Dirt Bike riders will always buy performance parts for their dirt bikes like exhaust pipes and such. However, one of the most overlooked performance parts you can buy is dirt bike grips. When you go shopping, you have to make sure that you buy the best dirt bike grips for you, so you can hold the throttle more comfortably.

Not all dirt bike grips are created equal so we built a list below that gives you a bunch of high-quality options when it comes to picking out the right grips for you.

Also, keep in mind there is some newer technology that allows you to easily remove and also install dirt bike grips. Some of the below grips still require you to glue and wire the grips on.

Some are lock-on grip systems that allow you to easily install and remove them. No more cutting off grips with messy glue.

Keep in mind the below list is not in ANY particular order.

Dirtbike Sam

This is one of the best dirt bike grips you can choose for your bike. Lots of OEMs choose this ODI grip for their dirt bikes. Comfort is one of the aspects that define this ODI grip. Re-designed the lock-on system is a 2nd version that provides easier installation and more comfort. This new design is great for dirt bike riders that prefer to keep their hands on the outside of the handlebars and grips. 

The ODI V2 Half waffle has a heavy-duty clamp-on system that keeps your grips in place. Available in half-waffle and roque patterns.

  • Multiple throttle cams (A, B, C, D, J, & M)
  • Simple to install and remove 
  • Zero Glue
  • 100% slip-free
  • Helps against blisters

Odi V2 Rogue MX Lock-On Grips

Odi V2 Rogue MX Lock On Grips

Just like the ODI Half waffle grip, the ODI Rogue MX lock-on grip is redesigned for more comfort and better grips. ODI made its V2 grips easier to install and remove. The Rogue design is unique and can provide better comfort for those long moto’s or rides.

Rider grip can really be whatever you prefer but also allows for a good grip for those that like to grip the very outside of the grips. A high-quality clamping system ensures that the ODI Rogue grip does not slip.

  • 100% no slipping
  • Easy to install and remove
  • No GLUE
  • Knockout ends for handguards or plugs
  • Throttle Cams (A, B, C, D, J & M)

ODI V2 No-Waffle Lock-On Grips

Do you prefer no waffle or strange grip pattern? The ODI V2 No-Waffle MX grip has ZERO patterns to allow for grip all around the dirt bike handlebars. The ODI grip comes with the ultimate grip for your hands around the entire grip.

Super easy to install and remove, the ODI No Waffle is a great choice when replacing your old worn-out grips. Quickly swap out your grips with ease and the best part is you don’t need glue or pesky wire ties to hold the grips in place.

  • Full diamond pattern
  • 100% slip free
  • Crazy easy to install and remove
  • Knockout ends for bar ends or full wrap handguards

ProTaper Pillow Top MX Grips

ProTaper dirt bike grips

ProTaper has been making the famous Pillow Top grips that are like clouds for your hands. Built from a Vibrasonix pillow top the ProTaper dirt bike grips have a gel-like surface for super grippy grip. The Vibrasonix ProTaper grip reduces the vibration you feel in your hands and allows for a softer feel when gripping the handlebars. 

The ProTaper Pillow Top MX grip also grips the handlebars for less rotation and bar slip. The grip is tacky which allows you to hold on to the grip regardless of the riding conditions. 

You can also get the ProTaper Pillow Top grip in a lite version that doesn’t feel as bulky in your hand. 

  • Ultra Tacky Grip
  • Ultra-soft 
  • Anti Rip Tip grip
  • Inner core Tacky

There are valid reasons why these grips have remained one of the best for dirt bikes. Upon using them, you’ll notice that there is minimal vibration. As a result, you’ll have a soft feeling and comfort when using these grips. Essentially, the grips carry a great deal of significance in offering you the comfort you need while riding. They play the role of a cushion for your hands. Whether you’re racing or just enjoying your rides, consider these grips to offer you the comfort you need.

The grips have also proven to be the real deal in terms of offering you the firmness you need when riding. While there are grips that fall short in their capacity to give riders a firm grip when racing, these particular ones are exceptional. They are what you need to prevent the sliding of your hands. Imagine riding at a high speed only for your hands to slide. The effects won’t be pleasant at all. That’s why these grips come in handy as a cut above the rest. Something else that’s important to note about these grips is that they are larger than other grips. This factor is a plus for riders who have a bigger hand. This makes sure that you don’t get inconvenienced by using the standard size grips. It goes a long way to add to your comfort as you enjoy your ride.

