This is a list of all Dirt bike USFS Approved Spark Arrestor.

Dirt bike owners must have the required equipment on their bikes, especially when riding in certain areas such as Bureau of Land Management and forest service trails. At the top of the list of most important equipment is a spark arrestor. What’s more, the spark arrestor needs to be USFS-approved – approved by the U.S. Forest Service. Here’s a discussion on the definition of a spark arrestor, its purpose, and why you need one.


It’s actually pretty annoying that none of the dirt bike manufacturers ship ANY 2 strokes or 4 strokes with a spark arrested exhaust system on their dirt bikes. I feel like they should come with the spark arrestor screen or turbine-like FMF has in their silencers.

All dirt bikes must have a spark arrested exhaust system if they want to ride on National Forest land even BLM land.

Dirt bikes that need a spark arrestor:

  1. All of them
  2. Motocross bikes
  3. Enduro dirt bikes
  4. Trail dirt bikes



2 stroke exhaust

What is a Spark Arrestor & What Does It Do?

As the name suggests, a spark arrestor works by preventing sparks/flames from escaping. In a dirt bike context, a spark arrestor stops sparks/flames from escaping from the bike’s exhaust. Spark arrestors are usually found just before a dirt bike’s exhaust outlet tip.

Why You Need a Spark Arrestor in Your Dirt Bike

Spark arrestors fitted in dirt bikes stop sparks and flames that come out during a backfire (fuel explosion that isn’t burnt out in the bike’s combustion chamber). A backfire is evident as a loud noise that is frightening but also results in sparks or flames capable of starting fires when close to dry leaves, branches, etc.

Like Smokey the Bear says – Only you can prevent a forest fire….with a spark arrested silencer.

Backfires are common in dirt bikes due to cam and ignition timing issues as well as electrical problems (wiring or spark plug issues), and lean air-to-fuel mixture. A spark arrestor solves this problem. Most spark arrestors look like mesh screens covering the interior of the exhaust. You may need a flashlight to confirm the presence of a spark arrestor. However, dirt bikes with factory-installed spark arrestors have this information stamped on the exhaust.

Screen Shot 2023 05 20 at 8.02.24 AM

USFS-Approved Spark Arrestors

If you ride your dirt bike on US state trails, you must have a USFS-approved spark arrestor. If your dirt bike has a factory-installed spark arrestor, this information must be permanently stamped on the exhaust. The spark arrestor also needs to be USFS approved for you to legally ride on state trails. USFS approval is critical since it ensures the spark arrestor is safe (it doesn’t let out sparks or flames), and the dirt bike also produces noise within the legal limits.

Dirt Bike Exhaust manufacturers who make USFS-approved spark arrestors

  • FMF
  • Pro Circuit
  • Lexx
  • Yoshimura

Dirt Bike USFS Approved Spark Arrestor List

Responsible dirt bike riders who aren’t sure they have the right device and want to comply with dirt bike-related laws can check the list below containing USFS-approved spark arrestors. If you care to know which dirt bike silencers have a spark arrestor, popular approved spark arrestors and more, here’s a list to consider;

USFS Approved 2 Stroke Spark Arrestor Silencers

2 strokes are the ultimate hard enduro weapon. Upgrade your 2 stroke with an exhaust silencer that not only is USFS approved some of the below silencers are lighter, stronger, give you more power, and cooler than your OEM exhaust. 

Below the list is not in any order and I try my best to show how much the starting cost is. Your specific 2 stroke dirt bike might cost more or less than what I mentioned. 

1. FMF Turbine Core Silencer

USFS approved spark arrestor

This spark arrestor silencer is by renowned California-based transport equipment manufacturing company –FMF. The Turbine core silencer is made for 2-stroke dirt bikes.

Main Specifications

  • MATERIAL: Made of stainless steel
  • WEIGHT: Weighs 3 pounds
  • FIT: Only fits on listed models
  • DESIGN: Straight-through design
  • PERFORMANCE: Track & trail proven. Offers unrestricted power.
  • 2-Stroke dirt bike Silencer

2. FMF Turbine Core-II Silencer

USFS approved spark arrestor built-in

This is yet another USFS approved silencer by FMF that fits KTM 200 MXC: 1998-2003.

Main Specifications

  • MATERIAL: Made of Aluminum with stainless end cap.
  • WEIGHT: 4.88 pounds
  • FIT: Fits on listed models
  • DIMENSIONS: Measures 27 by 7 by 3 inches.
  • DESIGN: Straight design offering unrestricted exhaust flow. USFS approved with built-in spark arrestor and a core dampening system.
  • 2 Stroke Silencer

3. FMF Turbine Core 2.1 Silencer

USFS approved internal/non-removable spark arrestor

FMF has yet another USFS-approved spark arrestor silencer. The Turbine Core 2.1 is a slip-on for 2-stroke exhaust dirt bikes.

