The use of plastics is critical in the exhilarating and demanding realm of off-road and dirt motorcycling for several reasons. Traditionally, dirt bike parts were constructed from materials like metal and fiberglass. However, the introduction and evolution of advanced polymers revolutionized the industry. Plastics play an essential role in a dirt bike riding where every ounce is crucial due to their significant weight advantage over metals. Lighter bikes facilitate superior handling and maneuverability, which are especially critical when traversing rugged terrain. Plastics are generally more durable, withstanding shocks and abrasions standard in off-road environments.

Acerbis Full Plastic Kit offers a comprehensive plastic kit for enthusiasts looking to replace, enhance, or personalize their dirt bike’s bodywork. Acerbis, a leading manufacturer in the industry, has a reputation for producing high-quality motorcycle parts, and this plastic kit is no exception. With a legacy founded on innovation, exceptional materials, and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, Acerbis ensures this kit is of the highest caliber.

The Full Plastic Kit comprises all the vital plastic components needed for a standard off-road or dirt bike. These components include radiator shrouds, side panels, and front and rear fenders. Additionally, some kits come with a front number plate and lower fork covers.


Importance of using Acerbis Full Plastic Kit

The significance of plastics in the off-road and dirt bike industries cannot be overstated. These versatile materials have profoundly impacted modern dirt bikes’ performance, durability, and capabilities. They contribute in several ways, including weight reduction, flexibility and durability, design versatility, and cost efficiency.

Flexibility and Durability: Plastics are both flexible and durable, making them well-suited to endure the harsh conditions of off-road biking. Unlike metals, which may bend, dent, or break under stress, plastics can absorb impacts and return to their original form. This resistance to impact extends the lifespan of bike parts and minimizes the likelihood of damage from accidents or falls.

Design Versatility: The malleability and adaptability of plastics afford designers considerable creative latitude. Plastics can be molded into nearly any shape, enabling the construction of aerodynamic forms that improve a bike’s performance. Additionally, the ability to produce plastics in various colors allows riders to customize their bikes and express their distinct styles.

Cost Efficiency: From a manufacturing standpoint, plastics are more cost-effective than metals. As plastics can be molded into complex shapes, they do not necessitate the expensive machining processes required for metals. This leads to more affordable parts and replacements for consumers. Moreover, the durability of plastics ensures that parts need to be replaced less often, reducing costs over time.

Review of Acerbis Full Plastic Kit

Acerbis Full Plastic Kit

In terms of preserving the aesthetic and functionality of your dirt bike, our hands-on experience with the Acerbis Full Plastic Kit provided some invaluable insights. We tested this kit to see if it lived up to its reputation. Spoiler alert: it’s impressive, albeit with a minor hiccup.

Firstly, the Acerbis Full Plastic Kit breathed new life into our well-worn dirt bike. It was akin to watching a phoenix rise from the ashes – the old machine transformed into a sleek, trail-ready vehicle. The plastics, designed to mimic the original factory shape, fit perfectly in our installation, although some components were slightly snug, necessitating additional alignment effort. A minor complaint, but worth mentioning.

The quality of the plastics used by Acerbis is exceptional. They use high-quality polypropylene, which proved sturdy and flexible in our testing. We subjected the bike to rough trails, and the plastics held up brilliantly – no cracks or significant damage.

We also compared the Acerbis Full Plastic Kit to the Acerbis Replica Kit, which we have seen in use for years. The key difference between the two lies in the inclusiveness of the kits. The Full Plastic Kit is an all-in-one solution, including nearly every plastic component you might need, making it perfect for those planning a complete aesthetic overhaul. In contrast, the Replica Kit focuses primarily on the most visible parts, mimicking the bike’s original look. This kit is designed to retain the factory appearance without replacing all the plastic parts.

The Full Plastic Kit offers a range of color options that match factory hues, which was delightful during our customization phase. However, we did note that one of the non-factory colors differed slightly from its online image.

The reinforced mounting points were notably sturdy. Even on rocky terrain, the plastics remained stable. The added fiberglass and metal inserts were a significant advantage, especially when we took unexpected off-trail detours.

Lastly, the plastics have specially textured areas for graphic applications. Our team enjoyed applying custom graphics, and they adhered superbly. However, we encountered a small issue when attempting to reposition one of the graphics – the adhesive bond was powerful, which is excellent for durability but problematic if adjustments are needed.

