*** This is a review of the Red Trail in the Temple Mountain Trail System otherwise known as the Five Miles of Hell.

The color trails in Central Utah are also known as the less known Temple Mountain Trail System but also 5 Miles of Hell is what most people know the trail system as. Part of the entire San Rafael Swell Utah area. You will have lots of different things to explore in the San Rafael Swell.

There lots of dirt biking trails and even UTV trails. The San Rafael Swell offers some of the most unique riding and terrain in all of Utah.

The Terrain is more technical then the terrain you will get in Moab for dirt biking.

Temple Mountain Trail System San Rafael Utah

The Red Trail is a technical single track that requires solid offroad skills.

Riding the Red Trail isn’t as difficult as the Five miles of hell trail. The reason for this is there aren’t as many difficult sections like the crux on 5MOH.

However, the Red Trail is plenty of technical terrain it just doesn’t have any REALLY crazy hard sections.

This trail is a really fun trail and can be connected to other trails on the 5 miles of hell trail sections

What to expect when riding the Red Trail

  • Drops
  • Lots of square edges
  • Ledges
  • Slick Rock
  • DEEP sand

The terrain is really out of this world and you have plenty of ledges that you need to go up and down. Make sure that you follow the red paint that marks the trail.

In the canyons beware of the REALLY deep sand pits that lay in wait to swallow up all your power on your dirt bike.

While most of the obstacles on the Red trail are not too crazy there are a few technical sections.

I would recommend this trail for advance dirt bikers.

Things you need to bring on the Red Trail

  • WATER and lots of it
  • Snack
  • Spare bike parts
  • Ability to fix flat tires
  • Ride it with a friend or a few…
  • Be in good riding shape
  • Dirt bike Tow Rope

Always make sure that you have enough water and tools to take care of yourself and your bike.

The Temple Mountain Trail System in Utah is a LONG way from help and a hospital.

Closest Towns to the Red Trail

  • Green River 38. 6 miles (Gas, Food, Lodging)
  • Moab 90.2 miles
  • Salina 84.4 miles
  • Price 93.9 miles

These are the closest cities that have food, gas, and lodging. Price and Moab have hospitals as well.

Make sure that your truck and dirt bikes have plenty of gas.

I do not recommend riding this trail system alone.

GPS Coordinates for Five Miles of Hell Parking Lot

LATITUDE / LONGITUDE 38.788675, -110.709725


Located off I-70 between Salina and Green River take exit 131 and head South on Temple Mtn Road. The Temple Mtn Road almost immediately turns right and heads West. Follow Temple Mtn Road for 7.8 miles and turn left onto 5 miles of hell dirt road and trailhead parking area and kiosk.

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