Main Specifications

  • MATERIAL: Features an aluminum canister & stainless-steel end cap and mid-pipe.
  • WEIGHT: Lighter than stock setup despite having a larger diameter canister.
  • DESIGN: Has a turbine dampening system that prevents sparks and noise without restricting exhaust flow. This silencer won’t clog like typical screen arrestors. Design has been borrowed from the 4.1 4-stroke exhaust.
  • APPROVED: USFS approved non-removable dirt bike spark arrestor.
  • 2 Stroke Silencer

4. FMF Turbine Core II-Q Silencer

FMF made the Turbine Core II Q dirt bike silencer to combine the best spark-arresting capabilities and unmatched sound dampening for 2-stoke bikes.

Main Specifications

  • MATERIAL: Canister body is made of lightweight aluminum. End cap and stinger are made of stainless steel.
  • DESIGN: Unrestricted. Doesn’t obstruct flow, choke-off power, or clog. Also designed to be quiet due to ample packing material in the canister body.
  • APPROVAL: USFS approved. A great choice for dirt bike riding in protected trails without compromising performance.
  • 2 Stroke Silencer


FMF has the KTM Turbine Core 2.1 specially designed for KTM dirt bikes.

Main Specifications

  • MATERIAL: Canister is made of aluminum. End cap & mid-pipe is made of stainless steel.
  • DESIGN: Offers unrestricted exhaust flow and power to KTM dirt bikes. Hardware is removable for quick and easy servicing.
  • APPROVAL: USFS approved.
  • WEIGHT: Weighs less than stock silence
  • SIZE: Canister diameter is larger to lower sound and allow more packing material.
  • 2 Stroke Silencer


FMF’s Husqvarna Turbine Core 2.1 spark arrestor silencer offers husky-free flowing and power perfect for dirt bike trails in the most extreme conditions.

Main Specifications

  • MATERIAL: Features an aluminum canister & stainless-steel end cap and mid-pipe.
  • DESIGN: Inspired by the 4.1 4-stroke exhaust. Made to smoothen the power curve regardless of RPM. Features a turbine dampening system that kills sparks without compromising power.
  • WEIGHT: Lighter than the stock setup, even with a larger canister
  • APPROVAL: USFS approved removable spark arrestor
  • MAINTENANCE: Assembly requires little to no maintenance.
  • 2 Stroke Silencer

7. Pro Circuit Type-296 Spark Arrestor Silencer

Pro Circuit Type 296 Spark Arrestor Silencer

This spark arrestor silencer uses internal baffles, packing material, and expansion chambers to control noise levels to 96 decibels. Pro Circuit made the Type 296 to control noise and sparks without compromising performance.

Main Specifications

  • MATERIAL: Aluminum alloy & Stainless-Steel construction
  • WEIGHT: Lighter than the stock
  • DESIGN: Made for Enduro and rugged trail riding. Designed for low noise (96 dB) without compromising performance. Longer canister coupled with packing material, expansion chamber, and internal baffle reduces noise levels.
  • MOUNTING & REPACKING: Has Allen head screws and double-walled brackets for secure mounting
  • 2 Stroke Silencer

USFS Approved 4 Stroke Spark Arrestor Silencers

8. Lexx MXE Slip-On Spark Arrestor Silencer with a Mid-Pipe

Dirt biker riders wishing for a fully tunable exhaust changeable from a racing to a forest-friendly silencer with a few bolts should consider the Lexx MXE Slip-on.

Main Specifications

  • MATERIAL: Made using lightweight aluminum (6061 T6) & 304 stainless steel
  • WEIGHT: Lightweight (weighs 3.5 lbs. less than the stock exhaust).
  • DESIGN: Has a 46mm race tip ideal for closed-course competitions. The spark arrestor silencer has also been made to boost acceleration and torque with a notable 4HP increase in some bikes.
  • APPROVAL: USFS approval. Brings noise levels lower than 96db.
  • 4 Stroke Silencer


FMF’s HEX Q4 silencer offers both low sound and ample power. The chambers, internal baffles, and sound-absorbing materials give the HEX Q4 a 96 to 92-decibel noise level without compromising on anything.

