Riding dirt bikes at night offers a whole different experience than riding in the day. Its cooler at night which means sometimes in the heat of summertime it’s better to get out and ride at night.

However, there is an issue….

Typically your dirt bike either does not come with a headlight or the stock headlight….well just isn’t bright enough. 

Most stock headlights are really just for “getting” you back home when it gets dark. Is it better than nothing? Yes but forget about wanting to use the stock dirt bike headlight for racing or even trail riding.

Adding or using a light bar is one of the ways you can add more light to your dirt bike so that you really can enjoy riding at night. Having more light means you are much SAFER.

While there are a few options you can spring for when trying to get better lighting on your dirt bike, today we are going to talk about LED Light bars.

When LED lights first hit the market they made a really big splash because of how bright and efficient they were. Light manufactures started putting LED lights into bars. 

These LED light bars became really popular in the offroad world. 

Basically an LED light bar is a bunch of LED lights that project light outwards with the help of electroluminescence technology. This helps project a REALLY bright lighting path.

Dirt bike light companies saw that they could use LED lights for racing and riding at night. 

Why choose a LED light bar for dirt biking?

Like I mentioned above, the factory headlights tend to not be bright enough especially for racing at night. You will end up outrunning your light. 

This means you need to beef up your dirt bike lighting. Or add a light if you don’t have a light on your dirt bike. Most dirt bikes that have electric start will have a stator that will work with adding lights. 

However, the brighter the light the more power it draws. You will want to make sure you have a big enough stator for the light before purchasing it.

An LED light bar is a solid choice to get WAY more light than your stock lighting. These light bars tend to be 2000-5000 lumens which is insanely bright. 

This allows you to ride faster and see more when riding at night. While I always recommend riding safe at night its just important to make sure that you light up all of the trail.

Will any LED Light Bar work for Dirt biking?

The answer is NO.

Most light bars are going to be too big and require to much power to effectively work. I would HIGHLY recommend that you buy a LED light bar that has been specifically built for dirt biking. The reason for this is the mounting brackets are going to be perfect allowing the LED mounting bar to mount up correctly. 

Also, the LED light bar will be designed specifically for riding dirt bikes at night.


Types of LED Light Bars for Dirt Biking at night

There really are 2 types of LED light bars that will work with dirt bikes. Some dirt bikes come with a battery and some do not. How do you solve this if you want to use a light on a dirt bike that has no battery? There are battery-powered LED light bars that allow you to use a separate provided battery to keep the light on. This is perfect for all those guys that do not have a battery and still want to ride dirt bikes at night.


For those that have an electric start or a battery, you have the option to hardwire the LED light bar directly to your battery. This is why it’s important to pick a dirt bike-specific LED light bar instead of a random one. The LED Hardwire LED light bar option will provide with all the wiring harnesses you need. They also come with waterproof connectors.


Types of dirt bike LED Light Bars:

  • Battery-Powered LED Light Bar
  • Hardwired Wired LED Light Bar


Who makes the BEST Dirt Bike LED Light Bar?

Task racing is one of the few dirt bikes LED manufacturers that make dirt bike-specific LED light bars. This is great as they will provide you all the wiring and also all the mounting hardware to make sure it mounts to your dirt bike.

You can get the Task Racing LED light bar in a 6″ 10″ or 12″ light bar. The LED is 25% brighter than the old Task Racing models. When you buy a Task Racing LED light bar for your dirt bike it will come with everything you need. 

You can buy a Task Racing hardwire package or a Task Racing battery-powered package.


best LED Light Bar

Task Racing- Rechargeable battery Light Bar

  • rechargeable battery
  • works for ALL dirt bikes
  • Everything included
  • 3100-6200 Lumens

Task Racing- Universal Hardwired Light Bar

  • Universal Hardwire Kit
  • Plug and Play
  • On/Off swich
  • 3100-6200 Lumens

Task Racing- KTM OEM Light Bar Package

  • Comes in 6,10,12 inch sizes
  • Replaces OEM Ligting
  • 3100-6200 Lumens
  • Under 5lbs
hardwire LED light bar for dirt biking

Task Racing LED Light Bars – Hardwire

  • Comes with ALL the mounting hardwire and zip ties
  • Wire harness with on/off handlebar switch
  • Directions
  • Waterproof connectors
  • Inline fuses
  • Stainless steel
  • 6 ” 35 Watts and 3100 Lumens
  • 10″ 54 Watts and 4650 Lumens
  • 12″ 72 Watts and 6200 Lumens
LED LIght bar for dirt biking

Task Racing LED Light Bars – Battery

  • Comes with ALL the mounting hardwire and zip ties
  • Wire harness with on/off handlebar switch
  • Directions
  • 12v Li-Ion rechargeable Battery 
  • Inline fuses
  • Stainless steel
  • 6 ” 35 Watts and 3100 Lumens
  • 10″ 54 Watts and 4650 Lumens
  • 12″ 72 Watts and 6200 Lumens

Task Racing makes the best-LED Lightbar for dirt biking at night. It’s affordable and made from high-quality products. This allows you to continue riding into the night.

Nothing is more fun than the ability to keep riding. 

Make sure that you are safe and buy a high-quality dirt bike LED light whenever you plan on riding dirt bikes at night.