In this article, we talk about the Tusk Lithium pro battery. 


E-Start is one of my favorite features on a dirt bike. Its the easy button or lazy button. I cannot tell you how many times I killed the bike but being able to pull in the clutch and hit the electric start on the dirt bike allowed me to keep my momentum. 

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While Electric starts on dirt bikes is awesome we are seeing a trend where the manufacturers are no longer offering a backup kickstarter….

This might not be a big deal to the motocross guys as they are close enough to their truck to push the bike back. 

For those that spend more time off-road and away from the truck pushing your bike back if the battery goes dead might be an option. SO, having a backup kick starter was the solution to that problem.

However, as I mentioned more and more dirt bike manufactures are no longer offering a backup kick starter from the factory.

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Some allow you to buy the kick start separately. 

This means you need a really really good battery.

Storytime (Skip if not interested)

We were out riding the 5 MOH trail in Utah and we ran into some guys and started chatting. At the time we all had 2 stroke bikes that had backup kickstarters and electric start. 

One of the riders we bumped into had a 4 stroke and no backup kickstarter. Well if you don’t know anything about 5 miles of hell one thing is you probably will be killing your bike a lot. This means having to start it a lot.

Well, this 4 stroke rider was carrying an EXTRA battery just in case you drained the one in his bike – CRAZY.

Most OEM dirt bikes come with a standard lead/acid battery setup.

Tusk Lithium Pro Battery

Tusk Lithium Pro Battery

Here are the stats on the Tusk Lithium Pro battery. Tusk has designed a high-powered compact lithium iron battery that is not only for dirt bikes its also for ATV’s and UTV’s.

Designed to be lightweight and compact lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cell tech. Tusk Claims that these Lithium Pro are a 1/3 the wight of the traditional lead/acid batteries. 

You also have ZERO corrosive liquids or toxic heavy metals. Along with being super lightweight Tusk also claims that they will last twice the service life as the OEM lead batteries. 



Tusk Lithium Pro VS Lead Acid Battery

  • LiFePO4 lithium iron phosphate
  • 1/3 the weight of lead-acid
  • 140 CCA (Cold Cranking Amps 24 Wh)
  • Test Button
  • Long service life

We went ahead and installed one of these Tusk Lithium Pro batteries in our 2019 CRF250RX to replace an old worn-out lead-acid battery that would not hold a charge anymore. Separately, here are other dirt bike batteries you might consider, but they too depend on your riding circumstances and weather.

A couple of questions I have is how well it holds up on the cold. I know other Lithium batteries do not respond very well to the cold. We will let you know how it holds up to the cold and winter.