This is an article about how to safely trailer and haul your dirt bikes. 


Buying the right dirt bike trailer is a really important step when hauling your dirt bike if you don’t have a truck to haul your dirt bike or if you would like to have a trailer to pull all your dirt bikes it’s important to make sure that you have the correct set up within your trailer to make sure that your dirt bikes are safe during transportation.

Haul your dirt bikes safely 

The last thing you want is to be going on a trip or hauling your dirt bikes down the highway or a road and your dirt bikes to fall off your trailer. This is could cause damage or even death to someone else.


  • Proper tie-down points
  • Proper soft loop Dirt Bike tie-downs
  • Dirt Bike Wheel Chock 

Tie-down points

When Transporting your dirt bike you need correct tie-down points!

The proper way to tie-down your dirt bike is what I can the “triangle effect”. Correct tie-down points are what you are after. If your tie-downs are too close to the dirt bike this means that the angle is not good enough and the dirt bike can tip over going around a corner.  Make sure you have the tie-downs far enough away where you have a good angle to keep some securely in place. Typically these tie-down points should be even so that you’re having an even pull on each side of the dirt bike.

Dirt Bike Wheel Chock

When transporting your dirt bike you want to make sure you have is something to put the front tire up against. Using a wall or the side of the trailer is not as effective as a dirt bike wheel chock. There different versions of wheel chocks.

Why do you need to keep the front tire of the dirt bike secure?

If your front tire doesn’t stay in place it will cause that perfect tie-down triangle to lose its effectiveness. Remember we are talking about the safest way to haul your dirt bike in a trailer. 

The side of a trailer that is an open deck usually has sides that ARE NOT tall enough and if you have to come to a sudden stop the dirt bike could jump the side rail.

Tying your dirt bike to the inside wall of an enclosed trailer also can slide around causing the dirt bike to fall over. (This happened to us last trip when we tied the bikes to the rear door)

Dirt Bike Tie-Downs

Having proper dirt bike tie-downs is also a crucial step. There are dirt bike-specific tie downs that come with a soft loop to hook around your handlebars or forks.

Not all soft loop dirt bike tie-downs are created equal. ProTaper makes the VERY BEST dirt bike tie-downs. The carabiner clip rotates allowing your tie down to not get twisted. 


best dirt bike tie-downs

Why it’s important to set up a trailer for dirt bike transportation

When you get a dirt bike you need to be able to haul it from place to place if you are like me and live in a place where you need to haul your dirt bike too different places to ride.

Lots of people use trucks to haul their dirt bikes but that’s not the only option.

In fact, typically you can only fit a few dirt bikes in the back of your truck….not to mention all the gear you have to bring as well…

Other Dirt Bike Hauling options instead of a Truck Bed

  • Enclosed Dirt Bike Trailer
  • Open deck Utility Dirt Bike Trailer
  • 3 Place Dirt Bike Trailer

Not all dirt bike trailers are going to be created equal so when you buy a standard flat deck trailer typically there is a small little lip or rail that you can use the pin your tire against.

Typically that really isn’t high enough and your tire will wiggle around and move which can cause your dirt bike to come loose during transportation. 

Open Deck Motorcycle or Dirt Biking Hauling Trailer

dirt bike trailers

How much does a open flatbed dirt bike trailer cost?

Price: $1000 – $6000

A common utility or landscaping open-air trailer is great for transporting dirt bikes. Typically an open deck dirt bike trailer will cost anywhere from $1000 – $6000 depending on how big the trailer is and so forth.

Typically you only need a single axle flatbed dirt bike trailer.

Flatbed Dirt Bike Trailer Pros:

  1. Affordable
  2. Multi-use
  3. Haul more than 1 dirt bike
  4. Easy to wash

Flatbed Dirt Bike Trailer Cons:

  1. Sides too small (Bikes can fall off)
  2. Exposed to weather and dirt
  3. Hard to lock Bikes
best dirt bike trailer
best dirt bike trailer
best dirt bike trailer scaled

Enclosed Dirt Bike Trailer

Hauling your dirt bike in an enclosed trailer is the safest and best way to haul your dirt bikes. Problem is that typically enclosed trailers are not cheap and take up more space on the side of the house.

When you buy an enclosed trailer they are NOT set up for hauling dirt bikes. Usually, you have some tie-down points but they are not in places that are good for tying down dirt bikes.

What different types of dirt bike trailers are on the market

Really you only have two different type of dirt bike trailers or trailers to haul your dirt bike you have enclosed trailer & open deck trailers

Now each of these types of trailers the enclosed trailer and open deck trailers have many different versions you have many different axle sizes you have single axle double axle we can touch base on those and kind of going to details what was an open deck trailer which is typically for hauling you know machines around or stuff around they don’t really have a high side usually let you know only you know maybe a foot higher last those are used to haul equipment it’s so for you also though have unique little motorcycle trailers that are open that have you know I will chalk there specifically built for hauling dirt bikes around these are like a 3 Place motorcycle or dirt bike trailer and he’s usually only have a single axle



An enclosed dirt bike trailer doesn’t have to be super fancy but in a closed-door by trailer allows you to keep your dirt bikes safe and secure you can lock the doors up to keep everything safe. Having an enclosed dirt bike trailer also keeps all the dirt the dust and debris in mud and water off your bikes. Personally I prefer using an enclosed dirt bike trailer for those very reasons you can lock them up you can keep them out of the weather, plus it’s just a nice place to have when you are out there biking up somewhere to get out change of clothes that hang out to eat food or relaxing while you’re dirt biking.

An Open Door by trailer typically is going to be much cheaper and so this might be the route you want to go to haul or transfer take your dirt bike whereas an enclosed dirt bike trailer typically cost a couple of thousand dollars more than an open dirt bike trailer.