Dirt biking is one of the most fun things you can do in this world in my opinion. While most of us dream of being able to own a brand name dirtbike sometimes that’s not in the budget, and buying a cheap dirt bike from Amazon might be a very good option.


I can remember as a teenager when these Chinese major bikes started to show up here in the United States.  We’re all really excited because they were much more affordable than all the other name-brand dirt bikes.

And of course, we bought these now they were in stores, not Amazon but we were all the wheels off of one which Mat within the first week or two we parts on them and they didn’t last as long. While they were super fun and actually were powerful two motors and OK suspension, they did not hold up to the abuse that teenagers hand out.

At that time there was not an option to buy these dirt bikes on Amazon.

Nowadays there are lots of dirt bike or pit bike options that you can find online even through Amazon. 

Pitster Pro pit bike

How do you find an affordable entry-level Dirtbike online?

There are lots of different options that you can choose from when buying a dirt bike online. Most of these dirt bike options are Chinese-made dirt bikes.

One major shopping destination is Amazon. I am sure you have heard of it. However, there are lots and lots of different options to buy dirt bikes on the internet. Amazon is probably the most well-known.

Can you buy a working dirt bike off Amazon?

Yes, you can.

Amazon sells a variety of different dirt bike brands. There are many different types of dirt bikes for strokes two strokes there’s even a little kid dirtbike’s and full-size. Amazon makes it really easy for you to order the dirtbike and have it delivered to where you live. There are also lots of user reviews so you can get feedback on which Dirtbike is the best for you.

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Where are these dirt bikes made?

China. Mostly

ost of these dirt bikes are manufactured in China there are lots of different turbine manufacturers in China most of them are using the same parts and components.

So really it just depends on who or what company is in charge of the assembly of the dirt bikes in China as some of these dirt bike manufacturers are better than others.

Keep in mind that even the major brand name Dirtbike manufacturers have a lot of their parts built in China. However, they have a much much better quality control system in place so these parts are going to be the best you can get.

What type of dirt bikes can you buy on Amazon?

2 strokes, 4 strokes, and electric dirt bikes.

There’s actually quite a variety of different Dirtbike that you can buy on Amazon. Everything from little kids 50 cc dirtbike’s all the way up to full-size adult dirtbike’s there is 250 cc. There is even an electric dirtbike’s that you can buy on Amazon.

Some of these dirtbikes have full suspension others do not.

There are four strokes and 2 stroke dirt bikes that you can buy. 

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The price range of these dirt bikes on Amazon

$300 – $2000 USD

From what I can see on Amazon the price range is anywhere from $300-$2000 depending on which Dirtbike you are choosing. But most of the dirt bikes on Amazon or the smaller CC pit bike or kid-size of dirt bikes. These range in the $500 to $700 dollar range.

Just to give you a frame of reference a used Honda CRF 50 typically goes for $800 – $1200 dollars depending on the year and condition the dirt bike is in.


Brands of dirt bikes on Amazon

  • X-Pro
  • Razor
  • XtremepowerUS
  • GLX
  • SYX Moto
  • Fit Right
  • AR-PRO
  • MotoTec
  • TAO
  • Coleman Powersports
  • Massimo

Are these dirt bikes on Amazon reliable?

Not really.

When compared to European and Japanese dirt bikes Chinese dirt bikes are not reliable. For example, if you choose to get a 50 mL dirtbike those Chinese mean it will not last nearly as long as a Honda CRF 50. 

The other thing to keep in mind is the Chinese dirtbike’s do not hold any of the value once they are purchased.

The other thing to note is there are very little dealership support or para support so if one of your dirtbike parts break how are you going to get a replacement? Whereas the other mainstream brands like Yamaha Honda KTM Suzuki Kawasaki you are able to just get parts just about anywhere.

Pros and cons of buying dirt bikes off Amazon


  • Cheap
  • Order it online and its shipped to your house
  • Tons of user reviews


  • Not reliable
  • No dealership support
  • Hard to find replacement parts
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Personally, I don’t think it’s worth buying a dirtbike that is not reliable is hard to fix when it does break down. 

In the long run, it’ll cost you more money if you just save up and buy a more main brand dirtbike with better dealer support and also accessibility to aftermarket parts.

Does that mean you can’t have fun on a Chinese made Dirtbike that you bought off Amazon?

Of course not a Chinese dirtbike and who knows maybe you’ll get lucky and it will be an actual reliable Dirtbike but we gamble in my opinion is too much.

Either way, although if you have any experience with buying one of these Chinese dirtbike’s off Amazon.

See you guys out on the trails.