This is an SXS Slide Plate Review by me and my fellow riders who have been using dirt bike skid plates for protecting our bikes. The SXSLide full plate was built to protect your bike from all the rocks and trees.

For those that like to ride hard enduro having a skid or slide plate is a necessity.

The last thing you want is to bash your frame or even worse bash a hole in the engine case.

But a SXSlide plate is a bit different than your standard dirt bike skid plate.

Skid plates are typically for protection but depending on the material can get hung up on the tree or rock you are trying to get over.

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What kind of Dirt bike Glide or skid plates can you get?

  • Aluminum Skid Plate
  • Plastic Skid Plate
  • Carbon Fibre Skid Plate

Aluminum skid plates are known for catching onto obstacles you are trying to get over.

Aluminum skid plates are also noisy and rattle.

That brings us to plastic skid plates. Over the years Plastic wasn’t considered a tough product.

Well, that has changed with UHMW Plastic.

UHMW Plastic doesn’t get caught up on stuff you’re trying to get over.

SXSlide Plate will protect your dirt bike

During our SXS Slide Plate Review we found out that this plate will protect your dirt bike from:

  • Engine
  • Ignition
  • Oil Filter
  • Case Guard
  • Water Pump
  • Hose Guard
  • Linkage
SXSLIDE Skid Plate bottom side on KTM dirt bike
See how the SXSlide Plate is protecting your engine and and frame.

This is important protection if you ride hard enduro or single track.

The SXSlide plate is made from 1/4″ UHMW Plastics. SXS built the glide plate to cover the entire bottom of the bike.

This glide or slide plate is made from extremely durable material and is super lightweight.

SXSlide plate covers your engine all the way past your linkage, giving full protection.

SXS Slide Plate Schematics Review

This full protection from the SXS glide plate allows you and your bike to slide over rocks and trees with ease.

As of right now, there aren’t that many options for a UHMW Plastic dirt bike glide plate.

How does the SXSlide plate compare to the AXP slide plate?

Personally I have used both the SXS and the AXP glide plates.

  • SXSlide plate
  • AXP glide plate

The AXP slide or glide plate is good but doesn’t hold up to the abuse that the SXSlide plate does.

You can buy 1 SXSlide plate for 2 AXP slide plates.

IMG 2246

However, AXP does have great customer service and if you have issues with their glide plates I recommend you reach out to them.

If you need the slide or glide plate that can handle a ton of abuse then right now the SXSglide plate is the best option we have.

SXSLIDE Plate is located here in the USA.

Idaho is where they say they are made.

CLICK HERE FOR SXSlide plate website

The owner Jon is a dirt bike racer that wanted to build a skid plate that was better than the aluminum ones.

The SXSLIDE Plate is the strongest slide or glide plate that I know of.

I hope that you liked my SXS Slide Plate Review. If you have any questions, please comment below.

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