In this article, we talk about what size of dirt bike you should get!

Dirt biking is one of my favorite things to do! Below is some great knowledge I wish I had when searching for my first dirt bike.

There are lots of options for choosing the right size of dirt bikes. This is a good thing to have so many options but it can be a bit difficult on knowing what size works best for you and the type of dirt biking you plan on doing.

Below we are going to go over some really important dirt bike knowledge that will help you choose the right-sized dirt bike for you.

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First, let’s talk about a few different things to note when it comes to engine or CC size on a dirt bike…

There are dirt bikes that are built for riding trails and dirt bikes built for racing. A trail dirt bike will not be as good or as safe on a motocross track as a dirt bike that has been built for motocross racing. A race dirt bike has WAY more power and much larger seat height and suspension travel versus a trail riding dirt bike.

Dirt Bike Differences:

  • Engine CC size
  • Seat Height
  • Engine Tuning
  • Trail Dirt Bike
  • Hard Enduro Race Dirt Bike
  • Cross Country Race Dirt Bike
  • Motocross Race Dirt Bike

Dirt bikes come in all different shapes and sizes. For example, a common motor CC size is 250! Now, not all 250 dirt bikes are created equal.

2020 Yamaha TT-R 230 

An air-cooled 250 cc four-stroke dirt bike has more beginner-friendly power (see above picture).

2020 Yamaha YZ450F

A liquid-cooled high compression 250 four-stroke is generally meant for racing and has WAY more power (see above picture).

Yamaha YZ250X cross country dirt bike

A 250cc 2 stroke was WAY more power than the 250cc 4-stroke. The 250cc 2 stroke power is more comparable to a 450cc four-stroke dirt bike (See above photo).


Dirt Bike Seat Height

Dirt Bike seat height is the measurement from the ground to the top of the dirt bike seat. This is different in pretty much all dirt bikes. When you are getting started into dirt biking it’s nice to be able to feel the security of being able to touch the ground with both feet.

Now, do you have to be able to touch with both feet in order to ride a dirt bike?


I have friends that I ride with that cannot touch the ground with both feet. However, when learning to ride a dirt bike its nice!

Best Dirt Bike Engine Type for Beginners

If you are a beginner dirt bike rider you will want to find a dirt bike that does not have too much power that it causes you to get hurt or is too scary to ride.

Like I mentioned above the air-cooled 4-stroke dirt bikes are the least powerful and the most beginner-friendly. Also, these air-cooled dirt bikes also have a lower seat height versus the motocross, hard enduro, and cross country dirt bikes.

These air-cooled dirt bikes are considered trail dirt bikes and are not meant for racing. They have lower seat heights which means it’s easier to touch the ground and sits lower to the ground versus the motocross dirt bikes.

The motors and suspension are set up for beginner riders that will want to take it slow and just ride trails.


High compression liquid-cooled 4strokes and liquid-cooled 2-strokes are what you need if you would like to get started in Motocross or offroad racing.

Keep in mind these dirt bikes are made for racing!

This means they have a higher seat height than the trail riding dirt bikes. They also have MUCH higher horsepower which makes them harder to control if you are a beginner.

That does not mean a beginner dirt bike rider cannot ride one of these bikes they just need to be careful!

A 250F four-stroke is a great dirt bike to start with no matter if it’s offroad racing or motocross. There are some also great lower seat height 2 strokes like the Beta Xtrainer that are great trail and hard enduro dirt bikes for beginners.


DO NOT GET A 450 4 stroke Dirt Bike for your first BIKE!

It’s important to get the right dirt bike size and in my opinion, NOBODY needs a 450F race dirt bike. 

Make sure you go to a dealership and sit on all the dirt bikes and pick the right dirt bike for your type of riding and also dirt bike riding abilities. 

Don’t let your ego pick your dirt bike!

You do not want to get hurt and get a bike that is too powerful for you. Learn the proper riding technique first then upgrade to a more powerful dirt bike. 

See you guys out on the trail!