This is an article about the very best 2021 50cc dirt bikes for kids

Having lots of different options can be overwhelming on which 50cc dirt bike would be the very best for you and your kids.

It’s important that you choose the right kids dirt bike for the type of riding and terrain you plan on spending the most time on.

You want to make sure that you spend your hard-earned cash on the very best 50cc dirt bike on the market.

Now you can choose to purchase a cheaper 50cc dirt bike that is made in China. However, the very best 50cc dirt bikes are built by high-quality dirt bike manufacturers.

Major dirt bike manufacturers that make reliable 50cc kids dirt bikes:

  • Yamaha
  • Honda
  • Kawasaki
  • Suzuki
  • KTM / Husqvarna

All of these dirt bikes manufacturers make high-quality dirt bikes but not all of them make a 50cc dirt bike. In fact, some of them only make 50cc 4 stroke and others 50cc 2 strokes dirt bikes.

Kawasaki doesn’t make a KX50F dirt bike. Kawasaki does make a KX110 but its a 110cc motor.

That leaves with the others.

Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki make a 50 cc dirt bike that is an air-cooled semi-automatic 4 stroke. They have smaller suspension which means less travel and because they are semi-automatic transmission they are also a bit heavy. This 50cc dirt bikes are built for trail riding and are not built for racing or motocross tracks.

KTM / Husqvarna are both owned by KTM so they are essentially the very same dirt bike just different plastics and colors. Cobra is an American owned and built dirt bike manufacturer.

The KTM and Husky come with an automatic centrifugal clutch. Which is a clutch that as the motor spins so do the clutches and the speed expands the clutch outwards which grips and causes the bike to move forward.

This works with riding on a motocross track but this type of on-off switch feel makes it harder to trail ride where you need the tires to grip and not just spin the rear wheel.

I have used a KTM50SX for riding trails with my kids but with the wheel spin, it makes it a bit harder to trail ride these types of bikes. If your kids are just getting started then a trail bike like a Honda CRF50 or Yamaha TTR50 bikes.

In this article we discuss the different types of kids 50cc dirt bikes you have available to purchase. The type of terrain and what you plan on riding will help you make a decision on which 50cc dirt bike fits best.

There are 2 types of dirt bike riding that we can split the kids 50cc dirt bikes into.

Before reading about the best 50cc dirt bikes, here is what you need to know:

Kids 50cc Types of riding terrain

  • Motocross riding
  • Trail riding

All of the 50cc kid’s dirt bikes fall into these 2 categories. Now, I want to be clear you can ride motocross with a trails bike and vice versa. However, they weren’t built for that.

If you are wanting to ride around the farm and on trails then a trail 50cc would be a better-suited bike for your kids. If you want to race or ride motocross tracks then kids 50cc dirt bike would be the choice.

We are going to go into the difference between 50cc motocross bikes and 50cc trail bikes.

Kids 50cc differences

  • Suspension
  • Motor
  • Gearing
  • Transmission

Typically, a 50cc motocross bikes have larger suspension, more power, and better brakes. A 50cc trails bike is usually air-cooled, softer suspension, and softer motor.

Motocross has big jumps and requires a larger suspension travel and more power. If you plan on racing the kid’s motocross bikes are better suited for racing.

Kids 50cc motors

  • 2 stroke
  • 4 stroke

Typically the 50cc motocross bikes have a liquid-cooled 2 stroke motor. These 2 stroke motors are more powerful and are tuned for racing. This makes them great for motocross. Along with the higher quality suspension parts, these are the best on the market for kid racing 50cc dirt bikes.

The trail 50cc dirt bikes are air-cooled 4 strokes. Per cc, a 2 stroke motor will make more horsepower than a 4 stroke. These 50cc trail bikes are easier to ride and are less powerful. Because they are a 4 stroke they are also quieter than there 2 stroke brethren. Read here more about 2 stroke vs 4 stroke dirt bikes.

They have smaller suspension travel and are softer forks/shocks. Some of these have electric start. The Yamaha TTR50 has e-start. Most others come with a Kickstarter. Having an electric start allows your kid to be able to start the bike themselves without the help of an adult. This is great for trail riding. In fact, lots of adults that trail ride prefer dirt bikes with electric start as well.

