The versatile and innovative Tusk Talon Hybrid Rear Tire was designed to meet the demands of both off-road and on-road motorcycle enthusiasts. This comprehensive review aims to provide prospective buyers with an in-depth understanding of the tire’s features, performance, and overall value, helping them make an informed decision for their motorcycle.

We will scrutinize the tire’s specifications, including size, dimensions, compound, and construction. We’ll also dive into the unique features and technologies that distinguish it from other tires in the market, providing a thorough evaluation.

A significant focus of this review will be assessing the tire’s performance in various off-road and on-road scenarios. We’ll look into its traction, cornering, stability, and braking capabilities across multiple terrains and surfaces.

Additionally, we will juxtapose the Tusk Talon Hybrid Rear Tire with its main competitors. We’ll highlight the pros and cons of each tire and delve into their pricing, offering a comparison with other tires in its category.

This review aims to showcase the capabilities of the Tusk Talon Hybrid Rear Tire, provide helpful information to prospective buyers, and ultimately assist readers in determining whether this tire is the optimal choice for their specific riding needs and preferences.

6 Signs that you need new Tires

Dirt bike tires undergo extensive testing due to their complex handling requirements. They cope with many terrains, speeds, and temperatures primarily because they’re the sole point of contact between your bike and the ground. Recognizing the warning signs that indicate your tires need to be replaced can help maintain your bike’s optimal performance and safety on the trails. Here are some symptoms meaning that it might be time for new dirt bike tires:

Worn-Out Treads: Tread wear is the most obvious sign that you need new tires. If the knobs are considerably shorter than they used to be or are worn unevenly, it’s likely time for a replacement. Be wary of rounded knobs, which can significantly undermine your trail traction.

Cracks or Cuts: Over time, harsh riding conditions, age, or accidents can cause cracks or cuts in the tread, sidewall, or bead area of dirt bike tires. These signs of deterioration can lead to tire failure and potential safety risks.

Frequent Punctures: If you frequently have to replace or repair tubes due to punctures, consider new tires. A tire’s susceptibility to punctures can increase if the tread is worn down or thinned.

Loss of Traction: If you observe a more frequent loss of traction, particularly on surfaces your tires have previously managed well, this could signal tire wear and indicate that it’s time for a tire change.

Tire Age: Regardless of how often you ride, rubber deteriorates. If your dirt bike tires are over five years old, consider replacing them.

Changes in Riding Conditions: While not a sign of wear per se, if you’re riding in new conditions, such as transitioning from soft to rugged terrain, you might need a new set of tires. Using the wrong tire can result in rapid wear and sub-optimal performance since different tires are designed for different terrains.

Tusk Talon Hybrid Rear Tire

Review of Tusk Talon Hybrid Rear Tire

After spending weeks in the field rigorously testing Tusk’s latest offering, the Talon, we can deliver an in-depth review. This extreme hybrid tire, crafted specifically for hardened trail riders and hard-enduro racers, left a notable imprint on us, showcasing stellar performance and traction in manageable to overwhelmingly intense conditions.

In our hands-on experience with the Talon, we were impressed by its distinctive super-soft gummy rubber compound paired with a soft crown construction. The tire undoubtedly provided top-tier traction. Impressively, it did not compromise on handling – an issue we’ve unfortunately encountered with other tires we’ve tested. In fact, the stiffer sidewall offered excellent control during high-intensity rides, demonstrating that traction and handling don’t necessarily have to be mutually exclusive. The Tusk Talon Hybrid Rear Tire is available in three sizes:

  • 80/100-21: 11.5 mm
  • 90/100-21: 12.3 mm
  • 110/100-18: 15 mm

In our journey to understand the evolution of hybrid tires, we discovered that they solved riders’ discontent with trial tires. We experienced firsthand how trial tires faltered in handling, braking, and cornering, despite their remarkable grip, particularly in muddy or sandy conditions. However, the Talon merged the best features of trial and motocross tires and shone impressively across diverse conditions.

A standout characteristic we observed during our tests was the Talon’s unique carcass construction and stiffer sidewall. These features suited those pushing their bikes to the limits in enduro and hard enduro riding. The soft crown molds to the terrain, enhancing the rubber’s ground contact and further amplifying traction. We can confidently assert that it’s a tire that can endure the rigors of high-speed cornering, acceleration, and braking without faltering in performance.

As for durability, while the Talon leans more towards performance than longevity, we observed it maintained a commendable level of traction even as the knobs began to wear down. This implies the Talon might not last as long as hybrids with firmer rubber compounds, like the Recon. Nevertheless, the Talon could be an excellent choice for riders who prioritize traction and performance in intense off-road conditions or for those setting off on an unforgettable adventure.

