** This is a review of the Dirt Bike Tusk Scissor Lift Stand 

Like to work on your dirt bike? Hell even if you don’t like to work on your dirt bike, no matter what you tend to have to do general maintenance. 

Working on your dirt bike can be a pain in the neck and back when trying to bend over all the time or crawling around on the floor.


Having a scissor stand that lifts your dirt bike up so you can work on it is really a back saver.

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  1. Saves your back
  2. Saves your knees
  3. No Crawling around on the floor
  4. Oil Changes
  5. Tire Changes
  6. General maintenance
  7. Full Tear downs
Best 2020 dirt bikes.

How Good is the Tusk Scissor Lift Dirt Bike Stand?

I have had lots of different dirt bike stands in my day. Solid stands, wood stands, bucket, lift stands, lifts with wheels.

One of my good buddies built me some wooden stands with wheels and it changed my experience in my garage. Moving a dirt bike on and off the stand to just move the dirt bike out of the way is a pain in the neck.

Having wheels on a dirt bike stand is amazing!

I can move and organize my dirt bikes whenever I need to. Great to allow me to clean the area the dirt bikes are stored on. Wheel them out to be cleaned off.

Wheel them over to my tool bench for work….

Well…you get the picture.



This is where the Tusk Scissor Lift stand for dirt bikes takes it to a whole new level.

Top 3 things I love about the Tusk Scissor Lift Stand:

  1. Rolling it around the shop
  2. How high it lifts
  3. Feels sturdy

Top 3 Things I hate about the Tusk Scissor Lift Stand:

  1. The Safety pin
  2. The connector hooks for the pegs
  3. Fastener for the pegs
2020 Dirt Bike Tusk Scissor Lift stand

The Tusk Scissor Lift Stand comes with wheels so you can move your dirt bike around. The wheels lock in place so if you need to keep the dirt bike and Tusk Scissor Lift Stand in place you can.

You now have a mobile dirt bike work stand. You can move or wheel the dirt bike over to your tool bench, lift the dirt bike up high enough to easily get to work on fixing or maintaining your dirt bike.

2020 Dirt Bike Tusk Scissor Lift stand
Dirt Bike Tusk Scissor Lift stand

Tusk Scissor Lift Stand for dirt bikes Features

  • Great for doing maintenance and storing your dirt bike
  • Hydraulic jack allows for easy lifting and lowering your dirt bike
  • High quality durable Q235 Steel
  • Comes with a safety pin to secure the stand
  • Top Plate is 16″ x 13.75″
  • Height can be adjusted from 13.75″ – 34″
  • The max lifting weight is 300 lbs
  • Wheels allow you to move your dirt bike around the garage

The Tusk Scissor Lift Stand for dirt bikes is made from high quality durable and strong steel. The top platform comes with a rubber non-slip pad that will keep your dirt bike in place. 

The wheels make it really easy to move your dirt bike around the garage or shop. Then if needed you can lock the wheels to keep the Tusk lift stand in place when storing your dirt bike.

How do you use the Tusk Scissor Lift Stand?

Wheel your dirt bike over to the Tusk Lift Stand and lift the dirt bike onto the stand. You then can take the supplied hooks and then connect them to your dirt bike’s pegs. 

These peg hooks allow you to keep the dirt bike in place when the dirt bike is on the stand.

An easy to use hydraulic jack will lift your dirt bike up and down with ease. There is also a safety rod that allows you to lock the stand in place when the stand has been lifted.

This allows you to work on your dirt bike without working about it slowly moving back down to ground level.

Dirt Bike Tusk Scissor Lift stand
Dirt Bike Tusk Scissor Lift stand

Why is the Dirt Bike Tusk Scissor Lift Stand better than the traditional stand?

  1. Mobility
  2. The Scissor Lift
  3. Wheels Lock

Personally, the Tusk Scissor lift stand is my favorite dirt bike stand to have in my garage. The ability to wheel it around and have a working dirt bike stand really is a game-changer.

You are getting a dirt bike workbench and a mobile dirt bike stand all in one.

For the money, the Tusk scissor lift is the best value for the money.

Need social proof on how good the Tusk Scissor Lift Stand is?

4.5 Rating

Customers that have purchased the Tusk Scissor Lift Stand have given it a 4.5-star rating.

It just is flat out a better way to store, work on, and move around your dirt bike.

The question is do you have a Tusk Scissor Lift Stand in your garage?


Long-term review of the Tusk Scissor lift stand,

Alright, let’s get to what I love about this Stand.

The wheels, being able to move my bike around the garage are awesome and the wheels on the Tusk Scissor Stand do a great job. 

I also love that you can lift the bike up to 34” tall which makes working on the bike easier and I don’t have to bend over as much.

It’s really easy to move the bike up and also down. The rubber top plate has a large surface which is also nice.

What I hate about the tusk Scissor lift stand

I hate the supplied hooks, they are annoying and I wish there was an easier way to attach them and also remove them. 

I also hate the safety pin, I mean it does its job but I feel like there should be a better way to keep the hydraulic jack.

Warning….if you don’t use the safety pin the hydraulic jack will slowly lose pressure and your dirt bike can tip over…..I learned this the hard way.

Really I know that is a bit nick picky and to tell you the truth I really love the Tusk Scissor Lift stand and would buy another one.