What other dirt bike fans say about Acerbis Full Plastic Kit

Acerbis Full Plastic Kit Review
Acerbis Full Plastic Kit Review

Pros and cons



Comprehensive: Includes nearly all plastic components your bike would need.

Custom Fit: While the plastics are made to mimic factory shapes, some pieces might need a bit more effort to align perfectly.

High-Quality Materials: Made from high-grade polypropylene, which ensures durability and flexibility.

Might not every part of the kit will be the same color shade

Reinforced Components: Additional reinforcements in critical areas, such as mounting points.

Extensive Color Options: Offers a wide range of color choices for custom looks.

Aesthetic and Protective: Revives the bike’s look while also adding a measure of protection.

Benefits of using the Acerbis Full Plastic Kit

Acerbis Full Plastic Kit

Revitalized Appearance: One of the foremost benefits of the Acerbis Full Plastic Kit is the transformation it brings to your dirt bike’s appearance. If the plastics on your bike are worn or damaged, replacing them with a fresh set from Acerbis can make it look brand new. For many riders, aesthetic appeal is vital and can enhance the resale value.

Durable Materials: Acerbis crafts its plastics using high-quality polypropylene, a sturdy and lightweight material. With resistance to cracking, fading, and chalking, these plastics are well-equipped to endure the rigorous demands of off-road riding.

Customization Options: The Acerbis Full Plastic Kit allows riders to choose the look of their dirt bike. It offers various color options, including some that match factory hues. This flexibility enables riders to retain the bike’s original appearance or create a unique custom design.

Enhanced Protection: Beyond aesthetics, the Acerbis Full Plastic Kit protects the bike’s structural components. The high-quality plastics shield the bike from potential impacts, mud, and other hazards encountered on the road.

Perfect Fit: The components in the Acerbis Full Plastic Kit are designed to closely mimic the original factory shapes and sizes closely, ensuring a hassle-free installation and perfect fit, which is essential for both the bike’s appearance and functionality.

Cost-Effective Maintenance: Opting for the Acerbis Full Plastic Kit for replacing scratched or worn plastics can be more economical in the long run. It prevents the need for replacing individual components, which can be pricier and more time-consuming.


FAQ about Acerbis Full Plastic Kit

  • Can I customize the color of my Acerbis Full Plastic Kit?

    Yes, Acerbis Full Plastic Kit comes in an extensive range of colors, which is a significant advantage for individuals looking to customize the appearance of their dirt bikes. Among the color options, you will find those that match the original factory colors for specific model years, allowing riders to restore the original look of their bikes seamlessly.

  • Will the plastics fade or crack easily?

    The Acerbis Full Plastic Kit is manufactured using high-quality polypropylene, a material known for its durability and resilience against the elements. This ensures that the plastics are notably resistant to fading, cracking, and chalking, which is especially important for dirt bikes frequently exposed to harsh outdoor conditions.

  • Do the Acerbis Full Plastic Kit need a special maintenance?

    The Acerbis Full Plastic Kit does not require special maintenance. However, cleaning them regularly with mild soap and water is advisable to keep them looking new. Avoid harsh chemicals or pressure washing, which may affect the color and texture. Occasional inspection for secure fittings is also recommended, especially after intense rides.


The Acerbis Full Plastic Kit emerges as an all-inclusive solution for riders seeking to rejuvenate the appearance and enhance the protection of their dirt bikes based on thorough testing and careful evaluation. This kit distinguishes itself through its high-quality components, masterful craftsmanship, and the bonus of customization options.

The plastics exhibited remarkable durability throughout our testing period, demonstrating their resilience even under the harshest off-road conditions. The sturdy and flexible nature of the high-quality polypropylene material proved to be an optimal blend to meet the challenges of dirt biking.

What simplified the installation process was the kit’s precision fabrication, which adhered to factory specifications. Each plastic component fits seamlessly onto the bike. Moreover, the reinforced mounting points were a noteworthy addition, ensuring the plastics remained securely affixed during our testing.

The Acerbis Full Plastic Kit particularly impressed us with its meticulous attention to detail. Notably, the finely textured areas for graphic applications effectively guaranteed that the graphics retained their vibrancy and integrity over time.