As a dirt biker that rides a lot but really doesn’t have all that much skill means that I tend to wreck and break things more often than I would like.

One of those things that are annoying to break is the Twist throttle. Having a replacement handy or a tougher throttle kit is a must-have in my opinion. 

Often looked over as a part that doesn’t need to be serviced or a part that doesn’t break all that much, I can tell you from personal experience damaging your throttle when you are out in the middle of nowhere ruins your trip.

Below we put together a great list of high-quality dirt bike throttle kits and tubs for you to consider. They are not really in any order.

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Motion Pro REV 2 Throttle Kit

The Motion Pro REV 2 Throttle Kit is an ideal tool for the versatile kinds of riders that want to try different riding styles. When it takes a lot of twisting and effort for the stock throttle to open, the REV 2 responds with a great sound. It can also quicken the process duration, making it easier and faster to achieve your target throttle operation. REV 2 Throttle Kits have available cables which are designed primarily to fit any kind of model, though it is not model specific. 

Sometimes, moving additional control components on the OEM handlebar, reducing the Rev2 throttle grip and tube, installing lengthier aftermarket bars, or everything else may be required. But, again, the end-users responsibility is to select the optimum way to fit the Rev2 kit to their vehicle and verify that it is correctly installed. Moreover, with the required permissions for safe operation, Installation must be performed by a qualified professional.

REV 2 Throttle Kit Product Benefits and Advantages

  • It is the world’s leading variable-rate throttle.
  • The innovative reel changing mechanism allows you to adjust the throttle frequency according to the rider’s riding situations and choices.
  • For lever clearance and engine speed, the new slim design demands less handlebar space.
  • Some riders prefer the progressive power delivery provided by REV 2 throttle kit.
  • Fast reel swaps are possible thanks to the unique reel design.
  • Use shorter reels for a slower throttle frequency; use a bigger one for a higher throttle percentage.
  • Installing and changing reels is simply because of the ultra-compact casing and snap-together elbows.
  • One of the best Dirt Bike Throttle Kit
Works Connection Elite Throttle

2. Works Connection Elite Throttle Tube 

The elite throttle tube from Works Connection contains an aluminum CNC machine throttle tube, and it comes with the six cam pulleys Delrin snap. In addition, the throttle tube has a sealed bearing within the tube’s end and an internal polymer bushing to achieve soft-touch throttle action. An airflow sensor and throttle position sensor connect with the processor, distributing the appropriate quantity of gas to the injectors in an electrically fuel-injected vehicle.

The Works Connection Throttle Tube Elite has a rated A internal polymer bushing and radial ball bearing, making the installation easier. The cams included within the package encompass the whole line of MX and off-road, 4-stroke / race models from Suzuki, Kawasaki, KTM, Yamaha, Honda, and Husqvarna. They are all designed to match the O.E.M. / stock pull ratio. 

Works Connection Throttle Tube Benefits and Advantages

  • Knurled grip area supports the maximum grip.
  • Six Delrin cam pulleys that meet stock pull / O.E.M. ratios are included in the kit.
  • The bearing and throttle tube is CNC machined from aluminum 6061 T-6.
  • The internal bushing has excellent wear resistance and low friction.
  • The plastic cap protects the bottle from damage and keeps dirt out.
  • It is sealed in radial ball bearing with an ABEC 1+ rating.
Odi Fuzion Pro Throttle Tube
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3. ODI Fuzion Pro Throttle Tube 

When you want a throttle tube that makes you most comfortable in riding, you may want to try the throttle tube from the new ODI Fuzion. It has many features to offer, but the ability to add and seal the bearing system just for you to be in the coziest state is genuinely brilliant. Unfortunately, it does not include rings for the purpose of fitting the tube in a wide range of handlebars. It is made up of a 6061 alloy CNC machine to ensure using a secured and robust tube. ODI also considers the probability of users changing bikes, so they make the throttle reusable and universal. 

The ODI Fuzion is one of the most affordable materials for motocross and off-road applications. It is durable for different functions so that it will not have any damage such as deforming and destruction. Furthermore, the item is designed for arduous adventures since it has many conveniences to offer. For you to have a glimpse of its features, take a look below. 

ODI Fuzion Pro Benefits and Advantages 

  • The throttle tube utilizes the system of snap-on cam from Lock-On Grips on the ODI V2. Hence, it guarantees long-lasting service. 
  • It has a sleek profile in bearing that sums up to 6mm in the endpoint of your handlebars to provide comfortability. 
  • It does not need any modifications because it already has stock throttle housing. 
  • It fits a wide range of bikes like Husqvarna, Honda, KTM, Suzuki, Yamaha MX, Kawasaki, and other off-road vehicles. 
Odi Fuzion Aluminum Throttle Tube

4. ODI Fuzion Aluminum Throttle Tube 

The ODI Fuzion’s Throttle Tube features aluminum unlike any other. It is durable enough to be your long-lasting companion in every motocross and bike journey you have. As you may know, this throttle tube utilizes the snap-on system of cam from the Lock on Grips of ODI, just like the other one. That’s probably why many riders prefer this item – because of its great features. First off, the ODI Fuzion Aluminum Throttle Tube is different from the first ODI item. 

