In this article, we go over the Best Dirt Bike lock to keep your dirt bike safe.

You work hard to pay for that brand new dirt bike. The last thing you need is for someone to easily walk off with it. We have all heard stories of a guy who got their dirt bike stolen. 

Why you need a lock for your dirt bike?

If you are like me you probably want to avoid that. Getting a quality dirt bike lock is worth the money as its probably a lot cheaper to get a nice dirt bike lock instead of a brand new dirt bike.

  • Its dirt bike insurance
  • Its a deterrent
  • Portable
  • Easy to install

You can get a cheap dirt bike lock and while that will work to some degree, it’s worth investing In a dirt bike lock that will actually hold up to some abuse.

What kind of dirt bike lock works best?

The one you have. 

If you do not have one there are tons of different options to choose from.

  • Dirt bike chain lock
  • Dirt bike disc lock

Dirt bike Chain Lock

A quality dirt bike chain lock is easy to use and portable. You will want to get a dirt bike chain lock that can withstand abuse and is built from hardened steel.

Make sure that you buy a high-quality chain for your dirt bike. It’s not worth buying a cheap chain lock for a 5-10K dollar dirt bike.


Dirt Bike Disc Lock

A dirt bike Disc Lock goes on your rear or front brake disc. This makes it so the dirt bike will not roll away. You can also get a dirt bike disc lock that makes noise when it senses movement. 

This is probably one of the better options for protecting your dirt bike with a lock.

Who makes the best dirt bike lock?

So now that we established that is worth investing in a quality dirt bike lock we are going to give you 2 really high-quality dirt bike lock options.

Dirt bike chain lock
Dirt bike disc lock with siren

The dirt bike lock that provides the most security deterrent is the Xena Security disc lock. The reason is it not only locks the disc it also has an alarm. 

This will help as a deterrent while also keeping the dirt bike locked. 

One advantage of the dirt bike chain lock is you can chain the frame of the dirt bike to something much bigger and harder to carry off. There is no alarm on the dirt bike chain so nobody will know if someone is trying to bust the chain.

Either way, it’s important to make sure you take the correct steps to protect your dirt bike.

The last thing you want to worry about is a stolen dirt bike.

We all want to spend more time riding and exploring the hills then worrying about if our bike is safe and secure.

It’s always a good idea to lock up your dirt bikes.

Ride safe and Ride hard.


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