For any dirt biker have a high-quality dirt bike goggles is a must-have when it comes to Dirt biking.

The reason for this is when you’re riding dirt bikes you’re riding in the dirt in the rocks and in the sand this means that you get all sorts of debris kicked up into your eyes.

 I don’t know about you I want to make sure that I don’t go blind and I’ve had multiple sticks rocks even kick up off my front tire not even riding dirt bikes behind someone you want to make sure that you protect your eyes from trees and other things that can come flying at you.

Also when you’re riding behind someone you have all sorts of things being chucked at you from the rear tire of the rider that’s in front of you the other thing is dust dust can get in your eye and it doesn’t feel nice and it’s scratchy and you want to make sure you protect your eyes from dust as well.

The other thing as a dirt biker it doesn’t matter if it’s motocross or off-road you want to be able to see what’s in front of you and having a clear field of view is crucial to keeping yourself safe and having fun. Goggles allow you to keep the dust mud and anything out of your eyes so that you can continue to keep riding without any issues. Almost all dirtbike goggles also come with a post to attach tear-offs if needed in really dusty or muddy conditions.

Having quality goggles is a must-have for any dirt biker.

Dirtbike goggles protect you from the following:

  • Rocks
  • Mud
  • Sand
  • Dust
  • Tree/Sticks
  • Sun
  • Water
  • Snow/Hail

No matter if you’re riding motocross trail riding or Enduro riding do not skip on the goggles!

Now there are lots of different options when it comes to getting dirtbike goggles and below we have a few recommendations that are affordable but then offer quality protection and also a quality field of view.

You ask what the goggle field of view is?

Field of view is the space within your goggles that allows you to see.

And why this is important as you want to make sure that you have the largest or biggest field of vision to make sure that you can see any obstacles in your trail.

Well for most riding conditions having a clear lens on your goggles will cover most of your bases in most riding conditions.

However, you also can buy lenses that are polarized or shaded for sun protection!

To protect your eyes from UV rays it is also a really important thing to think about so having a goggle that you can swap out lenses when you need to when it’s really bright and the UV index is really high that something really smart to have and I recommend buying multiple lenses one clear and one that has polarized to protect your eyes from UV rays.

You also wanna make sure that your goggles will fit well under your helmet so I recommend trying on multiple different goggles and make sure that they fit with the helmet you own.

Now like I mentioned there are lots of different goggle manufacturers but I’m gonna mention some of the best ones that are on the market today.


100% makes lots of different goggle models from high-end to more affordable options, either way, any 100% goggle that you choose is it gonna be a good quality goggle that works offers you the protection that you need and the coolness factor as well

100% goggles pretty much offer a goggle for anyone and everyone they have all the colors under the sun and all different types of goggle lenses.

They also have easy to change and swap-out lenses if needed.

2023 100% Goggles Ranked in Quality

  1. 100% Armega Goggle
  2. 100% Racecraft 2 Goggle
  3. 100% Accuri 2 Goggle
  4. 100% Strata 2 Google
  5. 100% Barstow Goggle
  6. 100% Enduro Goggle

Top 3 100% Goggles for 2023

Are 100% goggles any good?

The overal material quality used to make these goggles is outstanding.  When owning the 100% goggles, you can expect A-grade protection but also cool looks. These sturdy but lightweight goggles will last for years or untill you decide to change them.

Highly reccomended

What other people think about 100% Goggles

These really can’t be beaten for the price. I’m very sensitive to optical issues in sunglasses and goggles, but these didn’t bother me at all. This tells me the lenses are uniform and well-made, despite their low price. I bought these for a recent trip to Whistler Bike Park and was not disappointed. They exhibited no fogging, were well ventilated, and provided great coverage and protection. They fit well with the Fox Rampage helmet as well as the TLD D4 composite. I would buy them again—they’re affordable enough to have a spare lying around.