What other dirt bikers say about Tusk Talon Hybrid Rear Tire

Tusk Talon Hybrid Rear Tire Review

Performance of Tusk Talon Hybrid Rear Tire

The Tusk Talon Hybrid Rear Tire’s traction capabilities on various off-road surfaces are meticulously evaluated. Its unique design and features allow it to perform exceptionally on terrains such as mud, sand, gravel, and rocks.

Its hybrid tread design, a blend of block and knobby features provides excellent traction in muddy conditions. The tire’s self-cleaning attributes prevent mud accumulation in the tread grooves, maintaining maximum traction even in the muddiest situations. Thus, the Tusk Talon Hybrid Rear Tire equips riders with confidence and control when navigating slick and dense mud.

Traction on sandy surfaces can be challenging due to the terrain’s loose and changeable nature. However, the rubber composition and tread pattern of the Tusk Talon Hybrid Rear Tire collaborate to provide a reliable grip in the sand. The tire’s broad contact patch and flexible lugs allow it to adapt to the continually changing surface, enabling riders to maintain control and stability even on soft, deep sand.

Navigating gravel surfaces demands tires that offer stability and traction, given the unpredictable nature of these conditions. The Tusk Talon Hybrid Rear Tire performs admirably over gravel, courtesy of its hybrid tread pattern and reinforced sidewall structure.

Riding in rocky terrain can be demanding, exerting stress on the rider and the tire. But the Tusk Talon Hybrid Rear Tire, with its robust construction, puncture-resistant design, and superior traction qualities, is an excellent choice for traversing such terrains. Flexible lugs and a durable rubber compound allow the tire to conform to the shape of rocks, providing a secure grip and reducing slippage. Thanks to the reinforced sidewall, protection from collisions and sharp edges ensures the tire remains undamaged and performs consistently throughout the journey.

Tusk Talon Hybrid Rear Tire

Pros and cons



Superior traction due to super-soft gummy rubber compound

Not as durable as some other models due to the softer compound

A Stiff sidewall allows for improved handling

It may not be suited for all types of riding scenarios

Hybrid design for the best of trial and motocross tires

Available in two front tire sizes (90 and 121)

Unique carcass construction handles high-speed cornering, acceleration, and braking well

Front tire design maintains bite and traction during leaning and cornering.

Maintains excellent traction even as knobs wear down

Specifically designed for hardened trail riders and hard enduro racers

Comparing the Tusk Talon and Tusk Crossbite Tires

The Talon has you covered if you’re searching for a tire grip that excels, particularly during off-road ventures. Its impressively flexible soft crown structure and gummy rubber composition genuinely mold to the terrain, offering incredible grip. The Crossbite, however, is no underachiever; its large knobs latch onto anything from hardpack to rocks, making it a solid all-around option if you’re encountering diverse terrains.

The Talon’s sturdier sidewall lends it an advantage in handling when you’re pushing boundaries on challenging enduro rides – it’s like a secret asset for daring riders. Conversely, the Crossbite’s balanced knob spacing and sidewall construction deliver dependable handling if you frequently transition between different terrains.

The Crossbite has the upper hand regarding long-term durability, thanks to its harder rubber compound and reinforced knobs. The Talon is concentrated more on performance, and while its knobs maintain traction commendably well as they wear, the softer compound might not hold up as long.

FAQ about Tusk Talon Hybrid Rear Tire

  • Q: Does the Tusk Talon Hybrid Rear Tire offer good traction?

    A: Yes, the Tusk Talon Hybrid Rear Tire does offer excellent traction. Its advanced design and construction play significant roles in this. The tire uses a unique hybrid tread pattern, integrating the best aspects of motocross and trial tires.

  • Q: What kind of terrain is the Tusk Talon Hybrid Rear Tire best for?

    A: The Tusk Talon Hybrid Rear Tire is engineered to excel on various terrains, making it an excellent choice for riders who frequently transition between different riding conditions. Due to its unique hybrid tread design, this tire shines on hard-pack terrain, rocky trails, and gravel roads.

  • Q: Does the Tusk Talon Hybrid Rear Tire prioritize performance or durability?

    A: While the Tusk Talon Hybrid Rear Tire is primarily performance-oriented, it maintains good traction as the knobs wear down. However, it may not last as long as tires with firmer compounds.


I have to confess that after tearing up the trails with the Tusk Talon Hybrid Rear Tire, I found it to be an absolute powerhouse in terms of performance and traction. It presents a special blend of features for aggressive riders who thrive on rugged terrain. Due to its super-soft gummy rubber compound, a soft crown structure that molds to the terrain, and a sturdier sidewall for enhanced handling, the Talon stands out amongst hybrid tires.

However, it’s important to remember that the Talon was crafted with performance at the forefront. Therefore, its wear rate might be higher than tires of a sturdier compound. Despite this, the Talon still offers outstanding traction even as the knobs begin to degrade. As a result, if you’re a rider who values traction and handling over durability and are willing to trade off some durability for superior performance, the Talon could be a fantastic choice.