In this article, we discuss what the best dirt bike brands are in the world today. 

Dirt bikes have been around for a couple of decades. We have seen some dirt bike brands come and go with time. Fast forward to 2023 we actually have a pretty healthy group of dirt bike brands in the world today. I am sure in this article you will recognize some of the brand names but hopefully, I will not miss any dirt bike manufacturers you feel like should be included in this article.

Creating the best dirt bike really comes down to a handful of dirt bike manufacturers. We are talking about the best dirt bike brands this means dirt bikes that are high quality and are the best your hard-earned cash can buy.


You can buy lots of different dirt bikes from all around the world but how do you know if its quality and the motor, frame, and suspension will hold up.


Typically the best dirt bike brands pay the very best professional dirt bike testers in the world to help them with product testing and development. These test riders abuse and break the dirt bikes to allow us normal dirt bike riders to enjoy a well-built dirt bike.

Quality Dirt bikes are the top of the line and win races and will not leave you stranded out in the middle of a dirt bike ride.

All this testing and research will give us dirt bikes that have the best suspension, frames, motors, and parts in the entire world.

What we are looking for when it comes to the best dirt bike brands in the world

  • Reliability
  • Power
  • Capabilities
  • Product line
  • Quality built

These are the marks of one of the best dirt bike brands on the market. They are the companies that have spent all the research and development dollars on producing the best dirt bikes. You can find these high-quality dirt bike brands in the following places in the world.

There are what the dirt bike industry refers to as the “BIG 5” best dirt bike brands.

Later in this article, we will go into more detail what dirt bike manufactures are included in the big 5.

Really we can break up where the best dirt bikes are built.

  • Japan
  • Europe
  • USA


Honda Logo
Blue Yamaha Logo
Kawasaki Logo
Suzuki Logo

Here are the VERY BEST dirt bike brands made in Japan. These for a very long time were considered the “big 4” best dirt bikes you could buy. Japanense dirt bike brands are really known for their high-quality build.

  1. Honda
  2. Yamaha
  3. Kawasaki
  4. Suzuki

Best Dirt Bike Brands


This is a list of the top 5 best Honda dirt bikes for 2023. The Flagship dirt bike from Honda is the 2020 Honda CRF450R. This is a dirt bike that is raced by professional races like Ken Roczen.

  1. 2023 CRF450R
  2. 2023 CRF250R
  3. 2023 CRF230F
  4. 2023 CRF50F
  5. 2023 CRF450RX

Pros and cons of Honda Dirt Bikes

Pros of Honda Dirt BikesCons of Honda Dirt Bikes
Reliability and DurabilityWeight and Size
Wide Model RangeLimited Two-Stroke Options
Innovative TechnologyHigher Price Point
User-Friendly Design
Less Focus on Racing Performance
Resale Value


2020 Yamaha YZ450F


Like Honda, Yamaha is very well known for being one of the most reliable and high-quality dirt bike brands out there. They are known to be a little more adventurous then Honda when it comes to the different dirt bike models in their lineup. Yamaha dirt bikes are really popular in the motocross and offroad dirt bike worlds.


Below is a list of the best 2023 Yamaha dirt bikes.

  1. 2023 YZ450F
  2. 2023 YZ250F
  3. 2023 YZ250
  4. 2023 TTR230
  5. 2023 TTR50E

Pros and cons of Yamaha Dirt Bikes

Pros of Yamaha Dirt BikesCons of Yamaha Dirt Bikes
Great powerStock suspension is rough
Very light and nimbleStock seat is hard
Great handling
1st gear is useless besides starting from a dead stop
Easy to fix

2020 Kawasaki KX450F


Kawasaki has one of the best racing programs in the supercross world. They have been able to be extremely competitive and they build quality dirt bikes. Mostly focused around the motocross and supercross world the KX has been a staple for decades. Below is a list of the best 2023 Kawasaki Dirt bikes made.


  1. 2023 KX450F
  2. 2023 KX250F
  3. 2023 KLX110
  4. 2023 KX100
  5. 2023 KX65

Pros and cons of Kawasaki Dirt Bikes:

Pros of Kawasaki Dirt BikesCons of Kawasaki Dirt Bikes
High-performance enginesCan be expensive for high-end models
Durable and reliable constructionHeavier than some competitors
Advanced suspension technologyLimited options in lower cc categories
Versatile range for different ridersStiff seat comfort in stock form
Strong aftermarket support
Excellent handling and maneuverability

2020 Suzuki RMZ450


Suzuki has a lot of success in the supercross and motocross world, especially during the early 2000s. Known for the RMZ450 the Suzuki dirt bike is also a quality dirt bike manufacture in Japan. Here is a list of the 2023 Best dirt bikes from Suzuki.