DirtbikeSam Banner Green

TORC1 Racing Defy Lock on Kev-Tec MX Grips

The rubber technology used in making the TORC1 Racing Lock-on grips allows you to have a fantastic grip. The technology plays a major role in preventing tear and wear and also enhancing the capacity to provide a firm grip for a longer period of time. The tacky compound of the grips is vital in reducing the possibility of developing blisters for riders. The TORC1 grip locking system allows for 

Torc1 Racing grips provide a slip-free performance for riders. You don’t have to worry about sliding when using these grips. It is also easy to install. Removing and changing them is an easy-to-do. The Knockout Ends work quite well with handguards, which is an advantage.

  • Slip Free performance
  • Simple and easy to install and remove
  • No Glue
  • OEM spec throttle
  • 6 Snap-on throttle cams included
  • Tapered waffle pattern
  • CNC aluminum locking collar
  • No need to purchase throttle cams separtely

ProTaper Clamp-On Grip System

ProTaper Clamp on dirt bike grip

Now you can get the popular ProTaper pillow top dirt bike grips in a lock-on system. You get all the comfort and tacky grip that you would get with the non-clamp-on system grips. Easy to install and remove and the best part is zero glue or wire to make a mess. Slip-free performance allows you to get the pillow top softness without worrying about them rotating on your bars.

ProTaper designs their dirt bike grips to have a super slim clutch side that provides relief for your palm and fingertips. Also, the Pillow top grips provide better protection from vibration and offer better damping for impact.

  • Easy to install or remove
  • Slip Free Grips
  • Clutch Side Windowed Core
  • 7 throttle cams
  • Slimer out grip to help with arm pump
  • CNC aluminum clamp
  • Half waffle, Pillow Top, and full diamond

The use of the latest and high-quality grip technology makes these grips among the best dirt bike grips you’ll find in the market. The control and comfort that these grips offer are above most of the grips available today. The installation is quick and easy. You don’t need to use glue and wires to remove and change grips. Another advantage of using these bike grips is that they are durable. The more durable they are the more you save money. They also offer a slip-free performance. You don’t have to worry about slips when riding. Your palms and fingers are well protected. They are protected from blisters. Blistering is a problem that many riders face as they ride. However, using these grips ensures that you’re well guarded for a comfortable riding experience. Something else that’s of interest to riders is that it offers a firmer compound that helps to resist damage from crashes as well as reduce tear and wear. For the best rider comfort and experience, consider using these bike grips.


Renthal Aramid Grips

Renthal offers some of the most advanced compounds when it comes to grip tech. Built from Kevlar resin the grip is crazy tough but also is tacky to grip. The dual-compound mix allows for better grip and also impacts. The Aramid grips are built for comfort and control for those long motos. 

  • Tough Grips
  • Soft and tacky to grip
  • Special Renthal Glue to keep material in place

The Renthal Armind are soft, strong, and durable grips. The fact that they can stay in good shape for up to 3 times longer than other grips makes them worth considering. They are available in both standard and tapered designs. The fact that they come in different designs gives you the freedom of choosing the one that fits your needs the best. Comfort is also a factor that you’ll find in these grips. As you ride your dirt bike, you need to be at your comfortable best to have a good ride. That’s why you need these grips to provide you with the much-needed comfort and control as a rider.

As a rider, it is imperative to put key factors into consideration when choosing bike grips. Regardless of the type of rider you are, you have to settle for the best because of the significant role that grips play in riding. Comfort, safety, control, ease of use, and durability are some of the most important elements to keep in mind when choosing grips for your dirt bike. Before you get one, take time to evaluate your riding needs and then go for the one that meets those needs in the best and effective way possible.

Dirtbike Sam

Dirt Bike Grips Conclusion:

Personally, I prefer the lock grip systems that are easy to remove and install. That way I can spend more time riding instead of cutting grips off and scraping the glue off or spray paint.

Lock-On Grips are the Best in my opinion. 

One long gnarly riding day it’s easy to pack a set of lock-on grips to replace the grips if they get damaged.

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