Main Specifications

  • NOISE: 92-96 decibels which is within USFS & Enduro sound regulations
  • APPROVAL: USFS approved
  • WEIGHT: Weighs less than the stock
  • DESIGN: Made to eliminate power loss. The design is perfect for off-road riding. Also, maintenance free.
  • 4 Stroke Silencer


Equipped with a removable USFS approved spark arrestor

Pro Circuit designed the T-6 to offer superior performance and unmatched durability in a single spark arrestor. The silencer also looks great for many riding styles.

Main Specifications

  • MATERIAL: Made using aluminum alloy and stainless steel
  • DESIGN: Muffer is made to offer unmatched strength and durability due to machining and TIG precision welding. Also designed to improve performance.
  • APPROVAL: USFS Approved removable spark arrestor
  • APPLICATION: Ideal for closed course and off-road racing.
  • WEIGHT: 8 pounds
  • 4 Stroke Silencer


Includes removable USFS approved spark arrestor

Pro Circuit’s TI-6 is a premium spark arrestor that maximizes performance, boosts durability, and lowers weight.

Main Specifications

  • MATERIAL: Made using high-grade titanium that offers unmatched weight savings coupled with superior durability due to precision TIG welding
  • DESIGN: Made with competitive closed course racing. Designed with an RC-4 resonance chamber to offer a premier racing look.
  • WEIGHT: Lighter than a stock dirt bike exhaust
  • APPROVAL: USFS approved. Meets FIM and AMA sound regulations
  • 4 Stroke Silencer


Dirt bike riders keen on stellar looks, increased dirt bike performance, and abiding by regulations will find the FMF’s Factory-4.1 RCT perfect.

Main Specifications

  • MATERIAL: Made using premium ultra-lightweight materials – titanium canister body, anodized finish, and carbon fiber end cap.
  • DESIGN: Features RCT (Resonance Chamber Technology) that lowers exhaust sound to meet the most stringent sound requirements. Sound level meets AMA and FIM 2M sound requirements. 94-decibel quiet core insert.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Fits with OEM & FMF headers
  • APPROVAL: USFS approved
  • 4 Stroke Silencer

13. FMF Factory-4.1 RCT Aluminum Silencer With Carbon End Cap

FMF designed the Factory 4.1 RCT to give dirt bike riders stellar looks and boost performance.

Main Specifications

  • MATERIAL: Made using premium ultra-lightweight materials (titanium canister). End cap is made using carbon fiber composite. An anodized finishing offers superior looks and corrosion resistance.
  • DESIGN: Features resonance chamber technology (RCT) that lowers noise levels immensely to comply with stringent sound requirements. The core insert lowers noise levels to 94 dB without compromising on performance at high RPM.
  • APPROVAL: USFS approved. Meets FIM and AMA regulations.
  • 4 Stroke Silencer


Pro Circuit made the T4 as a 4-stroke option that offers peak performance, versatility, and lightweight features all in one.

Main Specifications

  • MATERIAL: Made using premium aluminum & stainless steel. Nickel-plated connector.
  • WEIGHT: Lightweight construction
  • DESIGN: Designed with a quiet core and tunable end cap for low noise operation. Design increases throttle response and power.
  • APPROVAL: USFS approved spark arrestor.
  • 4 Stroke Silencer


Screen Shot 2023 05 19 at 5.26.27 PM

Dirt bike riders looking for a full exhaust system from a reputable manufacturer can trust the Yoshimura RS-2.

Main Specifications

  • MATERIAL: Stainless steel header, steel mid-pipe & aluminum silencer
  • HEADER: 304 L
  • DESIGN: Offer maximum performance in all RPMs coupled with low noise (96-99 dB.)
  • INSTALLATION: Comes with step-by-step directions and required hardware for easy installation
  • APPROVAL: USFS approved
  • 4 Stroke Silencer

16. FMF Power Core 4-Hex S/A Silencer

Spark arrestor insert included

FMF’s Power Core 4-Hex is a perfect combination of amateur price and pro-level performance. This spark arrestor silencer is also great for all types of dirt bike riding.

Main Specifications

  • MATERIAL: Canister body is made of premium-grade aluminum. End cap and mid-pipe are made of stainless steel.
  • DESIGN: Made to maximize usability without unwieldy spikes. Internal core features Hi-Flo technology. Will offer high performance (power and torque) throughout RPM range.
  • USABILITY: Usable with FMF or stock header.
  • APPROVAL: USFS approved
  • 4 Stroke Silencer


Always make sure you ride a USFS-approved spark arrestor exhaust system. Make sure to check with the dirt bike silencer manufacturer if you are unsure if it’s approved for the National Forest single track trails.

Have fun out there and see you out on the trails!