  1. RMZ 450
  2. RMZ 250
  3. RM 85
  4. DRZ 50
  5. RMX 450Z

Pros and cons of Suzuki Dirt Bikes

Pros of Suzuki Dirt BikesCons of Suzuki Dirt Bikes
Strong powerExcess fuel consumption
ComfortableCostly maintenance
Reliable engineHeavyweight
Electronically equipped
Iconic design



Suzuki RM85 Dirt Bike
KTM Logo
Husqvarna Logo
Beta Logo
Sherco Logo
GasGas Logo
TM Logo



That wraps up the best dirt bike brands from Japan. Let’s know jump into Europe. There still is only 1 manufacture that has been able to play with the big Japanese dirt bike brands but that doesn’t mean that the other dirt bike brands in Europe are not quality build dirt bikes.

The best European dirt bike manufactures are mostly known for making high-quality offroad enduro dirt bikes. KTM is the only dirt bike manufacture that really has had any real success in the world of supercross and motocross here in the United States.

The dirt bike brands mentioned below all have had lots of success in the offroad and hard enduro racing niches.

We are going to list out the dirt bike brands here but keep in mind that KTM owns a few of those different brands and we will mention it when they appear on the list.

List of the Best European Dirt Bike Brands 

  1. KTM – Austria 
  2. Husqvarna – Sweden
  3. Beta – Italy
  4. Sherco – France
  5. GasGas – Spain
  6. TM – Italy
2020 KTM 300 XC TPI dirt bike


For a long time, KTM was considered to be an excellent hard enduro dirt bike. KTM decided that they wanted to break into the supercross and motocross world here in the USA. They hired the legend Roger DeCoster to help them. This has led to many years of success in the supercross world and motocross. All the money that was poured into research and development allowed KTM to build even better hard enduro dirt bikes. In fact, KTM is a HUGE part of the success of modern-day 2 strokes.


Here is a list of the best 2023 dirt bikes from KTM

  1. 2023 KTM 300 XCW TPI
  2. 2023 KTM 300 XC TBI
  3. 2023 KTM 450SXF
  4. 2023 KTM 250SXF
  5. 2023 KTM 65 SX

Pros and cons of KTM Dirt Bikes

TPI technology for optimal fuel efficiency and easy startingSmaller engine size may not be suitable for extreme off-road use
Lightweight design for nimble handlingHigh price point
Excellent suspension technology for a comfortable rideMay not be suitable for extreme off-road use
Suitable for a range of ridersMay not be suitable for beginners
Versatile bike for on-road and off-road use
Powerful engine and lightweight frame
Advanced suspension technology for excellent handling
Durable design
Exceptional power-to-weight ratio



Husqvarna Dirt bikes


Husqvarna dirt bikes have been around for a while and in recent years got bought out by BMW and now KTM. Husqvarna dirt bikes are just white KTM’s for the most part. There are a few differences but they are minor. However, that’s not a bad thing as the KTM dirt bikes are REALLY good and that makes the Husqvarna dirt bikes REALLY good as well.

Here is a list of the best 2023 dirt bikes from Husqvarna

  1. 2023 TE 300i
  2. 2023 FC 450
  3. 2023 TX 300i
  4. 2023 Fx 350
  5. 2023 FE 501s
2020 Beta 300 RR Race Edition


 Beta makes some of the best hard enduro dirt bikes in the world. They are known for building quality 2 stroke dirt bikes. They have 2 strokes that are oil-injected and counterbalanced. Beta also makes unique CC 4 stroke dirt bikes as well. The Beta 390 RR is a popular 4 stroke dirt bike. 

Here is a list of the best Beta dirt bikes for 2023

  1. 2023 300 RR Race Edition
  2. 2023 390 RR Race Edition
  3. 2023 200 RR Race Edition
  4. 2023 430 RR Race Edition
  5. 2023 480 RR Race Edition

Pros and cons of Beta Dirt Bikes:

High-quality craftsmanship and materialsHigher price point compared to some competitors
Excellent suspension systems for a smooth rideLimited availability in certain regions
Advanced engine technology for optimal performanceSpare parts can be more expensive or harder to find
Versatile models suitable for various riding styles
Strong community and support from the manufacturer
Innovative features and customization options
Good resale value

Best Sherco dirt bike


Sherco has been making hard enduro dirt bikes for a long time. While not as well known all the Sherco dirt bikes are high quality and well built. They are well known for there quality 2 strokes as well but make really competitive four strokes. 


