This article is a beginner’s guide on how to remove Dirt bike gear shift lever.

Dirtbike Sam

Sometimes you break things while dirt biking, like your gear shift lever. This is no problem at all as it’s really easy to fix and not too much of a hassle to remove or install a gear shift lever. Below are some tips and tricks that will help things go a little smoother when changing or removing your gear shift lever/pedal.


If you would rather watch a how-to-remove dirt bike gear shift lever see the below video!

Step 1

Before removing the gear shift lever, you want to ensure you have the correct height position. Some OEM gear levers will have a mark on the shift lever and the actual gear that you can line everything up to make sure it’s in the correct position (See video)

I also mark the gap with a sharpie and use a wrench to see what proper angle.



GEAR SHIFT LEVER bolt has to be COMPLETELY REMOVED before the shifter will come off!

Step 2

Now, we need to remove the bolt. The Yamaha’s OEM gear shift pedal or lever is a 10MM bolt, you will be working in tight spaces so using a wrench is the right tool for the job.

If you have a ratcheting wrench, it will allow you to loosen the bolt faster.

Keep in mind you cannot remove the gear shifting pedal until you completely remove the bolt.


Mark the correct height position!

Step 3

Now that we have the OEM gear shift pedal removed, it’s time to put on the aftermarket Tusk gear shift pedal.

Because I marked the location of the gap with a sharpie, it will allow me to find the correct height position of the shift pedal. 

As you see the first time I install the aftermarket gear shift pedal it looks a little low.

I then use the wrench method to double-check.

Yep, it’s too low. Make sure that the sharpie mark is in the correct position.

Don’t Drop the Gear Shift Bolt!

Step 4

When installing the bolt, I put the bolt head in the wrench to hold it while I guide the end into the hole.

This helps me keep a hold of the bolt, so I don’t drop it down onto the skid plate.

Tighten with your fingers before using the wrench. Do not over-tighten. 

Alright, this is how you remove and install a dirt bike gear shift lever or pedal. 

LAST STEP! Get out and RIDE

I hope with this article you will know how to remove dirt bike gear shift lever.

See you out on the trails.