A dirt bike can be expensive. In this article, we will talk about dirt bike insurance and why you might need it.

When it comes to protecting you and your dirt bike you want to make sure that you are covered in case of a broken-down bike or even worse theft.

Dirt Bikes are fun but can be an expensive toy to have around. You have to ask yourself what risks are you willing to take when it comes to protecting your investment.  

Is it smart to get insurance for your dirt bike?


You have insurance for your body and your cars why not your dirt bike. Dirt bikes are not cheap and the cost of insurance for your dirt bike might be worth the price in case of loss or damage.


Do you really NEED Dirt Bike Insurance?

The answer to needing dirt bike insurance or not really is it depends.

Financing Your Dirt Bike

If you decide to finance your dirt bike you are REQUIRED TO GET INSURANCE for your dirt bike. 

If the credit company or bank provides you with the money to purchase a $9-10K dirt bike they want to protect their investment. You really do not own the dirt bike they do. 

It makes sense that they would require you to get insurance for the dirt bike they own. 

This is the reason why I think it’s smart for you to also get insurance on your dirt bike regardless if you own the dirt bike outright or not.

Are you required to get Insurance for your Dirt Bike if you own it?

The answer is…


Here in the USA if you own the dirt bike outright you are NOT required to purchase insurance for your dirt bike.

Is it smart to purchase insurance for your dirt bike even if you own it outright?

I think so.

Just like the bank wants to protect their investment I think you should as well. There is WAY less value in a dirt bike that has been wrecked vs one that is still intact.

On average most used dirt bikes are worth anywhere from $3k – $8k. 

Insurance for Street Legal Dirt Bikes

If you plan on buying a street-legal dirt bike or making your offroad dirt bike into a street-legal dirt bike you ARE required to carry an insurance plan on your dirt bike. 

YES, it is a requirement

Just like your car or truck if you plan on driving on the road the law requires that you have insurance.

Each state might have different requirements so make sure you check with your local state laws.


How much does it cost to get insurance for your dirt bike?

You probably already have insurance for your car or house or something. The first step would to contact your insurance company that you already have an insurance plan with as you can get discounts for “lumping” all you of your insurance needs in one place.

However, not all insurance companies will provide dirt bike insurance. 

Its also smart to call around to different insurance companies to get pricing as you might be surprised by how much savings you can get.


Cost of Dirt Bike Insurance

Like I mentioned that really depends on you and the insurance company. While I cannot tell you what the exact number is but an average is around the following:

Around $100 a year to get insurance for your dirt bike

** Disclaimer

Like I said this depends on you your driving record how old you are and a bunch of other factors. Don’t be mad if it’s more than what I said is the average. Be glad if you get yearly insurance below $100.

You will have to decide if its worth paying whatever yearly amount to protect your dirt bike with insurance. 

Personally, do I feel like its worth $100 bucks a year to protect my dirt bike from theft and total loss? 


Dirt bikes are not cheap and I do not want to see my hard-earned cash get burnt.

Make the right decision for your situation and always make sure you can afford it.