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One of the most essential parts of any motorbike is the braking system. It is pivotal in ensuring the rider’s safety and significantly affects the overall performance and riding experience. The brake caliper and brake disc are vital components within the intricate ensemble of the motorcycle’s braking system. These components work in tandem to halt the bike when needed. As such, it is imperative to shield these parts from damage and ensure they are securely attached. This review will delve into the Tusk Rear Brake Caliper Support w/ Brake Disc Guard, an exceptional product designed to fulfill these needs.

Tusk has earned a stellar reputation for manufacturing high-quality motorcycle parts and accessories, making it a brand of choice for beginners and seasoned riders. Tusk’s offerings’ reliability, functionality, and value have made it a go-to option for motorcycle enthusiasts seeking to upgrade or replace various components.

Tusk Rear Brake Caliper Support w/ Brake Disc Guard

Overview of the Importance of Tusk Rear Brake Caliper Support w/ Brake Disc Guard

Undoubtedly, the braking system is one of the most essential parts of any vehicle, but it is especially critical on motorbikes, where balance and control are paramount. In this regard, the brake caliper support and brake disc guard are indispensable in ensuring your motorbike’s braking system is reliable, durable, and robust.

Support for Brake Calipers:

The brake caliper support refers to the frame or bracket that holds the brake caliper in position. The brake caliper applies the necessary force to the brake pads, clamping onto the brake disc to slow down or stop the motorcycle.

Maintaining the stability and alignment of the brake caliper with the brake disc is a critical function of the caliper support. This is crucial because any instability or misalignment could lead to ineffective braking or, in severe cases, brake failure. The caliper support prevents the caliper from swaying or moving, even under the intense forces generated during braking.

The brake caliper support also helps to distribute the forces applied during braking, reducing stress on the mounting points. This mitigates wear on the caliper’s mounting points and shields them from premature deterioration and potential failure.

When the caliper is securely mounted, the force exerted on the brake pads as they engage the disc is distributed evenly. This increased uniformity of contact improves the braking efficiency, ensuring shorter and more reliable stopping distances.

Brake Disc Guard:

The brake disc guard is a shield that protects the entire brake disc or a portion of it. In conjunction with the brake pads and caliper, the brake disc is critical in bringing the motorbike to a halt.

Protection Against Debris and Impact: The brake disc is exposed to various materials while riding, mainly off-road, including rocks, mud, and other debris. The brake disc guard shields the disc from these elements, which could either damage the disc or become lodged between the brake pads and the disc, impairing braking efficiency.

Contamination Prevention: The guard helps to prevent dirt and other impurities from reaching the surface of the brake disc. This is essential since a contaminated disc can reduce the friction between the brake pads and the disc, compromising the braking system’s effectiveness.

Review of Tusk Rear Brake Caliper Support w/ Brake Disc Guard

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Tusk Rear Brake Caliper Support w/ Brake Disc Guard

After putting the Tusk Rear Brake Caliper Support w/ Brake Disc Guard through its paces on both dirt trails and asphalt roads, it’s clear that this is not just another ordinary motorcycle accessory.

Right out of the gate, during installation, the build quality of the Rear Brake Caliper Support caught our attention. As we fastened it onto our bike, we could feel the sturdiness of the aluminum alloy. However, we observed that for some motorcycle models, it is advisable to double-check caliper alignment – a slight adjustment was necessary to ensure a perfect fit.

Once on the trails, the Brake Disc Guard indeed emerged. We intentionally chose routes strewn with loose rocks and debris to put it to the test. The guard surpassed our expectations. The brake disc remained unscathed, even after an intense tearing through rocky trails. The guard didn’t just offer protection; it withstood the punishment like a champion.

During a high-pressure braking scenario, as we descended a steep hill with tight switchbacks, the caliper support stayed firm, preventing any disconcerting movements. The setup instilled confidence and allowed us to push our riding boundaries.

The Tusk Rear Disc Guard is not just about sturdy construction; it’s built to endure. The product has showcased remarkable durability under real-world conditions. According to a user who has thoroughly tested it, the disc guard has maintained its integrity despite numerous impacts with rocks.

One of the standout features is how effectively it has safeguarded the rear rotor. The disc guard has absorbed substantial abuse but remained unbent and impeccable. This level of durability implies that your investment in the Tusk Rear Disc Guard will likely be long-lasting.

Our friend purchased the KTM Brake Caliper Support with Brake Disc Guard. The Tusk Rear Brake Caliper Support w/ Brake Disc Guard is generally more affordable. Opting for the KTM variant might be worthwhile for brand loyal or seeking the utmost refinement. The Tusk Brake Caliper Support offers excellent value and, compared to the KTM counterpart, delivers consistent performance at a more reasonable price. This makes it an enticing option for those on a budget.

After the dust settled and our boots dried, the Tusk Rear Brake Caliper Support with Brake Disc Guard proved a sound investment. Its protective features instilled peace of mind maintained consistent brake performance, and added a sleek look to our bike. However, be prepared for a slight increase in weight and minor adjustments during installation.

What other dirt bike enthusiasts say about Tusk Rear Brake Caliper Support w/ Brake Disc Guard

Tusk Rear Brake Caliper Support with Brake Disc Guard Review
Tusk Rear Brake Caliper Support with Brake Disc Guard Review

Pros and cons



1. High-quality, durable aluminum alloy construction.

1. Might not be compatible with all motorcycle models.

2. Dual functionality: brake caliper support and disc guard.

2. Some users might find the installation process tricky.

3. Excellent resistance to corrosion and high impacts.

4. Promotes effective heat dissipation around the brake disc.

5. Provides significant protection for the brake disc.

6. Enhances the overall braking performance.

7. The disc guard is detachable, making replacement easy.

8. Contributes to improved motorcycle handling and performance.

10. Comes with all necessary installation hardware.

Step-by-step installation guide

Tusk Rear Brake Caliper Support with Brake Disc Guard

Preparation: Ensure that your tools and kits are well-organized. You will need a torque wrench, a 4mm T-handle Allen wrench, and a 27mm wrench. Mount your motorcycle on a stand to stabilize it and provide ample space to work around the rear wheel.

