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Lets face the facts……

While 2 strokes are the best bikes for hard enduro…..for those guys like me that spend umm well more time than they like tipped over on the side of the trail you learn really quickly that the expansion chamber tends to get bashed up and dented up from tip-overs and log crossings. 

In fact my last trip I rode some really gnarly single track and when over a tree/log crossing and ran out of talent and killed the dirt bike on the downside of the log which normally isn’t a big deal but I was basically on the side of a cliff and the bike tumbled 10 feet down the ravine and I didn’t know it at the time once the hour of me struggling to get our KTM 300XCW back on the trail.

The exhaust note definitely sounded much different than normal I immediately knew that I bent or dented the expansion chamber on my OEM 2-stroke pipe.

Well I was wrong…

Not only did I dent and bend my exhaust pipe, I also punched a hole in the side of my exhuast.

KTM Smashed Expansion Chamber Exhaust

Increasing your bike’s performance is crucial for competitive and recreational dirt biking riding. One of the essential components that significantly impacts your dirt bike’s performance is the exhaust pipe. In the past, enthusiasts often upgraded their exhaust pipes to unlock additional power and enhance the riding experience. Lexx, a reputable dirt bike brand, has carved a niche in this market. The company is renowned for its high-quality, performance-oriented exhaust systems and motorcycle accessories. One of their standout products is the Lexx DuraFlow Pipe, designed explicitly for two-stroke engines.

This review will provide an in-depth analysis of the Lexx DuraFlow Pipe, covering its features, installation procedure, and performance. This comprehensive review will offer invaluable insights, whether you are an experienced dirt bike rider looking to boost your bike’s performance or a beginner trying to understand the benefits of a quality exhaust system.

Lexx DuraFlow Pipe

Why is it essential to have high-quality Dirt Bike Pipe 

A high-quality 2-stroke dirt bike pipe is essential for various reasons: performance, efficiency, durability, and rider experience. Here’s a breakdown of its importance:

Enhancement of Performance: A well-designed 2-stroke pipe can significantly improve a dirt bike’s performance. It can enhance the engine’s power and torque, allowing peak performance. This is particularly crucial in professional racing, where every bit of power is vital.

Improved Fuel Efficiency: High-quality pipes often optimize the flow of exhaust gases. This results in better performance and may lead to more efficient fuel consumption. Consequently, you can achieve longer run times from the same amount of fuel, which is practical and cost-effective for extended rides.

Heat Dissipation: Effective heat dissipation is vital to prevent the engine from overheating. Premium pipes usually employ materials and construction methods that facilitate improved heat dissipation, ensuring the engine stays within the optimal operating temperature range.

Maintenance and Durability: Opting for a high-quality pipe means choosing a product made of durable materials. This results in a longer lifespan and fewer replacements. Moreover, some high-end pipes feature components that simplify maintenance.

Environmental Impact: Better-engineered exhaust pipes usually possess more efficient flow rates, which can contribute to reducing emissions. This is not only advantageous for performance but also for the environment.

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Review of Lexx DuraFlow Pipe

Lexx DuraFlow Pipe

In our hands-on experience with the Lexx DuraFlow Pipe, we were thoroughly impressed by its performance, durability, and overall quality.

During our rigorous testing, the durability of the DuraFlow pipes truly stood out. As avid off-road riders, we understand the demands that rugged terrains can place on our equipment. The DuraFlow pipes, constructed from 18-gauge steel, exceeded our expectations. They proved significantly thicker and more robust than OEM and many aftermarket options we had previously tested. Although weight was slightly increased due to the sturdier construction, the added strength and extended lifespan more than compensated for it.

In terms of performance, DuraFlow truly excelled. The power delivery across the entire RPM range was exceptionally smooth and consistent. Whether we were conquering steep inclines, navigating treacherous rocky paths, or cruising at high speeds on flat surfaces, the DuraFlow provided an exhilarating riding experience. Its ability to seamlessly integrate power at varying RPMs showcased Lexx‘s commitment to designing exhaust systems that enhance rider control and enjoyment.

The aesthetic and functional aspects of the polished nickel-plated finish also left a lasting impression. The lustrous finish added a touch of elegance to our bikes and demonstrated its practical value. Even when subjected to muddy and wet conditions, the nickel-plated DuraFlow remained remarkably corrosion-resistant, ensuring longevity and a well-maintained appearance. This instilled confidence in its long-term performance.

During the installation process, we appreciated Lexx’s thoughtful inclusion of O-rings. This attention to detail simplified installation and ensured a secure and airtight connection between the pipe and the engine. We experienced optimal performance and peace of mind with the pipe securely fastened.

After our comprehensive testing, we confidently recommend the Lexx DuraFlow 2-Stroke pipes as a compelling upgrade for riders seeking enhanced performance, durability, and aesthetics. It’s an excellent choice for both off-road enthusiasts and casual riders. With DuraFlow, you can bid farewell to the limitations of your current pipe and embrace the thrilling possibilities that lie ahead.