With the kids 50cc dirt bikes they are either a semi-automatic 3-speed dirt bike or automatic clutch.

Most 50cc kid bikes do not have a manual clutch. You can either choose from a semi-automatic 3-speed clutch as you see in a CRF50 or TTR50. The other option is a centrifugal automatic clutch like you see in a KTM 50SX.

Let’s dive into some of the differences in the world of 50cc kid’s dirt bikes.

Kids 50cc Suspension setups

Motocross 50cc Suspension
  • Front adjustable upside-down Forks
  • Premium parts
  • Rear adjustable shock
  • Large clearance or travel
Trail 50cc Suspension
  • Basic nonadjustable forks
  • Lower clearance or travel
  • Basic nonadjustable rear shock

Lets split up all the different types of dirt bikes with their names and manufacture.

For the top 3 kids, 50cc trail dirt bikes here is the list of the very best we have in the market. Honda has built a 50cc dirt bike for a very long time. Same with Yamaha, they make an electric start 50cc and a PW50. The TTR50E has a taller seat height than its PW50 brother. The TTR50E is a 4 stroke motor whereas the PW50 is an air-cooled 2 stroke motor. The Yamaha PW50 is an automatic clutch.

Best 50cc Trail dirt bikes for kids for 2021:

These best 50cc kid’s motocross bikes are all competitive race-ready dirt bikes. Like I mentioned earlier the KTM and Husqvarna are the same bikes. KTM owns Husqvarna. KTM does make a smaller seat height dirt bike called the KTM 50SX Mini. This is kinda like a supped up, better version of the Yamaha PW50.

Cobra is a lesser-known dirt bike company in the world of youth dirt bikes. But don’t let that get in the way, Cobra makes REALLY competitive race-ready dirt bikes. Factory Cobra has been around since 1993 and is made in the USA.

Which one is the best for racing? I feel like all of them would work but KTM has a larger dealer network that makes KTM bikes easier to get fixed and to find replacement parts.

Kid riding the 2021 50cc Honda CRF50F dirt bike
Kid riding the 2021 50cc Honda CRF50F dirt bike

Honda CRF50F

Well known for being a really reliable and beginner-friendly dirt bike. The CRF50F has been around for a very long time and has pretty much remained unchanged. A 3-speed semi-automatic transmission is easy to ride. An air-cooled four-stroke carburated motor the Honda CRF50F is a kickstart.

The 2021 Honda CRF50 BASE MSRP is $1,599


Engine Type49cc air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
TransmissionThree-speed with automatic clutch
Front SuspensionInverted telescopic fork; 3.5-inches of travel
Rear SuspensionSingle-shock; 2.8-inches of travel
Seat Height21.6 inches
Ground Clearance5.8 inches
Curb Weight110 pounds (ready to ride)

2021 50cc Yamaha TTR50
One of the best 2021 50cc Dirtbikes, the Yamaha TTR50.

Yamaha TTR50

Along with Honda the Yamaha TTR50 is also very well known for being a reliable dirt bike. Very similar to the Honda with an air-cooled 4 stroke motor with a 3-speed automatic transmission. However, the Yamaha TTR50 comes with an electric start.

Yamaha TTR50E costs around $1,699


Engine Type49cc air-cooled SOHC 4-stroke with 2 valves
TransmissionConstant-mesh 3-speed; automatic clutch
Front SuspensionTelescopic fork; 3.8-in travel
Rear SuspensionSingle shock; 2.8-in travel
Seat Height21.9 in
Ground Clearance5.3 in
Weight126 lb

Yamaha PW50, the smallest 50cc kids dirt bike
Yamaha PW50, the smallest 50cc kids dirt bike

Yamaha PW50

The Yamaha PW50 is the ultimate 50cc beginners dirt bike. It comes with a smaller seat height then its Yamaha TTR50 big brother. Also, its a fully automatic transmission so your beginner dirt bike rider doesn’t have to worry about shifting. The PW50 comes with an air cooled 2 stroke motor.

Yamaha PW50 cists $1,649 and is little bit more expensive than the 2020 year model. Keep that in mind as they are basically the same bike.