100% Strata 2 Goggles

Awesome goggles at this price

The Good:

Really low price – only $35 for a name-brand product

Comfortable fit with a full-face helmet

The frame is flexible enough to fit closely to the face

Strap feels high-end and of good quality

Light weight

Lens clarity is quite good

Lighter tint – the amount of light transmission for the lenses isn’t listed, but these mirror red lenses are on the lighter side

The Bad:

No nose cover/guard to protect from flying objects

No tear-offs included (although they do have mount posts)

The Bottom Line:

I ordered these for my 13-year-old son who rides enduro and downhill, and he is very pleased with them, especially given the price. They have a pretty basic and simple design – compared to my son’s more expensive Leatt goggles, they don’t have a few of the additional features – but it’s really hard to fault a nice-looking, lightweight pair of goggles that only run $35. My son uses these exclusively on bright, sunny days at the bike park, but switches to his Leatt’s (with clear lenses) when he is riding on overcast, cloudy days or in the trees where you need as much visibility as you can get. If you are looking for a pair of solid goggles and don’t want to drop a bunch of coin on them, these are a great option. The lack of features is well compensated by the low price, so I’m still giving these a 5-star rating. (Even at $50, they would still probably be 4-stars.)

Alittle Insayne

Oakley Goggles


Oakley also offers a really high-quality dirtbike goggle and Oakley has been in the game of making eyewear for a very long time

2023 Oakley Goggles Ranked in Quality

  1. Oakley Front Line Roll-Off Goggle
  2. Oakley Airbrake Goggle
  3. Oakley Front Line Goggle
  4. Oakley Mayhem Pro Goggle
  5. Oakley O Frame Goggle
  6. Oakley Crowbar Goggle

Sam’s Choice for the top Oakley Goggles for 2023




Scott Goggles

Scott dirt bike goggles

Scott goggles are also one of those eyewear manufacturers that have been in the game for a long time and build high-quality dirtbike goggles that you can depend on

2023 Scott Dirt Bike Goggles Ranked in Quality

  1. Scott Prospect Goggle
  2. Scott Fury Goggle
  3. Scott Hustle Goggle

Klim Goggles

Klim Edge Off-Road Goggle

Klim makes all sorts of that different gear for the adventure but specifically, they have built a really cool goggle called the edge off-road goggle that has a super-wide field of view and a magnetic Lens that just pops on and it removes very easily.

2023 Klim Dirt Bike Goggles Ranked in Quality

  1. Klim Edge Off-Road Goggle
  2. Klim Viper Off-Road Goggle



2023 Leatt Dirt bike Goggles Ranked in Quality

  1. Leatt Velocity Roll-Off Goggles
  2. Leatt Velocity 6.5 Goggle
  3. Leatt Velocity 5.5 Goggle
  4. Leatt Velocity 4.5 Goggle


2021 Spy Goggles

2023 SPY Dirt bike Goggles Ranked in Quality

  1. Spy Foundation Goggle
  2. Spy Woot Race Goggle
  3. Spy Woot Goggle
  4. Spy Breakaway Goggle

Lievermo Dirt Bike Goggles

Lievermo Dirt Bike Goggles

Features of Lievermo Dirt Bike Goggles

  • Helmet Compatibility
  • Lightweight and bendable Material
  • Comfort & Protection
  • Adjustable Elastic Head Strap

What Other Users think about Lievermo Dirt Bike Goggles

These have proven to be excellent goggles when used for riding bikes, ATVs, and UTVs in dusty terrain. I have ridden with both sets of goggles for a few months now, and they have held up well. I wish they came with a cloth bag for storage, but other than that, I am more than satisfied with how they perform. They fit well on the face and can be adjusted to suit the head size of each individual. Additionally, they seem to be well-made and do not appear to be prone to falling apart quickly.

Matthew Carpenter

Lievermo Dirt Bike Goggles Review

These goggles fit my big head. They are lightweight and comfortable.