What do other people think about Lexx DuraFlow Pipe

Lexx DuraFlow Pipe Review
Lexx DuraFlow Pipe Review

Pros and cons



Exceptional durability due to 18-gauge steel construction

Slightly increased weight due to sturdier build

Significantly thicker and stronger than OEM and many aftermarket options

Smooth and consistent power delivery across the entire RPM range

Enhances rider control and enjoyment

A polished nickel-plate finish adds elegance to the bike.

Resistant to corrosion even in muddy and wet conditions

Included O-rings simplify installation and ensure a secure, airtight connection

Installation process

Lexx DuraFlow Pipe Installation
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Step 1. Remove the Old Exhaust Pipe

Begin by securing your dirt bike on a stand to ensure that it remains stable during the installation process.

Detach the old exhaust pipe by first removing the springs that hold it in place.

If the silencer is attached to the exhaust pipe, remove it as well.

Unscrew the mounting bolts and carefully take off the old pipe.

Step 2. Prepare the New Lexx DuraFlow Pipe for Installation:

Before installing the DuraFlow pipe, make sure you have new o-rings to ensure a secure seal.

Apply high-temperature silicone to the o-rings. This creates a tight seal and helps to reduce abrasion from vibrations, resulting in a longer-lasting seal.

Step 3. Install the DuraFlow Exhaust Pipe:

With the old pipe and silencer removed, position the DuraFlow exhaust pipe in place.

Loosely attach the mounts to hold the pipe; leave some wiggle room to ensure proper alignment.

Install the springs on the exhaust manifold, which secure the exhaust pipe and prevent it from shifting during riding.

Step 4. Secure the Mounts:

With the pipe and silencer positioned correctly, start tightening the mounts. Begin with the front mount and work your way back until all mounts are securely tightened.

Refer to your owner’s or service manual for torque specifications. As a general rule, 6mm mount bolts should be tightened to approximately 7.2 foot-pounds.

Step 6. Inspect the Installation:

Once everything is securely tightened, conduct a thorough inspection of the exhaust system to ensure that there are no loose components and that the seal is secure.

Step 7. Start the Bike and Check for Leaks:

Start your dirt bike and let it run for a few minutes. Listen carefully to the sound and inspect the areas around the exhaust pipe for any signs of leaks.

Step 8. Final Inspection and Cleanup:

After ensuring that the pipe is securely installed and there are no leaks, perform a final cleanup of the workspace and make sure all tools are properly stored.

FAQ about Lexx DuraFlow Pipe

  • Does the weight of the DuraFlow Pipe affect the bike's handling?

    While the DuraFlow Pipe is slightly heavier due to its sturdy build, it doesn’t adversely affect the bike's handling. The added weight is offset by the significant performance gains and increased durability, which benefits the overall riding experience.

  • Is the Lexx DuraFlow Pipe resistant to corrosion?

    Yes, the Lexx DuraFlow Pipe features a polished nickel plate finish that is not only aesthetically appealing but also highly corrosion-resistant. This makes it especially durable even when subjected to muddy and wet conditions during rides.

  • How do I maintain the Lexx DuraFlow Pipe?

    The Lexx DuraFlow Pipe, with its polished nickel-plate finish, is designed to resist corrosion, but that doesn’t mean it’s maintenance-free. To keep it in optimal condition, clean it regularly to remove any dirt, mud, or debris accumulating during rides. When cleaning, use mild soap and water, and avoid harsh chemicals that could damage the finish.

  • Is the Lexx DuraFlow Pipe comes with silencer?

    The Lexx DuraFlow Pipe typically does not include a silencer; it is sold as a standalone exhaust pipe. However, it is designed to be compatible with various silencers. It's advisable to check the product details or contact the retailer to confirm what is included in your purchase.

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The Lexx DuraFlow Pipe is a wise investment that goes beyond just being another part of your dirt bike. It embodies the hallmarks of exceptional design, top-notch materials, meticulous engineering, and practical functionality—all attributes that are crucial for both experienced off-roaders and recreational riders.

This product has been nothing short of fantastic in our hands-on testing. Its robust 18-gauge steel construction, which is built to withstand the demanding conditions of varied terrains, sets it apart from many other products on the market in terms of durability. The DuraFlow pipes outshine both OEM and some aftermarket competitors in terms of thickness and strength, offering a substantial improvement.

In terms of performance, the DuraFlow is a clear winner. Whether you’re climbing steep inclines, navigating rocky trails, or cruising on flat terrain, it delivers power smoothly and reliably across the entire RPM range, providing an unparalleled riding experience. The seamless integration of power at various RPMs is a testament to Lexx’s dedication to developing exhaust systems that enhance rider control and elevate the joy of riding. Exceeding the expectations of both casual riders and off-road aficionados, it’s an excellent choice. With the DuraFlow, you’re not just upgrading your exhaust pipe; you’re opening up a world of thrilling possibilities for your riding adventures.