*** This is a Trail review of the riding area Five miles of Hell

Five Miles of Hell or 5MOH is a famous dirt biking trail in Utah. This trail is located in Utah’s San Rafael Swell area.

(See Map at the bottom for Five Miles of Hell Trail Location)

Five miles of Hell is part of the popular trail system called the “color trails”. All of these trails are like 5MOH but do not have the really hard sections like the Crux.

I am not sure who coined it 5 miles of Hell but the trail is actually more like 7-8 miles long. If you run the entire loop it can be closer to 20 miles.

This is claimed to be the most challenging dirt bike system in all of Utah. I think that’s up for debate but you can decide.

Temple Mountain Trail System San Rafael Utah

The other trails are a little easier to ride and if you want to get your feet wet before you tackle Five Miles of Hell then try riding some of the other trails first. It will give you a good idea of what it will take to finish 5MOH in one piece.

***As always make sure you do not ride any of these trails alone. This trail system does not have cell service and is very remote.

Also make sure you pack replacement dirt bike parts, food, and plenty of water

5 Miles of Hell Trail

Five Miles of Hell staring poing

This is considered a really technical black diamond dirt bike trail.

From the parking lot, you actually are starting on the Red Trail before hitting the popular marker and tree with lots of damaged dirt bike parts.

There is even a piston from a dirt bike there…

5 miles of Hell starts off relatively tame but there are lots of square edges, ledges, and drops. I would not recommend taking a beginner on this trail. This is considered an expert only dirt bike trail but if you are in shape or have a rekluse clutch you probably would do just fine if you’re an intermediate rider.

You will ride the Red Trail out to the turn off down to Five Mile of Hell. There are a bunch of whoops that can wear you out if you’re not careful. Don’t worry there is a sign that will tell you where you need to turn off the red trail onto 5MOH (see above picture).

Typically you are in 1st and 2nd gear the entire time. It’s slow going but the scenery and the terrain are impressive.

There are a few “bailout” trails if you break your bike or your body.

Screen Shot 2020 01 30 at 4.41.56 PM

The very first escape or bailout is right after the Crux and will take you straight back to the Temple Mountain Trailhead.

Things you need to bring on the Five Miles of Hell Trail

  • WATER and lots of it
  • Snack
  • Spare bike parts
  • Ability to fix flat tires
  • Ride it with a friend or a few…
  • Be in good riding shape
  • Dirt bike Tow Rope

Having enough water is more important than anything you take on 5 miles of hell trail. You will be sweating a lot. Having enough fuel for your body is crucial.

Make sure you do not ride 5MOH alone. It’s also a really good idea to make sure that someone at home knows where you are.

5 Miles of Hell riding area is a LONG way from anything.

You never know what will happen. For example, we had issues with a 2019 KTM 300 XCW TPI fuse.

We ended up pulling/lifting the KTM 300 XCW up the crux. We carry dirt bike straps with us.

With the hard rock everywhere if you dump your bike and are not sporting full wrap-around handguards there is a good chance you will break or bend your levers.

There are plenty of times when you will have tight spaces and drag your pegs or gear shifter or rear brake pedal.

Having a quality smash plate, skid plate, or glide plate is highly recommended.

Having a sticky hybrid dirt bike tire is a plus but not a must-have on 5MOH

The most important thing is to have fun. Make sure that you follow the white lines on the rocks. This will tell you where the trail goes so you do not end up in a bad spot. You can easily get lost if it weren’t for the white lines.

Plan for a few hours. This all really depends on how your hard enduro skills, fitness level, and if nothing goes wrong.

Closest Towns to the Five Miles of Hell Trail

  • Green River 38. 6 miles (Gas, Food, Lodging)
  • Moab 90.2 miles
  • Salina 84.4 miles
  • Price 93.9 miles

These are the closest cities that have food, gas, and lodging. Price and Moab have hospitals as well.

Make sure that your truck and dirt bikes have plenty of gas.

Overall 5 Miles of Hell is a really fun beautiful riding area in Utah.

GPS Coordinates for Five Miles of Hell Parking Lot

LATITUDE / LONGITUDE 38.788675, -110.709725


Located off I-70 between Salina and Green River take exit 131 and head South on Temple Mtn Road. The Temple Mtn Road almost immediately turns right and heads West. Follow Temple Mtn Road for 7.8 miles and turn left onto 5 miles of hell dirt road and trailhead parking area and kiosk.

Five Miles of Hell Parking Lot
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