These goggles feel well made. They are light and flexible. The outside of the goggles is made of a rubbery type of plastic. The part that rests against your face is made of porous foam, conforming well to the face. The elastic strap is an inch and a half wide, which holds the goggles securely in place. I have a big head and the goggles fit me very comfortably. The strap is too wide to fit comfortably above my ears, so I wear the goggles with the elastic around my ears. That is to say, the tops of my ears are tucked in under the strap.

You cannot wear these goggles with glasses.


I expect the goggles to get sweaty when I use them. I believe I can dunk them in the kitchen sink and wash them with dish soap. Then I would pat the goggles dry with a towel and let them air dry. The plastic shield that protects your eyes from the wind is relatively thin. It doesn’t feel flimsy, but it’s flexible. I believe the plastic will scratch and become hazy if not cleaned carefully.


The goggles have vents around the top and bottom, presumably to allow breathability and prevent fogging. I plan to wear the goggles when I use my snowblower, so I tested them with a balaclava (like a ski mask). The goggles fogged up immediately. I suspect the balaclava directed my breath upward into the goggles. Further experimentation is needed.

Jason M

This pair of goggles (2 in total) appears to be a good deal. The quality seems nearly as good as that of my higher-end goggles. They are flexible and light, and the strap is adjustable. I like the fact that they include two sets. One set is clear, and the other is slightly tinted with a rainbow-like appearance. The lenses are pretty crisp and clear with minimal distortion. The tinted set does have a tiny bit of vision distortion toward the edges.

These goggles are a tight fit inside the face of my helmet, but I won’t fault them as helmets vary in sizes and designs. Once I wiggle them into place, they do seal against my face and perform their intended job. I believe these goggles are a great value. At the time I ordered them, they were $18.99, making them $9.50 each. That is way better than the alternative name brands for at least 3 times the cost for 1 pair. I will rate these 5 stars for quality and value.

Amanda and Dave

Dmeixs Dirt Bike Goggles

Dmeixs Dirt Bike Goggles

Key Features of Dmeixs Dirt Bike Goggles

  • High-Quality UP Resin Material
  • Scratch-Resistant PC Lenses
  • Windproof, Dustproof, Shatter-Proof
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Non-Slip, High Elastic Adjustable Strap
  • Suitable for Any Helmets and Head Sizes

What other Dirt Bike Users think about Dmeixs Goggles

Perfect for trails

I went dirt bike riding on the trails. It was my first time riding. I definitely tested their durability this weekend with all the dust, rocks, and tree branches my buddies left behind. The tint was not too dark. In fact, it was the best feature. It blocked enough sunlight without making it hard to see. Once on, it was hardly noticeable that they were tinted. I would recommend them to anyone.

Robert Parker

Absolutely essential for motorcycles.
These are perfect for riding my motorcycle. Their first real test was on an incredibly misty morning, during which they did an amazing job of not fogging up, with inevitable condensation occurring only on the outside, allowing me to see perfectly throughout the trip. They are fantastic at keeping the elements out. Although an off-road helmet is recommended for these goggles, they can be used with any type of helmet. However, if you’re wearing a full-face helmet, they might not fit hermetically, resulting in gaps at the sides and allowing wind to get inside. Therefore, I recommend using a temporary solution to seal them, as amazing as these goggles are. You will need two kinds: the colored/silver lens for day riding and the clear lens for night, otherwise, the colored/silver lens might make things too dark and impair your view.


Dmeixs Dirt Bike Goggles Customer Review

Work Great.

I ordered these for my 12-year-old daughter who rides motocross. She loves them. She wanted something to help with the bright Florida sun, and these did the trick. They do fog a little, but it’s to be expected in the brutal Florida heat. We detached the nose piece, simply as a personal preference. It’s easy to snap on and off. They fit great on her helmet.

Laurie Donahoo

Like I mentioned your eyes are too important for you not to invest in a high-quality pair of dirt biking goggles.

One of our rules of thumb is with Dirtbike goggles is to buy the best pair that you can afford. This rules applies for all off your dirt bike gear.

Luckily there are lots of high-quality 100% goggles that are also a fordable and don’t break the bank so you really have no excuse to not have a high-quality dirtbike goggle.