Remove the Rear Wheel: Use the 27mm wrench to loosen the axle nut on the rear wheel. Then, remove the axle block and gently pull the axle out to detach the rear wheel from the bike. Set the wheel aside in a safe place.

Disassemble the Brake Guard: Next, focus on the loosely assembled Tusk Rear Disc Brake Guard. It is held together by three bolts, which you should loosen using the 4mm Allen wrench. This will separate the two sections of the disc brake guard, preparing them for installation.

Adjust the Brake Caliper Carrier: Slide the factory brake caliper carrier on the motorcycle towards the end of the swingarm. This step is necessary to create space for installing the mounting pieces of the disc guard.

Install the Disc Guard’s Main Piece: Slide the main piece of the disc guard up between the swingarm and the brake caliper carrier. Ensure that it is properly seated.

Secure the Disc Guard’s Rear Piece: The rear piece of the disc guard needs to clip securely onto the brake caliper carrier. Ensure that it is aligned correctly with the main part.

Attach the Brake Guard with Bolts: The three mounting bolts for the Tusk Rear Disc Brake Guard come with a thread locker applied. Use the 4mm T-handle Allen wrench to insert these bolts into the corresponding mounting holes and tighten them loosely. Once all the bolts are in place, fully tighten each one. This ensures that the disc guard is securely attached to the caliper carrier.

Reinstall the Rear Wheel: With the disc guard in place, it’s time to reinstall the rear wheel. Carefully align it and slide the axle back into position. After reattaching the axle block, use the 27mm wrench to tighten the axle nut securely. Ensure that the axle nut is torqued to the manufacturer’s specifications, which for the model in question is typically 59 foot-pounds, using a torque wrench.

Perform a Thorough Inspection: Finally, ensure that the Tusk Rear Brake Caliper Support w/ Brake Disc Guard is installed correctly and that there are no loose parts. Also, ensure that the rear wheel is securely mounted and perfectly aligned.

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Tips for Maintenance

Inspect Regularly: Look for signs of wear and tension on the disc guard and caliper support. Ensure the support maintains the brake disc in proper alignment and that the guard is not bent or damaged. Misaligned support can result in ineffective braking and damage to the brake disc.

Cleaning: It is essential to clean the brake disc guard after each off-road ride to remove any accumulated dirt or debris and periodically for regular rides. Doing this prevents particles from scraping or damaging the brake disc. Wipe the guard with a soft, damp cloth. For stubborn dirt, use a gentle, non-corrosive cleaner.

Check Fastening Bolts: Regularly ensure that the fastening bolts are secure. Due to vibrations during rides, these bolts may gradually loosen, leading to the guard wobbling or the caliper becoming misaligned. Always ensure they are tightly secured, but be careful not to overtighten them, as this could cause the threads to strip.

Rust Inspection: Although the aluminum alloy used in the construction of the Tusk brake caliper support and disc guard is resistant to corrosion, it is still advisable to regularly check for any signs of corrosion or rust, especially after riding in wet or muddy conditions.

Replacement of Parts: Replacement disc guards are available. If you notice that your disc guard has sustained significant damage, it is recommended to replace it to ensure continued protection for your brake disc.

FAQ About Tusk Rear Brake Caliper Support w/ Brake Disc Guard

  • Is the Tusk Rear Brake Caliper Support w/ Brake Disc Guard compatible with all motorcycles?

    While the Tusk Rear Brake Caliper Support w/ Brake Disc Guard is versatile, it is not universally compatible with all motorcycles. It's essential to check the product specifications to ensure it is compatible with your specific motorcycle model.

  • Can the disc guard part be replaced if it gets damaged?

    Yes, one of the noteworthy features of the Tusk Rear Brake Caliper Support w/ Brake Disc Guard is the ability to replace the disc guard section if it becomes damaged. This is particularly advantageous for riders who often tackle rough terrains where the guard is more susceptible to wear and tear.

  • How often should I inspect and maintain the Tusk Rear Brake Caliper Support w/ Brake Disc Guard?

    Inspecting the Tusk Rear Brake Caliper Support w/ Brake Disc Guard regularly, especially after off-road rides or rides in harsh conditions is recommended. Regular cleaning and ensuring that the fastening bolts are tight will help maintain its performance and durability.


Our exhaustive research and hands-on use of the Tusk Rear Brake Caliper Support w/ Brake Disc Guard have led us to conclude that this investment is worth making for any motorcycle enthusiast. This product excels in multiple aspects, integrating enhanced performance, dependable protection, and a boost in aesthetics, all in one expertly engineered package.

The brake caliper support offers exceptional performance by ensuring precise alignment and stability, translating into effective braking. In addition, the disc guard safeguards the brake disc from potential damage, prolonging its life and guaranteeing consistent braking performance.

A bonus is its user-friendly design, which makes installation straightforward, and its adaptability makes it compatible with a range of motorcycles. Furthermore, your bike gains a visual edge thanks to its sleek, modern design and high-quality finish. It is using a sturdy yet lightweight aluminum alloy in its construction bolsters the motorcycle’s performance by offering superior levels of impact resistance.