** This article is about the best pit bikes for 2023

There are all sorts of kinds of pit bikes and they range anywhere from cheap Chinese-made pit bikes to more expensive Japanese dirt bike brands.

First off for those that are unsure what is a pit bike let’s jump into that definition so we know.

Pit bikes are typically used by adults however, that doesn’t mean that a child or teenager cannot ride them. Some of the pit bikes come with a manual clutch and other pit bikes have a semi-automatic transmission.

Pit bikes are not considered FULL-SIZED DIRT BIKES

What is a Pit Bike?

Pit bikes are smaller dirt bikes that usually have a small engine size between 50cc and 150cc. These Pit bikes were originally were used to ride around in the racing pits and staging areas during race time. Basically, they are small dirt bikes that adults ride around on.

Years ago there was a whole pit bike boom and pit bike racing sprung up with tricked out and heavily modified pit bikes.

    • Smaller kid sized frame

    • Air cooled 4 stroke motor

    • Tall handle bars

    • 50-150cc motors

Lots of people still offer pit bikes but there are only a few actual companies that make specific pit bikes.

For years dirt bike riders would take kids’ dirt bikes and turn them into a bike that adults can ride. They would put taller handlebars, an exhaust system, motor work, and better suspension.

They then would use them on small little BMX-like tracks to jump and race around on.

While the popular Japanese and Austrian made kids dirt bikes were not built with adults riding them….they are the most used in modify them into a pit bike. 

Major dirt bike brands used in creating pit bikes

Some of the popular kid’s dirt bikes that would be modded into pit bikes are the following dirt bikes:

    1. Honda

    1. Yamaha

    1. Kawasaki

    1. KTM

    1. Husqvarna

Major Pit Bike Manufactures

There used to be more of these pit bike companies during the heyday but really there is only a few left.

Here are the Major Pit Bikes by Manufacturer:

    • Pitster Pro Pit Bikes

    • YCF Pit Bikes

    • Thumpstar Pit Bikes

    • Piranha Pit Bikes

    • SSR Motorsports Pit Bikes

    • Tao Motors / TaoTao Pit Bikes

    • Apollo Pit Bikes

    • X-Motos Pit Bikes

    • SYXmoto Pit Bikes

The following order is basically the best to worst pit bikes for 2022. The better premium brands will be listed up from along with the 2022 Pit Bikes they offer. As I mentioned above, for now, the higher quality premium brands are the Japanese-made dirt bikes. The lower cheaper quality dirt bikes generally are the Chinese-made dirt bikes.

Best Quality Pit Bikes for 2022

2022 Honda Pit Bike

The Honda Pit Bikes are just amazing! They have a great design and they ride really well. The only downside is that they’re a little bit expensive. But if you can afford them. There are different models of Honda pit bikes. The only differences between them are the plastics and shapes, but these aren’t the only ones they have! There is also a youth model with helmets available separately when you buy an adult bike. The Honda Pit Bikes will turn any kid’s morning ride into a winning race if you have one in your driveway.

Honda CRF110F 2022

Honda CRF110F 2022

If you want to buy a new dirt bike, you should look for these three first.

Honda CRF125

The Honda CRF125F is a pit bike that gives you control and power of a full-sized dirt bike.
It has the fuel-injected, 4-speed reliable honda engine that can take on any obstacle you throw at it.

Honda CRF110F

The 2022 Honda CRF110F might be a small off-road bike, but it’s a behemoth with a very nice suspension travel when it comes to the way it is handling the track. It has fuel injected, 4 speed air-cooled single-cylinder engine with automatic clutch.

Honda CRF50F

The Honda CRF50F is easy to ride pit bike with adjustable throttle and power limitier. It has three speed, four-stroke engine with an automatic clutch.

Dirtbike Sam

2022 Yamaha Pit Bikes

2022 Yamaha Pit Bikes are on the second please on my list on best pit bikes for 2022, and there is a reason for that. They’re pretty cheap, and they ride really well. Yamaha Pit Bikes are always reliable, and they’re pretty tough. That isn’t even the best part about them! The Yamaha pit bikes are extremely fun for kids to ride around on, but they are also fun for adults.

Yamaha TTR110E

Yamaha TTR110E

I choose these four pit bikes from Yamaha, they are all awesome, the difference between them is based on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a smaller bike then consider TTR50E or YZ65. The other two bikes are a bit bigger and stronger.

