This is a 2022 Klim NAC PAK review. I will try to keep this backpack review unbiased since i have owned several dirt biking backpacks.


Finding the right pack for dirt biking can be a bit daunting. There are tons of different options out there big and small. In order to compare them i do tons of research since having a comfortable and practical backpack is something that every rider should have.

In this Klim Nac Pak Review expect to read about:

  1. Small comparison of the Klim Nac Pak with other dirt biking backpacks.
  2. Klim Nac Pak & Klim Nac Pack price comparison
  3. Klim Nac Pak Features
  4. Important questions answered about the Pak
  5. What i like – Pros
  6. What i don’t like – Cons
  7. Editors Opinion

Let’s start with some history about backpacks.

Dirt Biking backpacks I have owned

  • Cheap Walmart pack
  • Fox Racing
  • USWE
  • KLIM Nac Pak

I had my Fox Racing pack for 5+ years but it finally broke a strap.

Finding a pack that allows you to stay out riding with everything you need without it being a pack that is too heavy or too bulky.

The same goes for having a backpack that is too small. Having enough room to pack everything for the day is a must-have.

I have had smaller and bigger packs then the Klim Nac Pak.

Klim built the Nac Pak for those riders that need to stay out all day but are not looking to do an overnight. You also want a pack that will stay put as you ride. USWE’s packs to a really good job at this.

My current pack is a USWE pack and while it’s nice its too small and for some reason the straps tend to ride up and chafe my neck.

This left me wanting to try out something else.

The Klim Nac Pak has enough room for everything I need for the day. Fully loaded it can be a bit snug with everything I want to carry.

Klim Nac Pak Features


  • Comes with a removable Took pack that is water-resistant
  • Shovel and Probe storage
  • You can fit a laptop if needed
  • Shoulder straps that integrated into side straps
  • No Hip Belt
  • Vented back panel
  • Compression straps
  • Goggle holder w/ lens wipe
  • Emergency whistle
  • Key attachment
  • Multiple storage pockets
  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • Room for a water bladder (You can buy a Nac Pak with or without the bladder)

Does the Klim Nac Pak come with a tool bag?

Yes, Klim provides you with a tool kit that is actually a really good tool kit. It attaches to the pack.

Does the Klim Nac Pak come with a water bladder?


Klim offers the Nac Pak with and without the bladder. You can choose to use your water bladder from another brand or buy the Nac Pak that comes with a Klim Hydrapak. 

How much gear does the KLIM NAC PAK hold?

The 2022 Klim Nac Pak is a medium-sized dirt bike pack. It’s not meant to be big enough for overnight bomber trips but rather a medium day pack.

Klim Tool Pac

With the integrated tool pack, I can carry all the tools I need to fix tires or swap out a couple of common parts that we tend to break. This tool pack sits and straps in between the small outer pockets and the large pocket. The straps keep it in place while you are dirt biking but then you have quick and easy access. The “Klim Tool Pac” has plenty of room and allows your tools to be nicely organized.

Klim Goggle Case

I really like the goggles case that is on the top of the Klim Nac Pak its a hard case which makes it great to put a sandwich or snakes it there. Because it’s a hard case they don’t get smashed. I pretty much turned the goggle case on my Klim Nac Pak into the treat case.

Klim Water Bladder

If you decided that you wanted to carry a water bladder it pretty much takes up most of the extra room in the big section. You can purchase the Klim Nac Pak with or without a Hydrapak 3 litre water bladder. You DO NOT have to use Klim’s water bladder and can use another brand if you have one laying around.

Extra Gear

How much extra gear can you carry? I carry matches a small first aid kit and an extra Oxbow Helmet Light. You can fit extra gloves and a few other things like a leatherman.

If it’s a cold morning and you start with a jacket you will have a hard time fitting it when you are loaded with what you are carrying for the day. However, I tend to stuff my jacket there because you can adjust the straps where the tool kit goes. I also use this same space to carry extra fuel when needed.

Klim Race Shoulder straps

The front pockets that are located on the shoulder straps are actually really handy. I can fit my iPhone XR in the pocket and it will zip up. There are pockets on both sides so I will carry extra GoPro batteries and chapstick/snacks.

 You can route the water bladder spout but there really isn’t a super good place to clip it in place so to speak.

What I like about the Klim Nac Pak

  • Perfect size for dirt biking
  • Integrated tool kit pack
  • Water bladder integration
  • Goggle case/pocket
  • From straps
  • Front pockets fit my phone

 What I don’t Like about the Klim Nac Pak

  • Price Didn’t include the water bladder
  • The space for the water bladder is a bit small
  • Water hose routing is just ok
  • It can bounce when hitting huge whoops


Overall the Klim Nac Pak has been my favourite backpack for dirt biking to date.


The built, quality, and design are all top-notch and I expect nothing less from Klim.
Well done Klim.
I hope you liked my Klim Nac Pak Review and if you have any questions please, feel free to comment.



Long-term wear and tear on the Klim Nac Pac.

Update, to the long-term review of the Klim Nac Pac, so far it’s been my most favorite dirt biking pack to date. So, far it’s held up pretty well but on a recent dirt biking trip, I had the strap/buckle that connects the shoulder straps to the center of your chest break. I have been in contact with Klim’s warranty department and it looks like they want me to send it back to get it fixed. 

Klim Nac Pac review

I will keep you updated on if Klim fixes my Nac Pac or not.