*** this is a review of the Ultimate MX Hauler for dirt bikes. 

Riding dirt bikes is probably one of the most favorite things in my life. I am not one of the lucky ones that can just ride their dirt bike straight from their garage. I have to pack up my dirt bike and haul it somewhere to ride.

While there are LOTS of different options to haul your dirt bike, I want to talk about one of the best and most compact ways to haul your dirt bike using just the hitch of your SUV or Truck.

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Why do you need the Ultimate MX Hauler?

Usually, those that do not have a way to trailer or truck their dirt bikes to the riding area need one of these MX Haulers. They are safer than a standard motorcycle hitch carrier and allow for better rear clearance.

Already have a truck?

Even though I have a truck, I cannot tell you how many times I have needed to haul other things or more than 3-4 bikes on a trip and having the ability to haul a dirt bike on the hitch is really nice.

What you need to consider when choosing the Ultimate MX Hauler

The Ultimate MX Hauler is built from high-quality high strength steel. The entire construction of the Ultimate MX Hauler is from laser-cut link arts and comes with a durable powder coat finish. 5/8 in shafts hold your dirt bike to the deck of the Ultimate MX Hauler and there are winged safety screws that lock the lift into place. This high-quality construction helps make the Ultimate MX Hauler one of the best and more durable dirt bike hitch haulers on the market.

The Weight Capacity of the Ultimate MX Hauler

The MX Hauler weighs around 60lbs and can support dirt bikes that weigh 375 lbs.

Generally, most standard dirt bikes weigh below 300 lbs. All motocross dirt bikes weigh under 300 lbs. There are a few adventure dirt bikes and XR650 dirt bikes that weigh more than the 300 lbs.

The Ultimate MX Hauler is meant to haul dirt bikes not street bikes. 

Make sure that you know how much your dirt bike weighs if you are not sure. Most full-sized dirt bikes max out around 280lbs.

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Hitch Receivers that work with the Ultimate MX Hauler

The Ultimate MX Hauler is build to fit in a standard 2″ hitch receiver. This means that the MX Hauler will fit just about anything out there that has a hitch. Keep in mind that you are putting almost 400lbs of weight on the hitch receiver which can cause the rear of your vehicle to sag. You can get option hitch receivers that have a “drop” on them which means that you have the ability to use the hitch to get more clearance or less clearance depending on how tall or how low your vehicle is.

Ramp Length

The Ultimate MX Hauler is super compact. The size of the lift deck or platform where you hook your dirt bike to the hauler is big enough to set your frame on but not too big that you cannot haul kids or mini dirt bikes.

Keep in mind as I mentioned above the Ultimate MX Hauler is built for standard dirt bikes, not larger road bikes. 

Ultimate MX Hauler Dimensions

  • Weight 65 lbs
  • Size 22 x 16 x 10 In

The MX Hauler is super compact which means that it will not take up a ton of space in the garage when you are needing to store the dirt bike hauler. 

Personally I love my MX hauler and use it all the time. When you need to carry and extra bike or your truck bed is loaded with other cargo the Ultimate MX Hauler is the perfect solution.

If you have an SUV or Van this is a must-have addition for hauling your dirt bikes.

Hitch mounted dirt bike carrier

How to use the Ultimate MX Hauler

Luckily for us, the Ultimate MX Hauler is really simple and easy to use. There are some steps that need to be followed before you can load up and go ride your dirt bike. The Ultimate MX Hauler is a hitch receiver mounted dirt bike hauler that also has a hydraulic lift jack that will lift your dirt bike up off the ground.