Engine Type49cc air-cooled 2-stroke; reed-valve induction
TransmissionWet centrifugal automatic
Front Suspension26mm telescopic fork; 2.4-in travel
Rear SuspensionUnit swingarm; 2.0-in travel
Seat Height18.7 in
Ground Clearance3.7 in
Weight90 lb

Suzuki DRZ 50 cubic centimetres dirt bike
Suzuki DRZ 50 cubic centimetres dirt bike for kids

Suzuki DR-Z50

Suzuki also makes a really good and reliable kids 50cc dirt bike. 3-speed semi-automatic transmission the Suzuki DR-Z50 also comes with an air-cooled 4 stroke motor that is started with electric start.

Suzuki DR-Z50 ($1,749)

Engine Type49cc, 4-stroke, air-cooled, single cylinder, OHC
Transmission3-speed constant mesh, automatic clutch
Front Suspension26mm telescopic fork; 2.4-in travel
Rear SuspensionUnit swingarm; 2.0-in travel
Seat Height22.0 in. (560 mm)
Ground Clearance5.3 in. (135 mm)
Weight119 lb. (54 kg)

2021 Top Kids 50cc Motocross dirt bikes

  • KTM 50SX Mini ($3,849)
  • KTM 50SX ($4,349)
  • Husqvarna TC 50 Mini ($3,849)
  • Husqvarna TC 50 ($4,349)
  • Cobra CX50 P3 ($3,598)
  • Cobra CX50 JR ($3,998)
  • Cobra CX50 SR ($4,198)
  • Cobra CX50 FWE ($5,198)

No matter if you choose a kids 50cc from the trail dirt bikes list or the motocross 50cc dirt bikes, these are the VERY best kid dirt bikes on the market.

No matter what you think a Chinese or Taiwanese dirt bike is not manufactured to the same specs that a Japenese, American, or Austrian made dirt bike. They are cheaper for a reason.

The cost of a trail 50cc dirt bike versus a motocross dirt bike is quite a big gap. You can get a trail bike for under $2000 whereas a 50cc motocross dirt bike costs around $5000.

The reason for the huge price difference is the larger suspension and racing components.

However, for example, if you buy a used Honda CRF50 they actually hold their value very well. I have purchased a Honda CRF50 for $1000 and sold it after 3 years for $850. That means the cost of ownership was $50 dollars a year. The cost of ownership is really good with the Honda and Yamaha’s.

Whereas a Chinese dirt bike will lose its value MUCH faster than the other dirt bikes. In fact, they can downright hard to sell.

I prefer to spend my time riding dirt bikes with my kids instead of fixing them all the time.

That doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do the required maintenance on your kid’s dirt bikes. Changed the oil and air filter are a must.

Finding the right 50cc dirt bike for your kid if they want to race or ride trails its important to choose the right type of dirt bike for the type of riding. You also want to make sure that you choose a kids dirt bike that holds its value because your kids will grow out of them. Also, find a dealership that you like and buy that brand of dirt bike so they can help you with any setup or maintenance.

Honda, KTM, Suzuki, Cobra, and Yamaha all make high quality 50cc dirt bikes. It’s your choice.

KTM 50 SX Mini
50CC Dirt bike by KTM, the KTM 50 SX Mini


KTM makes high-quality race-ready dirt bikes. The KTM 50 SX MINI is a mini motocross dirt bike that comes with a fully automatic clutch and a race-ready 2 stroke liquid-cooled motor. High-quality WP suspension and disc brakes.

50cc kids motocross dirt bike by KTM, the KTM 50 SX


Just like the KTM Mini dirt bike the KTM 50 SX is a staple in the kids motocross dirt bike racing. Built with race-ready suspension and a full automatic transmission. The KTM 50 SX has a liquid-cooled 2 stroke race motor.

9 year olds kids cobra CX65 dirt bike
50cc automatic dirt bike, the CX65

COBRA 50 CC dirt bikes

Cobra is a USA based kids dirt bike manufacture that builds high quality full race-ready 50cc automatic dirt bikes. Cobra’s are liquid-cooled 2 strokes that have some have full automatic transmission. Other Cobra 50cc motocross bikes come with a manual transmission.

Final Words:

No matter which 50cc dirt bike you choose for your kid from this list, make sure that he has a dirt bike that fit his size and he is riding protected. I just hope i helped you make the right choice, as i learn with you as my kids grow and ride with me.