Dirt bike maintenance is plays the most important role in order to keep your bike working properly, but more importantly keeping you safe.

If you are like me and love to ride dirt bikes but are not really that excited to work on dirt bikes that’s ok. However, there is some dirt bike maintenance that you cannot skip. 

No matter what you do a dirt bike is a ticking time bomb.

You have invested a lot of blood sweat and tears into your dirt bike, and you want your investment to last as long as possible. A clean well maintained dirt bike also has a MUCH better resale value.

Plus, proper maintenance will allow you to enjoy dirt biking more and it will be safer.

Each dirt bike will require a few different processes for proper maintenance. You will maintain a 4 stroke dirt bike different than a 2 stroke dirt bike. 

Also, some 4 stroke motors will have the same oil for the gearbox and engine oil. The other 4 stroke motors have the gear oil and engine oil separate. 

A 2 stroke dirt bike motor has gear oil that needs to be changed but because the engine oil is mixed with the gas to keep the engine lubricated you will not be changing engine oil.

This is REALLY important!!!

The first step is to consult the Owners Manual for the year, make, and model of your dirt bike. 

  1. Refer to your owners manual
  2. Make sure you know what motor type you have 4 Stroke or 2 Stroke
  3. Use dirt bike recommended oil

Lets first start with all the basic bare-bones dirt bike maintenance. 

Basic 101 Dirt Bike Maintenance

There are a few basic 101 dirt bike maintenance that needs to be completed, typically your dirt bike owners manual will have a schedule to follow.  These basic dirt bike maintenance items are things like oil changes, gear oil changes, air filter changes, and chain lubrication.

Top Routine Maintenance Tips for Dirt Bikes

  1. Clean your dirt bike (Be gentle if using a power washer)
  2. Use a cloth or microfiber towel to dry it off
  3. Check the dirt bike for anything weird
  4. Inspect and tighten bolts using a torque wrench
  5. Check and clean your air filter if dirty
  6. As per the owner’s manual change engine oil
  7. As per the owner’s manual change gear oil
  8. Inspect for leaks (Fork Seals)
  9. Check chain tension
  10. Lubricate the chain 

Top 3 Dirt Bike Maintenance Tips

  1. Follow the Owners Manual
  2. Keep the air filter clean
  3. Keep your bike clean

We all have heard of that guy who changes there engine oil after EVERY RIDE. Does that help the dirt bike last longer and run better…..maybe is it necessary for the normal weekend warrior?


You do not need to change your after every single riding trip.

Like I mentioned above the manufacture has a recommended service schedule that you should follow. Refer to the owner’s manual.

I do believe you should wash and clean your dirt bike after every ride. Make sure if you are using a pressure washer that you try to avoid spraying directly into your chain, bearings, seals, and linkage. You do not want to force water into these places.

You also need to make sure that the air filter is clean. If it’s clean you don’t need to replace It…

After you wash your dirt bike you will need to lubricate the chain as you just sprayed a whole bunch of water onto the chain.

Which products should I use for dirt bike maintenance?

Using the right type of dirt bike oil or dirt bike air filters really is up to you. There will be a recommend dirt bike engine oil, gearbox oil, and fork oil. There are lots of options to choose from but just make sure it’s a high-quality product.

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC has lots of high-quality dirt bike products to help you keep your dirt bike maintained properly.

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Following the owners manual Maintainance plan for your dirt bike will help your dirt bike to run better and last longer. It also increases the resale value if your dirt bike is cleaned and maintained.

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No matter what type of dirt bike you have (4 stroke or 2 stroke) they will wear out and break down. Your suspension oil will need to be replaced on average around 60 hours. You will get leaky seals and there is ways to prevent that from happening but at some point you will need to get new fork seals.

4 Stroke vs 2 Stroke dirt bike maintenance

Generally speaking, 2 strokes are a simpler design and require less overall maintenance than a 4 stroke.

All dirt bikes alike will require a top end and a bottom end rebuild at some point. 2 Strokes are much cheaper to rebuild the motor vs a 4 stroke. 2 strokes have WAY less moving parts.


With 4 Stroke motors as the hours get higher, you can start to see issues with the valves.

No matter what dirt bike you have, make sure you take care of it.

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