Yamaha TTR50E

The Yamaha TTR50E is one of the best dirt bikes on the market for beginner riders. The TTR50E is with electric start and three‑speed automatic transmission with 49cc, 4 stroke motor this pit bike offers great value for your money and comes complete with all the necessary safety features like riding lights and a horn. Thanks to its ergonomic design and well-placed controls, beginner riders will enjoy how easy it is to ride.

Yamaha YZ65

The Yamaha YZ 65 is a good all-around dirt bike that is perfect for kids and beginners. The bike has a 65 cc, Liquid-cooled 2-stroke engine. It’s easy to ride controls and riding lights. It also comes with a 6-speed; multiplate wet clutch that makes it extra safe for beginner riders.

Yamaha TTR110E

The Yamaha TTR110E is a bike for the whole family. It has a 110cc, automatic 4-stroke engine that is perfect for beginners. The bike also comes with a lot of safety features like riding lights, and a horn. Thanks to its ergonomic design and well-placed controls, it is also easy to ride.

Yamaha TTR125LE

The Yamaha TTR110LE is one of the most affordable, great-for-kids dirt bikes on the market today. This bike offers everything a beginning rider would want; it is easy to ride, comfortable and safe for kids to navigate around their neighborhood or trails. Large folding, cleated footpegs provide excellent footing even in rainy or muddy conditions.

2022 KTM Pit Bikes

2022 KTM Pit Bikes are made out of all sorts of high-quality materials. All of the Pit Bikes have a powder-coated frame and fork, with an all-new WP XACT front end that provides amazing cornering stability. They also come with a high-quality ergonomic saddle, Fox Float DPS shock absorbers, tough Duratrac wheels, and tires, plus S&S Performance grips.

The aesthetics are just as fun as the ride. They have a stylish design, with details used to make each bike look great in motion and on any type of terrain.

The bottom line is that the 2022 KTM Pit Bikes are probably going to be one of the most expensive bikes around. You definitely should buy a bike made out of high-quality materials anyways because such a used pit bike will last as long or if not longer than any dirtbike you can find on craigslist.


Fully Electric KTM SX-E 5

These 3 dirt bikes from KTM are the ones that you should consider when buying a new bit bike for 2022.


The new KTM 50 SX is a great pit bike for beginners and experts alike. It’s perfect if you’re looking for an all-round pit bike that can do it all. KTM 50 SX has a strong 49cc and 2 stroke engine that can be on the top of every 50cc bike.

The 50 SX also comes complete with everything you need to start riding right away – no assembly required!


The KTM 65 SX is sharing the same development strategy as the bigger 2-Strokes. It has everything the bigger bikes do, 2 stroke engine, 6-speed transmission, and hydraulic clutch. Also, it comes with and gearbox to the latest WP XACT front forks with revolutionary AER technology, modern, aggressive graphics, and power delivery that sets the benchmark in its class.


If you want to ride a dirt bike with zero emission, then KTM SX-E 5 is the one for you or your kid. This electric dirt bike has a fully electric, battery-powered air-cooled motor, with a price like other dirt bikes from KTM. Amazing pit bike worth buying.

2022 Kawasaki Pit Bikes

The Kawasaki pit bikes are amazing! They have a really good design with green lime color, they’re really well built, and they ride really well. Also, the price is affordable. The Kawasaki pit bikes always look great and perform even better. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a great pit bike.

2022 Kawasaki KLX110L

Kawasaki KLX110L

Kawasaki KX 65

The Kawasaki KX65 is a great pit bike for people who want an affordable option that still looks and rides amazing. The KX65 is also perfect if you’re looking for a bike that can take a lot of abuse. It’s tough, it’s fast, and it looks good too! It comes with 2 stroke liquid-cooled engine, and transmission with 6-speed, return shift, with wet multi-disc manual clutch.

Kawasaki KLX 110R

The new Kawasaki KLX110R has the best base price of $2,499. And you will get a 112cc air-cooled, four-stroke engine and four-speed transmission with an automatic clutch. It has a sporty design, with green lime color, with quality materials.

Kawasaki KLX 110L

The Kawasaki KLX 110L is very similar to KLX110R only is a bit bigger. It perfect bike for beginners but also is great pit bike for experienced bike riders. The difference between KLX110R and KLX110L is that KlX110L has higher seat and manual clutch.

