If you made it here, then you must be a woman in love with off-road racing. But, it’s essential to know that there’s virtually no way you can race without proper women’s motocross boots or dirt bike boots. They are important riding accessories to increase your racing experience and boost your riding confidence.

You don’t need to be concerned about falling off your ride unexpectedly. The best motocross boots protect your body from severe injury during dirt bike riding. There’s still more to its outstanding features! With these kits, you can confidently control a dirt bike, balance your weight on the bike and move around quickly.

Girl riding dirt bike in full motocross gear
Girl riding a dirt bike in red motocross gear

Meanwhile, if you have been on market research, you will testify that it takes lots of effort to come home with the best of these models. Besides, you might find it challenging to discern a coupe from a clunker. That’s because there are thousands of motocross boots with the same features, different designs, materials, shapes, and colors in the market today.

But, you know what girl? You got no worries! We’ve handpicked the 5 best women motocross boots worth buying these days. How about we check them out?

1.    O’Neal Women’s Rider Boots

O’Neal Women’s Rider Boots
Top of our list, the O’Neal Women’s Rider Boots

Topping our list of the best women’s motocross boots is these unique boots from O’Neal. It is undoubtedly true that O’Neal has been producing motorcycle gear, parts, and other accessories for so long. The company becomes the most sought for as they made customers’ security and safety their utmost priority. O’Neal is tough to beat when it comes to quality and durable products. If this sounds so untrue, this product is proof.

This boot has been equipped with safety features to provide maximum protection to all riders across the world.  It comes with molded plastic plates to safeguard you from all abrasion. So, you can be sure its functionality and durability are certain. Aside from this, the boot metal toe guard also adds to safety.  

They are super effortless to operate, easy on the feet, and comfortable to pull on. O’Neal created these boots with an adjustable buckle closure system for convenience. Its high-quality welt sole gives you maximum balance on the bike and extra comfort. In fact, it has a synthetic leather heat shield to prevent you from any heat damage.

O’Neal Women’s Rider Boots combine elegance in design. But many complain about the boots being too stiff and affecting racing. Putting aside this, it’s worth investing in.


·         Comfortable

·         Easy operation

·         It has a heat shield

·         Attractive design

·         Provides good grip


·         The boots are too stiff

2.    Fox Racing Women’s Comp Motocross Boot

Fox Racing Women’s Comp Motocross Boot
You can’t go wrong with the Fox Racing Women’s Comp Motocross Boot, available in black and black and pink

It’s not surprising that the Fox Racing Women’s Comp Motocross Boot takes second on the list. That’s because Fox Racing is one of the world’s best motocross manufacturers. Its products’ outstanding safety features made it stand out among all other competitors. Fox Racing Women’s Comp Motocross Boot is specifically built to provide you with instant step-in comfort and security.

The first impressive feature that attracts us to this model is the style. It comes with an elegant design which is definitely worth the look. It comes in a blend of two colors, pink and black. Not only is this model cute, but it’s also durable.  Hence, it won’t wear or tear anytime soon.

It is made with polyester materials to ensure flexibility. The boots have an internal lace system to ensure it fits perfectly around your ankle.  Its shin plate is an additional protective feature. Our favourite feature is the toe cap and calf guard, which also aid safety while riding. So, you can be sure you’re safe from any unforeseen injury.

What more? Fox Racing Boots provides a styled lower buckle that guarantees safe fastening. Like the other products, it also has an adjustable closure system. With this,  it’s ideal for all impact areas and variable conditions. The only blemish with it is that you might find it hard to fasten. Aside from this bugbear, it is worth the price.


·         High-quality materials

·         Long-lasting

·         Securely fit

·         Reasonably priced

·         Corrosion-resistant


·         Not easy to secure

3.    Alpinestars Women’s Stella Tech 3 Boots

Alpinestars Women’s Stella Tech 3 Boots
The Alpinestars Women’s Stella Tech 3 Boots

No matter how often you search for the best motocross boots for the season, there’ll always be a result for this model. They come with unique features to help set them aside from all other boots available on the track today. If you’re searching for dirt bike boots that provide maximum clutch, this product is a great pick for you.

It is made in Thailand. Alpinestars Women’s Stella Tech 3 Boots incorporates innovative panels to provide a good grip on the bike. With this, you can confidently race with absolute confidence. This model comes with a heat and moisture resistance shield.

What makes these boots ahead of the curve is how customizable it is. Alpinestars designs this model with a simple yet stunning design. It has a multi-color print that made it a lid choice for all users across the world.

The foot shield and toe protector are made of steel materials which guarantee their durability. Likewise, these models are available in many sizes so that you can pick the best fits for your feet.


·         Abrasion resistance

·         Provides good grip

·         Ensures adequate safety

·         Sleek design


·         Pricey

4.    Fox Women’s Boots

Fox Women’s Boots
Fox Women’s Boots

It’s not by mistake Fox Women’s Boots made it to the list. This model has varieties of unique features you can’t afford to miss out on. Suppose there’s one thing to define these spectacular boots, that’s high quality. This model is designed from high-density materials. This fabric ensures it lasts you for an extended period.

Its toe cap and calf guard give riders full coverage on the bike. Besides, its shin plate is perfect for harsh environments.  Don’t forget it features an instinct lower buckle to ensure it fits perfectly well.

Aside from this, the kit is effortless to wear and fasten. Consequently, you will find it comfortable regardless of the times you tried putting the boots on. As if that’s not enough, the rubber outsole provides excellent grip and support on your foot. This also aids in safety and protection even when going off-road.


