** This article is about the best pit bikes for 2021

There are all sorts of kinds of pit bikes and they range anywhere to cheap chinese made pit bikes to more expensive Japanese dirt bike brands.

First off for those that are unsure what is a pit bike lets jump into that defination so we know.

Pit bikes are typically used by adults however, that doesn’t mean that a child or teenager cannot ride them. Some of the pit bikes come with a manual clutch and other pit bikes a semi-automatic transimission.

Pit bikes are not considered a FULL SIZED DIRT BIKES



What is a Pit Bike?

Pit bikes are smaller dirt bikes that usually have an small engine size between 50cc and 150cc. These Pit bikes originally where used to ride around in the racing pits and staging areas during race time. Basically they are small dirt bikes that adults ride around on.

Years ago there was a whole pit bike boom and pit bike racing sprung up with tricked out and heavily modified pit bikes.


  • Smaller kid sized frame
  • Air cooled 4 stroke motor
  • Tall handle bars
  • 50-150cc motors

Lots of people still offer pit bikes but there are only a few acutal companies that make specific pit bikes.

For years dirt bike riders would take kids dirt bikes and turn them into a bike that adults can ride. They would put taller handle bars, exhaust system, motor work, and better suspension.

They then would use them on small little BMX like tracks to jump and race around on.

While the popular Japanese and Austrian made kids dirt bikes were not built with adults riding them….they are the most used in modifiy them into a pit bike. 

Major dirt bike brands used in creating pit bikes

Some of the popular kids bikes that would be modded into pit bikes are the following dirt bikes:


  1. Kawasaki 
  2. Honda 
  3. Yamaha
  4. Honda
  5. Yamaha

Major Pit Bike Manufactures

There used to be more of these pit bike companies during the heyday but really there is only a few left.

Here are the Major Pit Bikes by Manufacturer:

  • Pitster Pro Pit Bikes
  • YCF Pit Bikes
  • Thumpstar Pit Bikes
  • Piranha Pit Bikes
  • SSR Motorsports Pit Bikes
  • Tao Motors / TaoTao Pit Bikes
  • Apollo Pit Bikes 
  • X-Motos Pit Bikes
  • SYXmoto Pit Bikes

The following order is basically the best to worst pit bikes for 2021. The better premium brands will be listed up from along with the 2021 Pit Bikes they offer. Like I mentioned above, for now the higher quality premium brands are the Japanese made dirt bikes. The lower cheaper quality dirt bikes generally are the chinese made dirt bikes.

Best Quality Pit Bikes for 2021

Standard 2021 Pit bike by Honda

2021 Honda Pit Bikes

  • Honda CRF110:

The 2021 Honda CRF110F might be a small off-road bike, but it’s a behemoth with a very nice suspension travel when it comes to the way it is handling the track. It has fuel injected, 4 speed air-cooled single-cylinder engine with automatic clutch.

  • Honda CRF50

The Honda CRF50F is easy to ride pit bike with adjustable throttle and power limitier. It has three speed, four-stroke engine with an automatic clutch.


  • Honda CRF125

The Honda CRF125F is a pit bike that gives you a controll and power of a full-sized dirt bike.
It has the fuel-injected, 4 speed reliable honda engine that can take on any obstacle you throw at it.

Dirtbike Sam
Yamaha TTR110E

2021 Yamaha Pit Bikes

  • Yamaha YZ65
  • Yamaha TTR110
  • Yamaha TTR50
  • Yamaha TTR125

2021 KTM Pit Bikes

  • KTM 50 SX
  • KTM 65 SX
  • KTM SX-E 5


2021 KLX 110R

2021 Kawasaki Pit Bikes

  • Kawasaki KX 65
  • Kawasaki KLX 110R
  • Kawasaki KLX 110L
Husqvarna pit bike

2021 Husqvarna Pit Bikes

  • Husqvarna TC50
  • Husqvarna TC65
  • Husqvarna EE 5
Pitster Pro pit bike

2021 Pitster Pro

  • Pitster Pro FSE 190R
  • Pitster Pro MXR 155
  • Pitster Pro MXR 140
  • Pitster Pro XJR 125
  • Pitster Pro FSE Fat Tire 190R
  • Pitster Pro FSE Fat Tire 110R
  • Pitster Pro FSE 110R
  • Pitster Pro XJR 110
  • Pitster Pro MXR 90
  • Pitster Pro MXR 125 SS
  • Pitster Pro FSE 60
Piranha Pit bike

2021 Piranha Pit Bikes

  • Piranha Daytona 190
  • Piranha P140RE
  • Piranha P125-E
  • Piranha ZR 90
  • Piranha ZR 140
Thumpstar Pit Bikes

2021 Thumpstar Pit Bikes

  • Thumpstar MX 50 SR
  • Thumpstar MX 50 JR
  • Thumpstar TSR 190
  • Thumpstar TSX 140
  • Thumpstar TSX 125
  • Thumpstar TSC 125
  • Thumpstar TSB 110
  • Thumpstar TSB 70
  • Thumpstar TSB 50

Best Affordable Pit Bikes for 2021

Below is the list of the more budget friendly pit bikes for 2021. While not as high quality as the above list of pit bikes still a fun way to get into pit bike riding and ripping around the house or local trails.

The list is from highest quality to lowest quality.


2021 SSR Motorsports Pit Bikes

  • SSR Motorsports SR170TR
  • SSR Motorsports SR170TX
  • SSR Motorsports SR140TR
  • SSR Motorsports SR125
  • SSR Motorsports SR110
  • SSR Motorsports SR70
  • SSR Motorsports SX50-A
  • SSR Motorsports SRZ800
YCF pit bike

2021 YCF Pit Bikes

  • YCF Bigy Factory 190 ZE MX
  • YCF Bigy Factory 190 MX
  • YCF SM F150
  • YCF Bigy 150 MX E
  • YCF Pilot F150
  • YCF Start W88E
  • YCF Start F125SE
  • YCF Start F88SE
  • YCF Factory SP3 190
  • YCF Lite F110
  • YCF 50F
  • YCF 50A
Apollor RXF Freeride pit bike

2021 Apollo Pit Bikes

  • Apollo RXF Freeride
  • Apollo RXF Open
  • Apollo RXF Mini
  • Apollo RFZ Start
  • Apollo RFZ Open
  • Apollo RFZ Enduro
TaoTao Motors Pit bike

2021 Tao Motor Pit Bikes

  • Tao Motors TaoTao DBX1
  • Tao Motors TaoTao 110 DB10
  • Tao MotorsTaoTao 110 DB24
  • Tao Motors TaoTao 110 DB14
  • Tao MotorsTaoTao 110 DB17
  • Tao Motors TaoTao 125 DB27
  • Tao MotorsTaoTao 125 DB20
X Motos pit bike

2021 X Motos Pit Bikes

  • X-Motos XT125R
  • X-Motos XT125
  • X-Motos XP125T
  • X-Motos XP125
  • X-Motos XT50Y
  • X-Motos XT50

The Best Pit Bikes are a fun way to get out and ride. Looks like we have lots of choices to choose from and even high and low cost pit bikes.

Stay out and Ride.