What’s new from Kawasaki for 2021?

Kawasaki just added 2 all new dirt bikes to their lineup, the KX 250 XC and the KX 450 XC.   These are closed course cross country race bikes.  This is big news for us off road and endure guys who don’t want a track bike.  I am super excited that Kawasaki released these off road bikes.

For 2021 Kawasaki will offer new offroad dirt bikes just like the KX motocross bikes. The 2021 KX250 gets an updated electric start, this means that the 2021 KX250XC and 2021 KX450XC will come with electric start. The biggest differences between the KX motocross and the KX XC offroad dirt bikes are the suspension, wheels, engine tuning, and a few additional goodies.

These bikes are closely related to the KX 250 and 450.  They are built with the same motors but tuned more for off road with a couple of extra features that you would want with a trail or off-road bike.  Here is what they changed:

2021 KX 450 XC and 2021 KX250 XC Specs:

  1.     Lower gearing – riding uphill through a gnarly section is always a bit easier with lower gearing.
  2.     Skid Plate – adds a little weight but a must-have for any trail rider. 
  3.     Smaller brake discs – ding up your disc brakes less.
  4.     Engine tuning for off-road situations – will have to see when I get to through my leg over the seat of one of these what this means.
  5.     18 inch Dunlop rear wheel – better grip and less spin on the 250 XC and an 18 inch rear wheel for the 450 XC.
  6.     Kickstand – I hate not having a kickstand.  This should be on every bike……
  7.     New top end – have to see how this feels once we ride one.
  8.     Electric start – kick-starting on a rocky hill in a precarious situation is never fun.
  9.     5 Speed transmission 
2021 KX450XC skid plate

With the new 2021 Kawasaki offroad dirt bikes you are getting all the goodies that you need for a capable dirt bike. However, I do wish that the gearbox was a 6 speed instead of a 5 speed. Having electric start, 18 in rear wheel and the softer offroad tuned suspension is hopefully going to make this new Kawasaki’s a blast to ride on singletrack and desert riding. 

2021 Kawasaki Bike dry weights:

KX 250: 226.4 lbs

KX 250 XC: 230.2 lbs


KX 450: 232.7 lbs

KX 450 XC: 235.8 lbs

2021 Kawasaki electric start

I personally haven’t ridden the KX’s very much because they didn’t have a bike that fit my needs as a single track enduro rider.  I am very excited about the new KX’s and the direction Kawasaki is going.  The only thing they need to do now is add on a 250 or 300 cc two stroke.  We can dream right .

Screen Shot 2020 07 08 at 1.51.34 PM
2021 KX450XC

How much does the 2021 KX450XC and 2021 KX250XC cost?

MSRP for the KX250 XC is $8,399

MSRP for the KX450 XC is $9,599

These prices are right in line with the other Japanese companies that make a specific offroad race dirt bike. 

I am excited that another Japanese brand has embraced the offroad dirt bike riding community. I feel like this is where all of the dirt bike growth has been the last couple of years. It would be a mistake if Kawasaki ignored us. Do I hope that Kawasaki makes a 2021 KX 250 or KX300 2 stroke?

You bet I do.