10 Step Ultimate MX Hauler Installation Guide:

  1. Mount the Ultimate MX Hauler into the receiver hitch. 
  2. Make sure the Platform is completely lowered (Hydraulic Lift Jack and the platform should rest 3″ below the bottom of the receiver hitch)
  3. Remove the 5/8″ hook shafts from the Platform
  4. Position the dirt bike over the Ultimate MX Hauler platform
  5. Reattach the 5/8 in hook shafts to your dirt bike pegs
  6. Use the Hydraulic Lift Jack to lift the dirt bike up
  7. Once you are in the full “up” position use the 1/2″ winged screw to secure the Ultimate MX Hauler lift in place
  8. Use a ratchet-style tie-down from the handlebar to a single tie-down loop to keep the front of the dirt bike planted.
  9. Make sure everything is in place and that the 1/2″ wing stabilization hitch pin is secure.

How to remove the Ultimate MX Hauler

This is really easy. Make sure that you have lowered the Hydraulic Jack and removed your dirt bike before taking the MX Hauler out of the receiver hitch of your vehicle.

  1. Remove the 1/2″ winged safety pin in the UP position
  2. Use the Hydraulic Jack to lower the platform and dirt bike down to the ground
  3. Remove the tie-downs and peg 5/8″ shafts
  4. Safely remove the dirt bike from the platform
  5. Remove the hitch receiver pin and remove the Ultimate MX Hauler



Don’t have a Truck or Trailer to haul your dirt bikes?

I am a big fan of anyone and everyone getting out to the trails and riding dirt bikes. It doesn’t matter what you are hauling your dirt bike with as long as you have a hitch to fit the compact dirt bike hauler called the Ultimate MX Hauler.

The MX Hauler will attach to your hitch and is a state of the art dirt bike hauler.

Ultimate MX Hauler Fitment Guide:

  • SUV with Hitch
  • Mini Van with Hitch
  • Truck with Hitch

Ultimate MX Hauler Specs

  • Weighs 60 lbs
  • Can Lift 375 lbs
  • 5/8 shafts secure the pegs
  • Ratchet Strap to keep the bike from swaying
  • 1/2 wing screw to lock the platform in place once the dirt bike is lifted up
  • Special holder for the hydraulic jack operating rod
  • Easy lower the platform down for easy dirt bike loading
  • Optional Gas Can Rack

Ultimate MX Hauler Pros and Cons

MX Hauler Pros:

  • Don’t need a truck bed or trailer to haul your dirt bike
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to operate
  • Safe and secure dirt bike hauling
  • Affordable
  • Stores easily
  • One person operation
  • Best and safest hitch mounted dirt bike carrier
  • NO suspension loading

Ultimate MX Hauler Cons:

  • Only hauls 1 dirt bike at a time
  • 57 lbs is heavy
  • If the strap isn’t used, dirt bike handlebars can smack your vehicle
  • More expensive than some other hitch dirt bike carriers. 

How good is the Ultimate MX Hauler?

The Ultimate MX Hauler is the safest and best hitch mounted dirt bike hauler on the market. The easy of use of the hydraulic lift allows for easy lift and lowering of your dirt bike. No strain trying to lift or push your dirt bike up a ramp. 

With the Ultimate MX Haulers platform in the down position, you can roll your bike over to the platform and attach the pegs to the screw hooks. Once they are secure you can then use the hydraulic lift to lift the bike up to the point that you put in the metal safety bar.

Ultimate MX hauler hitch
Ultimate MX hauler hitch

Practical Tips for using the MX hauler

Keep in mind that putting a dirt bike on the back of your vehicle will cause the rear suspension to sag. With the Ultimate MX Hauler there are hitches that you can get that will allow you to get more clearance to compensate for that sag. 

You want to make sure that you have enough clearance so you do not drag your front and rear tires on the pavement if you go down in a dip.

One of the issues when it comes to hauling dirt bikes is the extended time your front forks are tied down. This is hard on your internal springs and fork oil seals.

The Ultimate MX Hauler allows your suspension to be fully extended while being transported. 


The ease of use and built-in safety features make that MX Hauler one of the best hitch dirt bike carriers on the market for 2022. Being compact you will not have to take up a ton of storage room.

I have LOVED mine and use it all the time even though I have a truck.

Comment below on what you are using to haul your dirt bike around in the comments below.

Dirtbike Sam