products MX scissor lift stand is a high-quality well-built dirt bike stand. Controlled with a hydraulic jack you can lift or lower the dirt bike as needed. Much stronger and more versatile than a traditional dirt bike stand. You can lift this jack up to 33 inches high and lift up to 300 lbs. The reason this is not the type of dirt bike stand…..the price and the fact that there are NO WHEELS to move the stand and dirt bike around. Other than that it’s a really solid choice.


  • Hydraulic lift 
  • Safety pin to keep the stand in place
  • Adjusts up to 33″ high
  • Will lift up to 300 lbs


Matrix Concepts LS1 Dirt Bike Lift Stand

If you don’t need a Scissor lift as you don’t plan on doing ANY wrenching on your dirt bike then a more traditional stand like the Matrix Concepts LS1 stand is perfect. You still have the ability to slide the Matrix dirt bike stand under your dirt bike and use the stand to lift up your dirt bike. Super lightweight and strong carbon steel. Powder-coated with 3 color options. 

  • Power Pedal
  • Safety pin to keep the stand in place
  • Adjusts up to 15.5″ high
  • Will lift up to 400 lbs
  • Bolt-on Wedge kit available


Risk Racing RR1 Ride-On Dirt Bike Lift Stand 

The Risk Racing RR1 Ride-on dirt bike stand is super unique. When you are done riding all you need to do is ride over to the stand and ride onto it. It will use the weight of the dirt bike to lift up the stand.

You have to do nothing….the Risk Racing stand will do all the work. It’s a really cool and simple design and is a lightweight stand that only weighs 17 lbs.

  • Just ride onto it
  • Lockable in the up or down position
  • No dirt bike stand or lift like it
  • Oil Drain Hole
  • Only 17 lbs



Motorsports Products MX Shock Dirt Bike Lift Stand

What something that is more simple. Last but not least the Motorsports Products MX Shock dirt bike lift stand is the perfect functional dirt bike stand. I have owned one of these for over 10 years and it still works great. Simple and easy to use, this stand can slide under your dirt bike, and then you can use the peddle-operated lift to pick up your dirt bike. 

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Lifts up to 350 lbs
  • Rotating platform
  • Can be used on big or mini dirt bikes




Why you should ditch the dirt bike triangle stand? 

A triangle stand might be a cheap option to store your bike but your dirt bike is always sitting under its own weight. While it might not seem like a big deal the longer your suspension is loaded down the faster everything wears out. Like I mentioned above this helps keep your suspension on your dirt bike fresh and your maintenance cost lower.

 The other reason you should ditch a triangle stand?

A dirt bike triangle stand is not very secure. They are much easier to knock out causing your dirt bike to fall. Nothing is worse than bumping your bike and having your triangle stand fall out. With a higher-quality stand, you can curb that issue.

What is considered a “High Quality” dirt bike stand?

Having the right kind of dirt bike stand can really help your experience when it comes to storing and doing maintenance on your dirt bike.

You have all sorts of options when it comes to dirt bike stands and we want to really narrow down the best dirt bike stands for you. Before we give you that list we want to bring up some things you should look at when getting the right dirt bike stand.

You have cheap standard dirt bike stands that are simple and lightweight. When I mean simple they are the type of stand that has zero moving parts.

Standard dirt bike stands do not have a way to help you or assist you lifting your dirt bike onto the stand.

Having to lift a 250 lb dirt bike on the stand isn’t all that easy to do. However, there are some tips and tricks when it comes to lifting your dirt bike with human power. 

So in my opinion the top dirt bike stands should come with some of the following features.

  1. Secures your dirt bike
  2. Lifts your dirt bike up off the ground for you
  3. Allows you to lift the dirt bike higher up for maintenance work
  4. Can be easily moved around the shop or garage with the dirt bike on it
  5. It must be reliable so it doesn’t break.

Dirt Bike stand with a lift assist is safer

Not all dirt bike stands are created equal. Most dirt bike stands you see are pretty basic and hell I am sure you have seen uncle Joey’s bucket that he uses. 

Well, we are after the top 5 best dirt bike stands not something that you have laying around the garage. Some of those features mentioned above have options to secure your dirt bike to the stand helping it from accidentally falling over.

Not having to lift your dirt bike onto the stand is also important. This helps saves your back from having to lift your dirt bike. You can use the ole lift the back tire up and swing it over to the ramp. This helps you get a lower center of gravity and you aren’t picking up the full weight of the dirt bike. 

Dirt Bike Stand with Wheels!

Having lockable wheels on a dirt bike stand did not seem all that important until I got some stands that had wheels…..this was really a game-changer for me. I could EASILY move my dirt bike around the shop without ever taking it off the stand.

Dirt Bike Stand that lifts high enough to work on

Having to bend over when working on your dirt bike is not FUN. It’s also not safe for your back. Having a dirt bike stand that can higher and lower as needed is a really really good option for those that like to wrench on their own dirt bike.

Final words

These dirt bike stands are on this list because they are high quality and help make it easier to store and work on your dirt bike. I prefer the 2023 Tusk dirt bike scissor lift with the castor wheels as it’s the MOST versatile dirt bike stand on the market. You can use it to work on your dirt bike or just move it around.