Dirt bike silencers make bikes sound and run better. Poor maintenance on your dirt bike’s silencer can affect your bike’s overall performance. As your muffler packing deteriorates, it can result in louder noise levels than your muffler should be producing. It can also lead to poor performance. Replacing the silencer packing during bike maintenance helps on restoring the full power and sound of the bike’s exhaust.

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Why is my dirt bike exhaust sound so loud and raspy?

While some people believe that it is not necessary to replace the silencer packings, it is recommended not only to restore its proper sound but to replace the packings also add better performance to the dirt bikes. Once a new one is installed, the dirt bike will run better.


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The best dirt bike replacement silencer packing is required as you run any dirt bikes and ATV. Most people are annoyed by loud bikes thus needing a silencer. The exhaust packing is usually made of exclusively produced fiberglass that can stand high temperatures.

Yamaha YZ250FX

FMF Premier 2 Stroke Silencer Packing

FMF Premier 2-Stroke Silencer Packing

Made from fine and interwoven high-temperature resistant fiberglass, this silencer packing from FMF is suitable for MX applications that do not require maximum absorption of the muffler sound. The material used is specifically from the heat standards of FMF.

A single package can cover a single pipe that can be used on different dirt bike models. Easy-to-follow instructions are also included on the packaging for the users to know where to cut and how it will be installed.


Below are the details for a 2-stroke silencer packing

  • Item Dimensions: 17 x 9.5 x 2 inches
  • Product Weight: 7 ounces
  • Manufactured by: FMF Exhaust
  • Make: Fiberglass

According to some reviews, these are easy to install and repack without having any hassle to the user. Aside from the installation, buyers recommend these since it produces better sound and makes the performance of their bikes better.

FMF Standard 2-Stroke Silencer Packing

FMF Standard 2-Stroke Silencer Packing

Also made from fine and interwoven high-temperature resistant fiberglass, the FMF Standard 2-Stroke Silencer Packing is considered an economical replacement used on maintaining the muffler’s good performance.

Since it is made from a high-temperature resistant material, it prevents the exhaust from getting too hot which may eventually damage the exhaust itself. Replacing the muffler packing can improve the throttle performance and muffler quality for a longer time.

Below are the specifications of FMF Standard 2-Stroke Silencer Packing

  • Item Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Product Weight: 0.81 ounces
  • Manufactured by: FMF Exhaust
  • Make: Fiberglass
  • Exterior: Smooth

A single pack includes one sheet that will work on any 2 stroke silencer when cut at the proper length. This 2 stroke silencer packing is easy to use and can make your bike sound better.

LEXX 2-Stroke Silencer Packing

Like the previous brands mentioned, this 2-stroke silencer packing is also made from a fiberglass material that is resistant to high temperatures. Also, with the product’s density, it can increase the life of the exhaust.

A single package can be used enough even for a large silencer. It also includes two sheets that are around 14 inches long.

Below are the item details of a 2 stroke silencer packing from Lexx

  • Manufactured by: Lexx
  • Make: Fiberglass
  • Length: about 14 inches

This item is easy to cut even with a knife. It costs cheaper than the other brands but it does the same job. It is also easy to install and works on any 2-stroke mufflers without any issues.

LEXX 4-Stroke Silencer Packing

The 4 stroke silencer packing from Lexx is made from top-quality fiberglass which can lessen the muffler sound and provide good performance. Its heavy and thick quality can handle high-temperature which ensures longevity.

A single pack of this silencer packing is enough to cover one silencer or some of the aftermarket mufflers. Though it costs cheaper, its materials are almost the same as bigger exhaust companies.

Below are the item details of Lexx 4-stroke silencer packing

  • Dimensions: 22.01 x 9.02 x 2.01 inches
  • Product Weight: 15.2 ounces
  • Manufactured by: Lexx
  • Make: Fiberglass

Like the other silencer packing from Lexx, it is also easy to cut and easy to use. Using this silencer packing tones down your bike sound a bit even at its cheap price.

Lexx MXE Premium Silencer Packing

The MXE silencer packing uses high-temperature resistant and special yarn of fiberglass. This model is specifically made to reduce the sound of dirt bikes and ATVs. Compared to the other models, it reduces more sound than the previous models mentioned which works both on 2 stroke and 4 stroke exhausts.

A single sheet is enough to pack one silencer which is recommended for Lexx MXE, performance motorcycles, and ATVs.

Below are the item details of the Lexx MXE premium silencer packing

  • Product Dimensions: 19 x 12 x 4 inches
  • Product Weight: 1.0 lb
  • Manufactured by: Lexx
  • Make: Fiberglass Yarn

According to some users, this premium silencer packing from Lexx is easier to use than most of the packing available on the market. After packing with this item, the solid sounds that the bikes produce provide smoother throttle and lessen the vibrations of the bike.


Why Should You Repack The Dirt Bike Silencer

Packing materials around the muffler pipes help control the exhaust from engines. Once these materials get burned, the packing should be replaced after riding the dirt bike for 30 hours.

Usually, nobody changes their silencer packing ever…

For 2-stroke silencer packing, the packing gets old due to the unburned mix that exits from the cylinders. On 4-stroke silencer packing, it ages due to the high temperature that the dirt bike is producing. The bike will sound louder once the installed packing has been burnt. This may also cause a decrease in performance.


Using the best dirt bike replacement silencer packing for maintenance now and then plays a crucial role in your dirt bike’s performance. The silencer may break if the packing is used for a longer time. This would mean that you will have to buy a new silencer as well. Once the packing is replaced, the clean silencer will make the dirt bike produce less sound and will provide a better biking experience.