2022 Husqvarna Pit Bikes

For the Husqvarna fans out there, there is no better option than the 2022 Husqvarna pit bikes. These bikes are impressive and they come complete with a ton of features. They’re also affordable, so you can get one without breaking the bank. The Husqvarnas always look great and they ride even better. I absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for a great pit bike!

Husqvarna pit bike

Husqvarna TC65 pit bike

Husqvarna TC50

The Husqvarna TC50 is an excellent small pit bike for kids, beginners, and experts alike. Even adults can get into this tough little dirt bike! It has some great features: double disc brakes for powerful stopping. It has 2 stroke engine and single-speed transmission, with a Centrifugal clutch (adjustable).

Husqvarna TC65

The Husqvarna TC65 is a pit bike that is perfect for experienced riders, but also a great bike for beginners. It has a powerful engine with plenty of torque and speed, making it great for traversing tough terrain. This bike also offers excellent braking performance with double disc brakes; this makes it an ideal choice for novice and intermediate riders alike.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, small pit bike that can take a lot of punishment, then you should definitely consider the Husqvarna TC65.

Husqvarna EE 5

If you want to ride a bike with zero emission, then this model from Husqvarna may be the best choice. Husqvarna EE 5 is an electric bike with max. 5 kW power, Lithium-ion battery, and electric motor with 48 V – BLDC motor with an outer rotor. The Husqvarna EE 5 is also fully adaptable and adjustable for height, making it accessible to younger riders.

2022 Pitster Pro

The Pitster Pro comes with a lot of features that are perfect for those who want the best possible experience when riding in the dirt. First and foremost, it has an easy-to-use engine that is perfect for beginners; even experienced riders can get into this bike without any trouble. Furthermore, the Pitster Pro offers reliable braking performance thanks to its double-disc brakes; novices and experts can both feel safe on this bike. If you’re looking for a mean pit bike, then the Pitster Pro is an excellent choice.

Pitster Pro pit bike

Pitster Pro MXR 155

Here I have Pitster Pro Pit bikes that you should consider when you want to buy a new dirt bike:

    • Pitster Pro FSE 190R

    • Pitster Pro MXR 155

    • Pitster Pro MXR 140

    • Pister Pro XJR 110

    • Pitster Pro XJR 125

    • Pitster Pro FSE Fat Tire 190R

    • Pitster Pro FSE 110R

    • Pister Pro FSE 190R

    • Pitster Pro XJR 110

    • Pitster Pro MXR 90

    • Pitster Pro FSE 60

2022 Piranha Pit Bikes

The Piranha Pit Bikes Pit bikes are great for a lot of reasons; their easy-to-use engines make them perfect for beginners and experienced riders alike, while their durable builds can handle all kinds of terrain. The Piranha Pit Bikes are with a reasonable price.

Piranha Pit bike

Piranha Daytona 190

These are the models from 2021, Piranha Pit Bike doesen’t have new models for 2022, but we must add them on this list, because of their quality and performance that they have.

    • Piranha Daytona 190

    • Piranha P140RE

    • Piranha P125-E

    • Piranha ZR 90

    • Piranha ZR 140

2022 Thumpstar Pit Bikes

Thumpstar Pit Bikes is the first company that manufactures and design pit bikes. Thumpstar Pit Bikes is known for its high-quality pit bikes that are perfect for experienced riders and beginners alike. Some of the features that make Thumpstar Pit Bikes so great include their easy-to-use engines, durable build, and reliable braking performance. In addition to all of this, they also come with a number of customization options; you can choose from a variety of colors and styles to fit your unique style. Not only is the design unique, but their pit bikes are also crafted with high-quality materials; this reduces any possibility of future breakdowns and accidents.

As you can expect from a Thumpstar Pit Bike, they offer reliable braking performance — novices and experts can both feel safe on these beautiful machines! Since the safety aspect is really important to all parties involved in an activity such as dirt biking or motocross, it is safe to say that the Thumpstar Pit Bikes make great choices for anyone looking for a pit bike.

