You are looking to buy or upgrade your 10-year-olds dirt bike. There are lots of options out there and you are not sure which one will be the best for your 10-year-old kid.

Having the right seat height and motor are important factors. You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a bike that is to bike or that is too small. All the suggested dirt bikes in this article will fit a 10 year old kid.

The very first question to ask yourself is what type of dirt biking does your 10yr old do?

Basically you have 3 types of 10yr old kid dirt bikes for 2020. The motocross and trail dirt bikes have a manual clutch with gears. A trials bike for kids is typically electric trial dirt bikes. This means there are no gears.

It’s important that you choose the right dirt bike for your 10 year old. If they are getting started we recommend that you start with a trail or trials dirt bike before jumping onto a motocross dirt bike.

***disclaimer – make sure your child gets all the proper training and protective gear before riding a dirt bike. Dirt bikes can be dangerous so make sure they are protected.

Types of dirt bikes for 10 year olds

  • Trail dirt bikes
  • Trials dirt bikes
  • Motocross dirt bikes

That’s it….for 2020, we do not have any enduro or cross country dirt bikes for kids.

Trail dirt bike VS Motocross dirt bike

All of the kid’s dirt bikes fall into the 2 mentioned types above. Trail bikes generally have an air-cooled 4 stroke motor with softer suspension. This allows for great traction and a more comfortable ride when dirt biking on singletrack. Trail dirt bikes have electric start usually and smaller seat height than a motocross dirt bike

A motocross bike that fits a 10-year-old, has a more powerful liquid-cooled dirt bike motor and much larger, frame and stiffer suspension. For motocross, you need more power and better suspension.

Typically ten-year-olds that want to compete in any type of dirt bike racing will need to choose a motocross bike. They are so much faster and have better suspension that allows you to go faster.

Your kid can race on a trail dirt bike but they won’t be very competitive because the trail dirt bikes are just way slower and don’t have the frame, or suspension setup for racing.

What about a Trials bike for my 10 Year Old?

A trials dirt bike is not to be confused with a “trails” dirt bike…

Trial bikes are even more different than trail and motocross bikes. Trials kids bikes are made to go really slow over obstacles. They are built to compete in what they call trail events.

These trial bike events you ride over technical terrain really slow and try to not put your foot down. Trials bikes are for shorter rides not long single track rides as most trials bikes do not have a very bike gas tank for even have a seat to sit on.

A trials bike is a great way to teach your kids how to ride technical single track in the back yard. That way when your 10-year-old encounters a log or rock obstacle they already know how to get up and over them.

What’s the difference between a Trail dirt bike and a Trials dirt bike?

A trials bike is a smaller lighter dirt bike with a completely different frame than a trail dirt bike or motocross dirt bike.

See pictures below….

You will notice from the pictures above that the motocross and trail bike look similar whereas the trials dirt bike has a totally different frame with no seat. Like I mentioned above each kid’s dirt bike is used for different types of riding and terrain.

There are a few different dirt bikes manufacturers that make dirt bikes for 10-year-olds. We are going to show what type of bike they are (trials, trail, motocross/racing) and how much they cost.

Let’s start with trail dirt bikes.

What brand of Trail dirt bikes for 10 year olds?

See below list

A trail bike is easier to ride with the semi-automatic transmission, electric start, and softer suspension. The motors are air-cooled and easy to handle. They aren’t lightweight but have a smaller or lower to the ground seat height. This lower seat height and mellow power help you’re 10 year old feel more comfortable. If your kid wants to race or wants a fire breathing dragon for a dirt bike skip down to the Motocross section.

The below list is in no particular order, all the bikes you see in this list are high-quality dirt bikes and will be good dirt bikes to purchase for your 10-year-old. The trial dirt bikes listed below come with electric start and have around a 25 in seat height.

All of these bikes come with a semi-automatic transmission (4-speed) or a manual clutch. The Kawasaki KLX110L is the only one that has a manual 4-speed clutch. All the others have semi-auto transmissions.

These bikes below are what we recommend if your 10-year-old is just getting into dirt biking. However, they are really capable and fun bikes and can be ridden by more experienced riders and still be enjoyed.

Trail dirt bikes

  • 2020 Yamaha TT-R110E – $2,299
  • 2020 Honda CRF110F – $2,399
  • 2020 Kawasaki KLX110 – $2,299
  • 2020 Kawasaki KLX110L – $2,499 (Taller seat height and longer suspension travel and a manual clutch)

What brand of Motocross bikes for 10 year olds?

With kids motocross bikes most of them are a liquid-cooled 2 stroke motor. 2 strokes make more hp per cc than a 4 stroke. Don’t be fooled by the larger 110cc 4 stroke motors you see on the trail bikes. They do no have more horsepower than a 65cc 2 stroke.

These 2 stroke motors are kickstart only and come with a manual clutch. Typically they are 5 speeds. A motocross bike has a powerful motor, tall suspension travel, and great shocks.

Listed in no particular order here is a list of the best 10 year old motocross dirt bikes.

  • 2020 KTM 65SX – $5,049
  • 2020 Husqvarna TC65 – $5,149
  • 2020 Kawasaki KX65 – $3,699
  • 2020 Yamaha YZ65 – $4,599
  • 2020 Cobra CX65 – $5,298

All the dirt bikes listed above are full fledge race bikes. This means if your kid is just getting into dirt biking these are the dirt bikes you want to avoid.


All the above motocross bikes come with a manual clutch and a 2 stroke motor. They are very very fast little bikes and are meant for experienced dirt bike riders.

Even though they are built for racing on motocross tracks you can ride them on the desert or single track trails. As long as your child is good enough.

Don’t make the mistake and get a bike that your kid is scared off or worse gets hurt right out of the gate.

This can and will make it much harder for your 10 year old to enjoy dirt biking.

If they are just getting started I would recommend that you start with one of the 110 trail dirt bikes I mention at the top of this article or start them on an electric trials dirt bike. The whole goal is to have fun and be safe.

What brand of trials dirt bikes for 10 year olds?

There isn’t a ton of options when it comes to trials dirt bikes for 10 year kids. We do have a couple of solid options but they are not internal combustion engine bikes.

Most of them come with an electric motor. This is great news as there isn’t any noise pollution or no heat.

In fact, these electric trials dirt bikes tend to be easier to ride and offer multiple power options depending on the 10 year olds riding abilities.

They can “grow” into the power with one electric trials bike.

It also teaches them throttle control and to stand up. The ability to learn how to stand up will help your kid’s skillset and they will be safe. Sitting down, for the most part, is bad form and can also cause your child to wreck.

Having an electric trial bike will help there skills improve for single track riding but not motocross dirt biking.

Brands of Trial bikes for 10 year olds

  • 2020 Oset 20.0 Racing – $3,099
  • 2020 Oset 20.0 RACING MKII LITHIUM – $3,799
  • 2019 GasGas Trial Pro $TDB
  • 2019 GasGas Trial $TBD
  • 2020 Kuberg Trial Hero $1,899.99
  • 2020 Kuberg Cross Hero $2,199.99

All the above dirt bikes for your 10 year old have there pros and cons. You need to decide which dirt bike is best for your child.

Remember if you are just starting out consider a trail dirt bike or a trials dirt bike.

If your kid is already into riding or has raced before, then moving them up to a 65 motocross bike might be the better option.

Remember to be safe out there and always use the proper riding gear with the proper safety and training.

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