·         Made of rubber

·         Lightweight

·         Cozy

·         Withstand hard impact

·         Provide great grip


·         Can look too big

5.    2021 Fly Racing Maverik Boot

2021 Fly Racing Maverik Boot
2023 Fly Racing Maverik Boot

We cannot complete this list without reviewing this outstanding model from Maverik. There is so much good praise for these boots. Besides, Maverik is one of the reputable brands in the motorcycle industry. Its products don’t lack in quality, so it’s always a sure buy. Likewise, its initiative towards safety made it a great pick.

It is strengthened with impressive features more than you’ll expect it to. The Fly Racing Maverik women’s dirt bike boots give you enough room to break in and yet support your ankle on off-road racing.  Its price tag is nothing to cough at. It’s reasonably priced.

This model heat shield, plastic shin plate, adjustable buckles, and elastic gaiter ensure absolute protection and excellent bike control. What else? It has a modern, sturdy and lightweight rubber sole for comfort’s sake.

It’s available in four different colors, you can choose your preferences. Unfortunately, you might not like the fact that it requires much effort to adjust.


·         Super comfortable

·         Offers good hold

·         Flimsy

·         Long-lasting

·         Secure


·         Not effortless to adjust the buckles.

Essential Factors to Consider when choosing a Motocross Boot

It’s not a debate that there are many motocross boots in the park today. However, if you want to purchase boots, we oblige you to opt-in for the best. That’s because the best product is highly functional and also serves you for a long time. But, do you know the important factors to put in mind when buying them? We sincerely doubt it. That’s why we made this section available to ensure you lay hands on the right dirt bike boots.  


Before you purchase anything, you must consider the price point you want to stay within, and the motocross boot is not left out. All shoes are made differently from variant manufacturers, so be sure the price will vary. However, it’s vital to put in mind your budget before investing in any dirt bike boots.

Suppose you’re on a low budget, opt-in for products with lesser price. Nevertheless, pricing should be the minor factor to focus on regarding stability and safety. Meanwhile, if you want to get high-quality products, be ready to spend more.


Safety is one of the crucial factors to consider when choosing the best dirt bike boots. Like all other products, no one wants to use boots that don’t guarantee their security.

Whenever you ride, your legs are in contact with the ground. Consequently, you’re at a high risk of sustaining severe injury. However, any boot with a strong toe guard,  durable shin plate is exactly what you need. It gives you absolute, unyielding support and protection.


Indeed, you don’t want to settle for any uncomfortable boots. That’s why you should invest in motocross boots that are flexible and provide you with maximum comfort. These boots are worn for an extended time, so you need to ensure they remain cozy throughout your ride.

Weight is another feature that contributes to riders’ comforts. However, if you want a kit that provides the utmost comforts, lightweight products are the best.   


Regardless of the amount you’re ready to spend on the boots, the best thing is to get a long-lasting product.  Meanwhile, to get durable products, they must be made of premium materials.

Most motocross boots are molded either from rubber or leather materials. You only need to be sure they can last you for an extended period. Besides, no one wants to waste much time and money getting a product that can break off in the blink of an eye.


Even though this might sound surprising, trust us, it’s one of the paramount factors never to overlook. There are thousands of motorcycle accessories manufacturers in the bunch with different reputations and ratings.

However, buying from a reputable company will guarantee quality products. Moreover, no brand will want to jeopardize its esteem for fake products. So, you should ensure you purchase from a company with high standards boots.


Do I need to wear motocross boots?

Absolutely! You must wear motocross boots as they are highly functional protective riding accessories. The kits safeguard you from any dangerous falls. Motocross boots provide you with more stability and adequate dirt bike controls. As a result of this, it keeps you stuck on the bike to prevent you from slipping off.
Do you think that’s all? Not yet! With much safety and protection in mind, it makes you a more confident and excellent rider. This, in turn, ensures a fun-filled racing experience.  Also, you can attempt different moves on your ride.

Should motocross boots be tight?

Yes! But, it should not be too tight or loose. It must be as tight as possible yet provides you with maximum comfort. Just like any other shoe, wearing a boot that’s too tight will make your toes feel uncomfortable.  Besides, your feet can swell up quickly. So, it’s advisable to get the perfect fit or size to ensure you feel pleasant throughout your racing.

How much do the motocross boots weigh?

The average weight of dirt bike boots is 4.75 pounds, and it makes you feel much lighter. But, other products weigh up to 10 pounds. That’s quite vast, right? Meanwhile, every rider has a choice to make when it comes to motocross boots. But pick the one that is not too heavy, gives maximum control, and you’re comfortable with.

Can I wear motocross boots for street riding?

No! Motocross boots are neither meant for walking nor ideal for street riding. That’s because they are fastened, stiff, or clumsy. With this, you won’t feel comfortable taking a tour with them.
Have you ever imagine walking with boots when the rain falls? Your feet will get soaked and bring discomfort. The last thing you want to do is inconvenience yourself. Moreover, this kit is only suitable for racing, not for everyday riding.

Do dirt bike boots last long?

That’s incredible enough. So, imagine you buying motocross boots made of quality materials? Be sure you will have it for lifetime use.

Wrap up

Motocross boots do more than protect your feet and ankles from an accident. This kind of MX gear provides you with safe, breathing, and enjoyable racing events. And, if you are interested in gearing up your motocross buddy, then check our complete head-to-toe best motocross riding gear recommendation.

Having fun on the motocross trail
Girl having fun on the motocross trail

Separately, you can protect your feet for off-road adventure with these dirt bike boots for trail riding.

There you have it! The top 5 women’s motocross boots for 2021. All products included in this post are of excellent quality, effortless to purchase and control. Regardless of the one you pick, it will serve you right.