It has the same advantages and benefits offered, but they differ slightly in the materials. The ODI Fuzion is one of the most cost-effective materials available for motocross and off-road use. It is long-lasting for many functions, preventing damage such as deformation and destruction. Controlling the amount of air entering your motor engine is ODI’s specialty. Furthermore, the item is suited for long journeys because it has numerous conveniences. Hence, just like the first ODI item, you may take a look at the features provided by this product:

ODI Fuzion Pro Benefits and Advantages 

  • On the ODI V2, the throttle tube uses the Lock-On Grips snap-on cam system. As a result, it ensures long-term performance.
  • It has a smooth bearing profile that adds up to 6mm in the terminus of your handlebars for added comfort.
  • Because it already has stock throttle housing, no modifications are required.
  • Husqvarna, Honda, KTM, Suzuki, Yamaha MX, Kawasaki, and other off-road vehicles are compatible.
  • One of the best Dirt Bike Throttle tube
Tusk Aluminum Throttle Tube with Bearing

5. Tusk Aluminum Throttle Tube with Bearing 

Generally, products that offer excellent services basically will cost higher than the others. However, with the Tusk Aluminum Throttle Tube, it is not the case. Many reviews regarding this product have mentioned how much the throttle response was smoother than ever. That’s probably because of the sealed ball bearing located on the end line. Moreover, it is made of nylon on the inside to provide a drag-free operation.

Though there are some disadvantages of the airflow of this product, such as being too limited on the suitable vehicle, it also doesn’t work well with the handguards coated by wraps. As a result, even the Yamaha OEM needs an extra 0-ring in the kit to work with the utmost capability. Still, this tusk aluminum product offered a promising development in the users that’s why it continuously rises in the market. 

Tusk Aluminum Throttle Tube with Bearing Benefits and Advantages

  • It is surprisingly affordable despite its high-quality durability and material. 
  • The material used for the product is Well-Thought. 
  • It fits nicely in the handlebars made of aluminum. 
  • It is one of the best aluminum throttle tubes.
ODI V2 lock on grip

6. Odi V2 MX Lock-on Grips 

The MX V2 Rogue Lock-On Grips is one of the best dirt bike throttle tubes, a bolt-on handlebar grip device that eliminates the need for adhesives and wire tying while riding. A premium, dual thickness grip is firmly attached to a redesigned throttle tube on the accelerator side. In addition, the throttle tube cam is detachable, enabling the installation of alternative cams to accommodate a more extensive range of motorcycles. 

The grip is securely attached to the sleeve with an aluminum mechanical connection that clamps to your grips in a 3mm bolt on the clutch side. So there will be no glue or wire binding. According to an expert’s review, the grip of this throttle tube has an excellent performance in its specialization. Hence it was sealed as one of the best dirt bike throttle tubes. If you are curious about its features, take a glimpse below: 

Odi V2 MX Lock-on Grips Benefits and Advantages

  • It is fast and easy to install, as well as remove. 
  • The grip stays firm even in rough and wet conditions. 
  • It is made in the USA known for high-quality products. 
  • It can reduce the unnecessary vibrations on its side. 

7. Motion Pro Titan Throttle Tube 

The Motion Pro Titan Throttle Tube is apprised of a patented reduced composite material that provides a light, accurate, and seamless operating feel with minimal vibration transmission. The throttle tubes are tough enough just to withstand the harshest hits while remaining flexible enough just to avoid cracking or deforming on, In addition, the bar. Titan Throttle Tubes offer the advantages of both aluminum and standard nylon tubes affordably.

The Titan Throttle Tube is an enhancement to several replacement throttle components and is compatible with most late 4-stroke off-road models and 2-stroke dirt bikes.

Motion Pro Titan Throttle Tube Benefits and Advantages 

  • No deformations will take place even with huge impacts 
  • It has remarkably lower frictions which means it can give a faster operation with no annoyance
  • One of the best Dirt Bike Throttle Kit
  • It is comfortable to use and reduces irritation with its aluminum tube.
  • It has outstanding performance at an affordable price. 
  • It is one of the best Aluminum Throttle Tube 
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No matter which dirt bike throttle kits and tubes you choose it’s important to have a throttle that has a clean and smooth action and snaps back in place.

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See you out on the trails