List of the best 2023 Sherco Dirt Bikes

  1. 2023 Sherco 300 SC
  2. 2023 Sherco 300 SEF FACTORY
  3. 2023 Sherco 300 SE FACTORY
  4. 2023 Sherco 300 SE RACING
  5. 2023 Sherco 450 SEF FACTORY

Pros and cons Sherco Dirt Bikes:

Best valving of KYB forks testedFoot pegs have flat orientation, less comfortable than upward camber designs
Agile and quick to turn, excellent for mountain single trackHigh seat and foot peg position can feel cramped for some riders
Comes with two pre-filters and a magnetic filter for engine protectionClutch is harder to pull than some bikes, may experience more fade
Skid plate included, though does not cover linkageAir filter installation is tricky, risking improper seating
Bike feels light and nimble despite actual heavier weightVibration levels higher than some two-strokes and other four-strokes
Oil filler cap placement is inconveniently under hot exhaust

GasGas dirt bike


GasGas has not released any 2023 dirt bikes yet as they were acquired by KTM in 2019. Will we see a red KTM under the GasGas name? Who knows. I am not going to list any of the dirt bikes from GasGas for 2023 but previous GasGas models are high-quality offroad hard enduro dirt bikes.

Pros and cons

Suited for risk-takers comfortable with investing in parts or bike components upfrontRisk of not liking the end-product, leading to potential waste of money and time
Ideal if you demand specific design and quality standardsPossibility of incorrect assembly, requiring multiple phases of disassembly and reassembly
Beneficial for those with extensive knowledge of dirt bike DIY processes
Offers full control over the bike’s design to meet personal requirements
Aligns with a passion for building or assembling, leveraging natural talent



Best TM dirt bikes


While TM dirt bikes are not very well known to the general dirt bike population here in the USA. They also are a really HIGH quality built dirt bike. TM dirt bikes have been compared to a work of art and the crew at TM really prides themselves in building a quality and beautiful dirt bike. They have 2 strokes and 4 strokes but are more known for the hard enduro 2 strokes.

List of the Best 2023 TM Racing Dirt Bikes

  1. 2023 TM EN 300 ES
  2. 2023 TM EN 450 Fi
  3. 2023 TM MX 450 Fi
  4. 2023 TM MX 300 ES
  5. 2023 TM MX 300 Fi

There you have it. The above dirt bike brands are the very best in the world. While they differ in color design and even models. Each of the dirt bike brands listed in the article is considered the best in the world. However, there are 5 brands that still are leading the pack when it comes to making the very best dirt bikes in the world. Now, the reason they are considered the big 5 is they lead the pack in manufacturing and also in the racing world they have the most wins and championships.

The list below is not really in any particular order but these are still the biggest and the best dirt bike brands in the world. Chances are you have heard of all of the five dirt bike brands below but you haven’t probably heard of all the dirt bike brands I have listed in this article.


  • Yamaha
  • KTM
  • Honda
  • Kawasaki
  • Suzuki

Suzuki is probably the only dirt bike manufacture that has really cut back so to speak.

Will we see the rise of another dirt bike manufacturer join the ranks of the big 5 dirt bike brands?

Time will only tell. Let’s hope that Suzuki decides to return to its ways and bring us more dirt bike options if they don’t it might go back to being the big 4…

Or, maybe…just maybe Beta or Sherco will sneak up in the ranks.

Remember to get out and ride but be safe out there.


When reflecting on the essential insights about the world’s top dirt bike brands – Yamaha, KTM, Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki – it’s clear that each brings a unique set of strengths to the table.

Yamaha is celebrated for its reliability and innovative technology, KTM is revered for its race-oriented prowess and cutting-edge engineering, Honda is trusted for its consistent performance and durability, Kawasaki is admired for its powerful engines coupled with nimble handling, and Suzuki is respected for its blend of tradition and modernity, offering bikes that are both reliable and high-performing.

Choosing the best dirt bike brand involves weighing these key characteristics against your personal riding style, preferences, and objectives. Whether you’re a novice rider, an experienced racer, or an off-road adventure enthusiast, aligning your specific needs with the offerings of these reputable brands can significantly enhance your riding experience.

It’s not just about the bike’s specs on paper; it’s about how the bike resonates with you personally, fits your body, responds to your riding techniques, and meets your expectations in various terrains and conditions.

Your final decision should be informed by thorough research, comparative analysis, and ideally, test rides. Engaging with the riding community, seeking advice from seasoned riders, and reading up on the latest reviews can provide invaluable insights.

FAQ About Best Dirt Bike Brands in the World

  • Can beginners comfortably choose a bike from these top brands?

    Yes, beginners can find suitable models from these top brands that cater to their skill level and riding preferences. Each brand offers a range of bikes designed for different experience levels, ensuring newcomers can enjoy riding while building their confidence.

  • Are bikes from these top brands more expensive than others?

    While bikes from these top brands might carry a higher initial price tag due to their quality, technology, and brand reputation, many riders find the investment worthwhile for the reliability, performance, and overall riding experience they offer.

  • Are the top dirt bike brands suitable for both beginners and experienced riders?

    Yes, brands like Yamaha, KTM, Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki offer a wide range of models catering to all skill levels—from novice riders to seasoned professionals. They provide varying engine sizes, power outputs, and designs to suit different riding experiences and preferences.