Thumpstar Pit Bikes

Thumpstar Pit Bikes

Below you can see all models of Thumpstar Pit Bike by category:

Beginers Pit Bike:

    • TSB 70

    • TSB 110- C

    • TSB 125 E

    • TSB 125E- C

    • TSC 125

Kids Pit Bike

    • TSK 70 C

    • TSK 110- C

    • TSK 141

All Around Pit Bikes

    • TSX 125- C

    • TSX 140- C

    • TSX 190 (ZS)

Racing Pit Bikes

    • TSR 140- C

    • TSR 190- C DT

Best Affordable Pit Bikes for 2022

Below is the list of the more budget friendly pit bikes for 2022. While not as high quality as the above list of pit bikes still a fun way to get into pit bike riding and ripping around the house or local trails.

The list is from the highest quality to lowest quality.

2022 SSR Motorsports Pit Bikes

SSR Motorsports Pit Bikes are specifically built for those who love to race their pit bikes to the fullest. Not only do these machines have high-quality engines that deliver great power and speed, but they are also made with a number of features that make racing easier than ever. For example, their ergonomic design makes it easy for novice riders to find comfort and control on these machines; novices will also be able to feel confident on their pit bikes as skilled riders. The 2022 SSR motorsports pit bike also has a high-quality braking system and intricate design; these all make the racing experience that much more enjoyable for both novices and experienced motorcycle racers or bikers alike. There is a lot of choice on their website, starting from 160 CC pit bikes to 50 CC pit bikes.

SSR Motorsports pit bikes

SSR Motorsports pit bike

Here are all SSR Motorsport models of Pit Bikes:

160 cc

    • SR 160 TR

    • SR 160 TX

140 cc

    • SR 140 TR

125 cc

    • SR 125

    • SR 125 SEMI

    • SR 124 AUTO

    • SR 125 TR

110 cc

    • SR 100

    • SR 110 SEMI

    • SR 110 DX

70 cc

    • SR 70C

    • SR 70 AUTO

50 cc

    • SX50-A

2022 YCF Pit Bikes

YCF Pit Bikes Born out of a passion for motocross and the bike culture, YCF Pit Bikes are all about making sure that you have an enjoyable racing experience while keeping safety and reliability high on their priority list. They offer a wide range of pit bikes starting from 50cc to 400cc engines, which means there is something for everyone, or as they say We have more options than a French bakery!

Their ergonomic design makes it easy for novices to find comfort and control; skilled riders will also be able to feel confident and comfortable while racing on their motos. When you decide to purchase YCF Pit Bikes, they offer a lifetime warranty that is valid even after the sale has occurred; this means one hundred percent coverage for all customers who select these pit bikes from them! Their branded products are also constructed of durable materials with top-quality components throughout which will help strengthen their reliability and durability over time.

YCF pit bike

YCF pit bike 150E

I have listed all new models from YCF Pit Bikes, take a look:


YCF 50 A

YCF 50 E

Beginers LITE





Experts/ Factory









Experts/ Pilot



Experts Bigy





Experts/ SM

SM F125

SM F155


2022 Apollo Pit Bikes

Apollor RXF Freeride pit bike

Apollor RXF Freeride pit bike

You get a good value for your money when choosing an Apollo pit bike. Below are the options that you can choose for your riding style.

    • Apollo RXF Freeride

    • Apollo RXF Open

    • Apollo RXF Mini

    • Apollo RFZ Start

    • Apollo RFZ Open

    • Apollo RFZ Enduro

2022 Tao Motor Pit Bikes

TaoTao Motors Pit bike

TaoTao Motors Pit bike

The Pit bikes from Tao Motors are mostly above 110cc and you can choose one of these models below:

    • Tao Motors TaoTao DBX1

    • Tao Motors TaoTao 110 DB10

    • Tao MotorsTaoTao 110 DB24

    • Tao Motors TaoTao 110 DB14

    • Tao MotorsTaoTao 110 DB17

    • Tao Motors TaoTao 125 DB27

    • Tao MotorsTaoTao 125 DB20

2022 X Motos Pit Bikes

X Motos pit bike

X Motos pit bike

The small Pit dirt bikes from X-Motos come with a 50cc or 125cc engine displacements. Check their models below:

    • X-Motos XT125R

    • X-Motos XT125

    • X-Motos XP125T

    • X-Motos XP125

    • X-Motos XT50Y

    • X-Motos XT50

No matter which of these best Pit Bikes you choose, they are a fun way to get out and ride. Looks like we have lots of choices to choose from and even high and low-cost pit bikes.

Stay out and Ride.