You are here because you are wondering if you should invest in Heavy Duty Tubes or the Nuetech Tubliss 2.0 system.


You have invested in that dirt bike you have always wanted and now wondering what tires upgrade you should make for your bike.

My rule of thumb in upgrading my dirt bike is the following

Will it make the bike better, or more fun?

Those are the only things that matter.

Well, the fun is up there probably at the highest level….

Usually the OEM tubes that come from the Factory are well…not good enough for riding technical singletrack.

A sharp edge, rock, stick, pokie….or pretty much any abuse to the tire can result in a pinched flat or puncture flat.

Remember what I said about having fun?

I only get a few precious hours here and there to get out and ride.

The last thing I want to do is to worry about having issues with my tubes when I go riding.

So, regardless of if you go with Heavy Duty Tubes or Tubliss the OEM tubes, in my opinion, are the first thing that needs to go.

I am going to talk about the pros and the Cons of both the Tubliss system and the Heavy Duty Tubes

Dirt Bike Heavy Duty Tubes Review

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heavy duty dirt bike tire


  • Not terribly expensive
  • Easy to Install
  • Familiar
  • MUCH better than OEM


  • Not pinch proof
  • Not puncture proof
  • Has to run at a Higher PSI
  • Carry more tools/gear on the trail

Heavy or Ultra Duty tubes are much better than the OEM tubes but are not indestructible.

Heavy-Duty Tubes are easy to install which is nice.

In order to change a Heavy Duty Tube on the trail, you will need spoons and a patch kit.

Or, if you don’t want to carry a patch kit, then an entire Tube.

Dirt Bike Nuetech Tubliss 2.0 review

Tubliss tires 2.0


  • Eliminates Pinched Flats
  • Punctures are easy to fix
  • Run tires at a lower PSI for grip


  • More expensive then HD Tubes
  • Learning curve to install them
  • Have to drill hole in Rim
  • Checking Air pressure is a must

With the Tubliss system, you can no longer worry about getting pinched flats.

If you get a puncture in the tire, it can be quickly plugged.

There is a learning curve to install Tubliss and if you don’t do it right it can cause issues for you down the road.

You have to drill out the rim lock hole to fit a second valve stem.

I feel once you get the hang of how its install it really is a non-issue for me.

The best thing and the REASON I use Tubliss over Heavy Duty Tubes are for the TRACTION.

I run 5-7 PSI in my front and rear tires.

This means more traction in the front and less impact in the front.

Really you can run any PSI you want with Tubliss.

In fact, I have had flat tires and road back to the truck with the flat because the Tubliss kept the bead of the tire stuck to the rim.

SO Tubliss results in more smiles and miles on the dirt bike and its one of the VERY first modifications I do to my dirt bike.

Let me know if you are using Heavy Duty Tubes or Tubliss in the comments below.