** This article is about how to change your dirt bike oil without taking your skid plat off using the oil funnel made by Drifters Moto Flexible Funnel or the Bullet Proof Designs oil drain.

If you are like me and have a skid plate on pretty much all of their dirt bikes.

Skid plates are awesome but not so awesome when it comes to changing the gear oil or engine oil.

When it comes to draining oil with skid plate on, nothing is more frustrating to have to take off your dirt bike skid plate for having a ton of oil floating around on the top of the skid plate making a HUGE mess. 

I tried many times to get creative with building my own oil funnels as hard plastic oil funnels just don’t cut it.

Homemade oil funnels made out of Cardboard, paper, tin foil, plastic oil funnels aren’t ideal with it comes to changing your oil.

changing your oil without removing your skid plate

Best options for changing your oil in your dirt bike without taking off the skid plate.

There are 2 really good options you have for changing the oil on your dirt bike without taking off your skid plate every time you need to change the gearbox or engine oil.

Flexible funnels are the way to go when it comes to changing your dirt bikes oil.

Flexible oil funnel for dirt bikes
Flexible oil funnel for dirt bikes

Flexible oil funnels work for the following:

  • Gear oil changes
  • Engine oil changes
  • Pouring Fresh Oil in
  • Skid plates
Flexible dirt bike oil funnel

Drifters Moto Flex Oil Funnel

The Drifters Moto Flex oil changing funnel is machine-specific which means that the funnel is built specifically for your make and model of dirt bike. This allows for proper fitment when sliding the flexible oil funnel to change the gear oil or engine oil. 

This allows you to channel the oil to where you want it to go. Put your dirt bike on a stand or use the kickstand and lean it towards the oil drain.

The is Drifters Moto Flexible funnel is made in the USA.

  • Flexible material for easy oil draining without having to remove your skid plate
  • Funnel will slide between your drain plug and frame
  • Perfect for ALL Dirt Bike Models
  • Make from durable 40 mm reinforced pvc vinyl
  • Small and easy to store
Flexible oil funnel for dirt bikes


The Bullet Proof Designs Oil Drain Kit makes changing the oil on your dirt bike easy and with ZERO messes. Lean your dirt bike over and a stand and then remove your OEM drain plug from the crankcase. Install the Bullet Proof Designs oil drain tool. 

Lift your dirt bike back to an upright position. 

The oil will start to drain out but you have an oil cap in place. Once you position the oil drain tool over an oil drain pan you can remove the cap and let all the oil drain out.

Once the oil is drained install the OEM oil drain plugin. Make sure to put fresh oil in 🙂

  • Easy and effective oil drain
  • No oil mess
  • Machine specific
  • Change oil without removing skid plate
  • Made in the USA
Dirtbike Sam

Why you need a flexible oil funnel for changing your dirt bike oil

  1. NO Oil mess all over your Skid Plate
  2. Direct the Oil Drain where you want it
  3. Can bu used to pour in new oil

Changing oil is something every dirt bike rider has to deal with. For years I would always make a bigger mess and get oil all over everything.

I hated getting oil everywhere.

Using a flexible oil funnel changed that for me.

I no longer get oil everywhere. Flexible funnels allow me to direct the oil right into the oil pan without getting any oil on my dirt bike frame or skid plate. 

Keep in mind every dirt bike is a bit different so make sure you get the machine-specific oil funnel that fits your dirt bike.

For under $15 there is NO reason why you don’t add a flexible oil funnel to your tool kit for your dirt bike maintenance.

I do not regret making my life easier with ZERO oil spills and clean up. Clean oil change, without removing the skid plate.

See you guys out on the trail!